From Disconnected To Reconnected–Ways To Take Back Your Freedom!


So that T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) can stay ahead in their New World (Dis)Order game, one essential play on you is to keep you disconnected: Disconnected mentally, physically and spiritually.


-Essentially, disconnecting you from thinking for, acting and being yourself, as you remain disempowered, enfeebled, in a state of dependency and dysfunctional…


Here are just some examples of what this means


Disconnected from your political sovereignty – T.H.E.Y want you to blindly, unquestioningly allow decision making, political responsibility, to an illusory government.


Taking the UK government as an example while the same applies to other Western world governments and their respective countries: How can you say that the UK has a real democratic government when it is subordinate to the unelected WEF, WHO and the UN who make the major decisions for them?

Decisions that don’t have its citizens best interests at heart. If you are a UK citizen, you’re not allowed to have your say in this. Then haven’t you been disconnected from your political sovereignty…??


Disconnected from your health freedom – T.H.E.Y want to keep you in ignorance, take away your decision making on your health and designate it to doctors. These doctors may be self-conceited arrogant ignoramuses, having no idea how they are tied into the agendas of a crooked medical/pharmaceutical establishment, who’s treatment, profit model, cares more about profits than people.


Disconnected from food independence – In recent times we have seen unprecedented accelerated action taken on farmers to prevent their food independence. The extreme UN Agenda 2030 green policy with its anti-life and ludicrous ‘net-zero’ policy is used to unjustifiably demonize both carbon (also nitrogen, another life-giving gas) and farmers.


-Done under the guise of ‘saving the world’ from climate change it is in actuality a land grab. It’s an attempt to destroy the farmer’s food production and oust them off their land where big corporations then can step in and take over.


Disconnected from community – T.H.E.Y don’t want you forming strong communities. For example, communities made up of activists where there’s strength in numbers who threaten the globalist’s controllers and the stranglehold they have on us. That’s why you have to be kept apart; ruled and divided by opinion, disunited in your group, even silenced.


-Consider how highly insecure these controllers must be when doing this as we are awakening globally!


Then there’s those distracted through social media and other forms of A.I-related distraction, ironically resulting in loneliness, a lack of community spirit, while keeping you socially broken and disempowered…


Disconnected by centralization – Financial control by centralization entraps you into financial dependency instead of independency:


Dependency on government and bank handouts while T.H.E.Y. want you to buy into the false sense of security that this offers.


CBDC’s are planned to keep you further financially dependent on the state and their dictates. You will have no control over your finances, while living in ‘a lack of,’ as opposed to abundance…

Disconnected from consciousness – The most effective concentration camps are not physical, but are the ones constructed in the mind: Manipulation of people’s perception and understanding is key. Thus, your consciousness is limited by keeping you entrenched and stultified in age-old paradigms whereby you could remain enslaved with the human race.


Further, in this societal trap, T.H.E.Y. have given us free reign to debase our consciousness and spirituality through the use of excessive alcohol consumption, mindless TV compulsion and other addictions, toxic seriously health-threatening recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, putting fluoride in water which calcifies the pineal gland…


-All this while naturopathic healing, consciousness-expanding, soul-enhancing alternatives in a number of cases have been suppressed, or even outlawed.


The turnaround: From Disconnected To Reconnected Ways To Take Back Your Freedom!


Getting reconnected is the empowering way to take back your freedom: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Reconnected to your political sovereignty – Here are some of the things you could do to take back your political sovereignty:


* Stop voting for the main political parties – Voting means giving your consent to tyranny.


* By doing nothing you’re doing something because these parties need votes:  If no one voted for them then they couldn’t get in power because of the ‘no tax or draft’ rule.


* However, do give your support to trustworthy independent candidates.


* More votes for independent candidates would encourage a rise in independent politics. It may take some time, but it’s a growth opportunity that could lead to us eventually taking back our power.


* Maybe you might want to take a stand for and become an independent political party rep.?


* Become a peaceful activist. Be fair, right and just. Form groups. Campaign for democracy, defend human rights. Give your support to press freedom and the alternative media.


* Demand greater transparency. Encourage election integrity… etc.


-Whatever it takes to make changes where we become connected to the greater way for a new political paradigm.


Reconnected to your health freedom – You don’t have to blindly rely on the doctor for health. You don’t have to accept Big Pharma’s toxic medicines.  


Taking control of your health means asserting the right to have ownership of your body and be healthy through making educated choices.


Reconnected to food independence – Not just the fight for their livelihoods, in recent times farmers have received so much support and solidarity in the realization of how vitally important it is to maintain food independence and control the food supply on their terms.


Reconnected to community – Following on from the above, if ever there’s an example of strong, tight-knit, community-based living having self-sufficiency as well as abundance it exists in food farming communities. For more on this go Here.


Another way to reconnect is to be yourself, as your individuality is your strength. Follow your instincts, listen to your inner voice coming from your inner being: Do what calls, moves and inspires. You don’t have to depend on others, the herd, for validation. You don’t need to please others. There’s no need to spend wasted time on explaining yourself to toxic people.


-No need for anyone’s permission to be yourself.


When this falls into place you can attract and integrate into communities with liked-minded people. People having the same goals, same visions, same commitments as you.


Reconnected by decentralization – Use cash in transactions and encourage it! Do not buy into the CBDC’s “secure, safe and convenient” con. Yes, it’s an entrapment where advantages are far outweighed by disadvantages.


Keep a supply of cash, buy precious metals as they are extremely liquid, cryptos and altcoins… in other words diversify. Have an all-rounded way of being prepared financially in case of any eventualities.


Reconnected to consciousness – Evolutionary growth happens when engaging in expanding the frontiers of what’s possible. Expanding consciousness will create a new paradigm for creating a world that makes a difference for everyone.


The synergistic expression of our oneness will overwhelm the globalist controllers. Connecting to the dynamic one mass consciousness unified field is key to world change.



Ultimately, it’s all about reversing the inversion in this upside-down world in which we live in for freedom. Freedom, the only thing worth living for.