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Stupid and Stupider 5 Examples of the Ongoing Agendized Dumbing-Down of Society

If you are a globalist intending world takeover what could be a more effective tool in your armoury than to make the populace stupid and stupider without them knowing? In their ongoing hijack, silent war on humanity, the globalists know that this is an effective way to covertly control the populace. Unaware that they are being dumbed-down how can the populace ever revolt?


-In view of this here are 5 alarming examples indicating the ongoing agendized dumbing-down of societysee more

Tesla-Eric Dollard
Eric Dollard Bringing Nikola Tesla into Humanitarian Recognition​


Truth warrior and scientist Eric Dollard knows a few things about going against the wishes of the powers that be and the scientific establishment when it comes to their suppression of alternative technology such as that pioneered from Nikola Tesla. Having recreated all the essential pioneering innovative work of Nikola Tesla Eric has experienced ensuing opposition from the powers that be.


To maintain the stranglehold on humanity through their business monopolies the powers that be have prevented the alternative technology from getting the humanitarian recognition it deserves: See more

New Paradigm-iNewParadigm
New Paradigm Ideas that Make a Difference for Everyone!

-By Paul A. Philips


In the world today, we currently have a number of unsustainable practices in a broken and corrupt system… Many of us are concerned that humanity may be heading for off the cliff. This could happen if nothing is done to intervene: The current paradigm needs to break down and make way for a higher order. We need new paradigm ideas, bring them into existence, into being, to take us away from the doom and gloom and create a world that makes a difference for everyone.


Putting resignation or cynicism aside, let’s get active instead. Get the idea of putting something into the future so that it will be there. What do you want to see…? -See more

The Moon - iNewParadigm
The Moon Is a fascinating Enigma! – 20 Related Questions 

-By Paul A. Philips


The Great Pyramid of Giza has many mysteries. The same can be said about the moon. Contrary to popular viewpoint, the moon is not what many think it is. Separate to the alleged fake moon landing, there are number of interesting, creditable theories surrounding its existence. In short, creditable evidence from meticulous research shows the moon to be a fascinating enigma.


-In relation to this, here are 20 questions about the moon showing that its existence makes it a fascinating enigma…


See more

Question Everything
Question Everything Questions Are Answers!

-By Paul A. Philips

In this world, for many people, there is an epidemic of incuriousness: Sadly, way too many people in their ignorance, lack of curiosity, denial, cognitive dissonance, small-mindedness, blind unquestioning acceptance of authority figures go into agreement with the rest of the clueless sheep-like masses…


For going into agreement, they have potentially set themselves up for victimhood.


Thus, these people, who are in their victimhood, have been played, as they are unknowingly led further into a deep and dark abyss. There have been many online alternative media blogs/articles exposing this and the related deception. However, the majority still fall for it hook-line and sinker… more

7 False Claims about Cancer by the Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment
-By Paul A. Philips

1.The idea that cancer is a disease of the modern western world is overplayed

This disease has been known since ancient times. However, it has gone from a rare disease as it was during the turn of the 1900’s to a rising global epidemic in modern times.
The cancer establishment gives the impression that its true causes are unknown and plays down the idea that it is a disease of the modern western world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well documented evidence has been produced to show that cancer causes have been known for years… see more
Advanced Civilisation
Prehistoric Advanced Civilisation: Is This The Evidence? Paul A. Philips
For many years I have extensively studied different subjects related to my writing. However, very occasionally, someone will totally reject me, not due to differences of opinion, but because they consider me too ridiculous, outlandish, or crazy to be true. In other words, they’re in a state of denial with the usual accompanying behavioural symptoms such as.
1.Telling me ‘this is rubbish’ without ever questioning how I arrived at certain findings or conclusions.
2.Having no or very little knowledge about the subject discussed they remain arrogantly content, thinking that anything outside their bubble of existence is either unimportant or not there.
3.These people have become imprisoned by their own limitations without knowing. -If ever there’s a subject too heavy-going for some it’s the one in this article, the subject of prehistoric advanced civilisations, ET’s… more
Longing for Change-iNewParadigm
The Human Condition and a Longing for Change

-By Paul A. Philips


Human Condition: Imagine sitting at a restaurant table every lunchtime getting served the same soup 7 days a week here on out. 


The only thing stopping you from realizing that it’s the same old soup is that it gets served on a different bowl every day.


A different contrasting colour/design bowl served each day is enough to fool you into thinking that the soup they contain is also different. 


So, let’s say in reluctant acceptance you carry on drinking this same soup day after day only because you think it’s different, even though you’re fed up with it and know deep down that something isn’t right here…


-This is an analogy to what’s happening for the human race today.


Yes, on multiple levels the human race is stuck on the “same old same old” without knowing the reasons why…


-See more

People Power-2-iNewParadigm
People Power Exists! – 5 Acts Showing New World (Dis)Order Defiance

-By Paul A. Philips

As the globalists ramp up their control for total global domination, it has been said that, as a consequence, we are now facing the scripted, climactic, end times scenario: On a knife-edge, we are threatened with world war III which, post-devastation, could ultimately send us back into the dark ages…


Then we have the threat of unjustified extreme anti-life environmental control, total economic and financial collapse, unprecedented totalitarian privacy invasion, the loss of our humanity to transhumanism, the potential of a global health crisis on a scale never seen before if the WHO (World Death Organization) have their way… see more

7 Suppressed Technologies That Should Have Changed the World

-By Paul A. Philips


Suppressed technologies still persist: The world is steeped in poverty with precious little achieved in the way of real humanitarian advancement.

While there are a number of technologies that could have changed the world and helped humanity create a living utopia, the brilliant inventors of these technologies were given a hard time by the ‘big boys’ of the establishment when they attempted to bring their game-changing innovations to the world at large. Some were even murdered for their efforts — all for profit and control.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 7 suppressed technologies…  see more

What Is love
What Is Love?

-By Paul A. Philips

To answer the question “what is love?” first, let’s take look at what it isn’t:


Love is NOT:

* Possession, like car in the garage, a wardrobe full of clothes… etc.

* Egoic domination or maintaining a sense of belonging…

* Feelings or emotions; a bunch chemical, physiological responses…


-Because the above things are only reactions to love… see more

From Disconnected To Reconnected–Ways To Take Back Your Freedom!


So that T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) can stay ahead in their New World (Dis)Order game, one essential play on you is to keep you disconnected: Disconnected mentally, physically and spiritually.


-Essentially, disconnecting you from thinking for, acting and being yourself, as you remain disempowