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Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation
Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation
 -By Paul A. Philips

Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation: Heaven and Hell. Even before really looking into it for many years I considered the whole heaven and hell business to be suspect. 


I suspected that it was an invention to control and manipulate the masses into pacification. One again another case of the masses accepting authority without really questioning.


The idea that when you die you’re going to be sent to an eternity of either; bliss where there’s harps and hosannas or an eternity of damnation, tar barrels and toasting folks is quite illogical to me. What about the in between of these 2 extremes? Surely, when people die, if there is a judgement day, in fairness, shouldn’t there be at least some sent somewhere in between?! -See more

Deconstructing the Human Overpopulation Claim

-Paul A. Philips


There are a number of reasons to challenge the claim that there are too many humans in the world. One major reason is that in years to come instead of human overpopulation we will be facing serious underpopulation.


…studies in population trends alert us to the fact that many countries including the Western world, Japan, South Korea… indicate that there is far less reproduction and therefore replacement.


-Put simply, as this carries on an apocalyptic global underpopulation scenario is on its way as we will run out of young people to do the jobs needed for supporting the world…


-See more

What Happens When You Die?
What Happens When You Die?

While I’m about to broach upon the various opinions of others, to a certain extent, this is my personal overall view when answering the question what happens when we die. If you disagree, if I go against your religion or on the other hand, agnostic view, or any other differing viewpoint, then that’s fine. We can respectfully agree to disagree. 


However, what I’m about to put forward is not without careful research and deliberation:  Remember the Einstein quote “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”


And remember, as the saying goes, your mind is like a parachute: It works best when it’s open.


So, I suggest that you carefully consider the following and do your own research in response to this 60,000-dollar question:


What happens when you die? -See more

Maggot Milk
Maggot Milk New Dairy Alternative – Another Threat to Our Food Sovereignty

-By Paul A. Philips

Introducing maggot milk


Billy Boy Gates is up to his tricks again to “save us.” This time it’s in the form of funding the production of maggot milk derived from black soldier fly larvae or maggots. Maggot milk (“EntoMilk”) is planned to be introduced into the main food supply chain for human consumption in countries such as the United States.


Its developers, a South African based company, claim that EntoMilk is a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy…” The company also makes maggot-derived ice cream… see more

Big Pharma
Big Pharma “Vaccine” De-Pop Psy-Op – 4 Pieces Of Evidence Confirming Mass Murder for Money


As the years have gone by since the so-called COVID-19 heydays, the effectiveness and authenticity of the “vaccine” has had some major challenges. Further, there is mounting evidence proving that this so-called vaccine has caused much serious harm.


In retrospect, here are just 4 pieces of incontrovertible evidence to confirm that the Big Pharma vaccine world depopulation psy-op is mass murder for money… see more

Power of Intention
Can The Power of Intention Change Your Life and the World?

-By Paul A. Philips


This incredible story is related to the power of intention. I knew of a scientist who works in black operations. The work he’s doing, to put it mildly, is not contributing to humanity, quite the opposite in fact:  Conscience-racked, he wants to expose the work he’s involved in to the public at large, but cannot for good reasons.


If he did ‘THEY’ would get to his family one by one and then him. If he decided to go AWOL or elope further than a fixed millage radius within his workplace he has a capsule embedded in his body that would get remotely operated to dissolve, releasing a contained deadly poison…

-For me, undoubtedly, the most revealing secret he said was this, which has stuck with me for a long time and like I’ve said it’s totally relevant to the above title: -See more

Emergency Crisis-iNewParadigm
9 Deceptive Patterns Behind the Deep State Use of an Emergency Crisis

-By Paul A. Philips


Keeping the masses in a constant state of fear through a deceptive indoctrinating mainstream media with the help of manipulative paid-off leading politicians and their stifling politics are essentials in establishing the Deep State shadow-government’s manufactured emergency crisis scenario.


-It’s all part of the PSYOP controlling the masses: The Deep State and their war on the control of our minds: When the psycho-spiritual is controlled on the battlefield every aspect of the enslavement duly falls into place.


Bearing this in mind, during the use of an emergency crisis declared by the Deep State, there are a number of recurring deceptive patterns planned to entrap the masses. Power, profit and political gains for the Deep State’s total global domination agenda are the ulterior motives:


Not an exhaustive list, but here are 9 recurring deceptive patterns during the result of an orchestrated emergency crisis PSYOP… more

Matrix Control
7 Ways To Stop The Matrix Control System From Enslaving You

-By Paul A. Philips


The matrix control system acts like a disease masquerading as a cure, sneakily giving the illusion of democracy. The undermining of our democratic processes continue: Brutal tyrannical laws; ordinances, rules and oppressive restrictions have further ramped up, tightening the controlling noose on what we’re not allowed to do and say.


Then there’s the highly encroaching technocratic mass surveillance operations, petty police intimidations and reprisals that could lead to imprisonment or threats of getting heavily fined, 15-minute cities, raging unfair taxes and out-of-control money-draining manufactured inflation… etc. 


-These attacks on our freedom are designed to drain the life-force energy out of we-the-people as the perpetrator globalatarians get richer… -See more

6 Things Health Conscious People Do Without Questioning

Paul A. Philips


Health conscious people chose certain healthy options without questioning because they’ve already looked into the rationale and made their choices!

So, without further ado here are those 6 things. 


  1. Buy organic food

There are a number of valuable reasons to buy organic food. Non-organic food has herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, which are known to be toxic. Yes, they’re only in small amounts, but these toxic substances when taken long-term, through frequent consumption, add up to something significant, especially if junk food is chosen regularly in the diet.


  1. Eat a high percentage of raw food… see more
Free speech
The Growing Tyranny of Free Speech Suppression and What You Can Do
-By Paul A. Philips

Some people need reminding that the principled 1st Amendment was written to allow the flow of free speech without government interference.

The 1st Amendment allows a person in the minority to say what they want while protecting them from the opposing majority.


What we’re witnessing today on unprecedented levels is the denial of our self-expression through a number of uncompromising authorities taking away our right to free speech. Consequentially, we’re facing a crisis where citizens’ ability to think for themselves, communicate opinions or disagreement is seriously under threat.

The growing tyranny of free speech suppression can be found: More


iNewParadigm-Maximum-security places
5 Of The World’s Most-Top Secret Maximum-Security Places

-By Paul A. Philips


Maximum-security places would indeed would be good hiding if the location was in a geographically remote place.


In a naturally hostile area, having adverse weather conditions, geographically remote top secret maximum security places would be virtually inaccessible.

Then there are the man-made inaccessible maximum security  places for hiding things such as those in underground bases or surface built shelters…


-So, in light of this here are 5 of the world’s most top-secret maximum-security places…


-See more

Head Transplant
Creepy New Head Transplant Technology In Development?!

-By Paul A. Phillips

Announcing itself as a start-up company BrainBridge has recently unveiled its new biomedical technology, the “world’s first head transplant system.” 

It claims that through ultra-precise octopus-like state-of-the-art robot surgical operation, a man having an incurably-ill body can have his head removed, which will then be placed on a young healthy “brain-dead donor body” (now, where exactly would they find this??).


His consciousness; memory and cognitive capabilities, would be preserved in coordination with the new body. Take a look at this somewhat creepy video put out by BrainBridge, claiming the company will have this transhumanist transplant technology working in 8 years… see more

6 Indicators To Show Our World-Wide Awakening

-By Paul A. Philips


In these darkest days, we-the-people find ourselves subjected to increasing existential dread: On every level, we are bombarded with more and more attempts to deceive, subjugate, hack, coerce, stymie and suppress us through mind-manipulating, soul-destroying, brutal controlling systems…


-All done under the ruling thumb of the tiny handfuls; the global cult dark overlords and their associates for complete world-wide domination.  


However, in the midst of this onslaught, it’s easier to see the light when dragged through a dark tunnel: It’s all too easy to forget that unequivocally, there’s an ongoing exponentially increasing world-wide awakening…


-See more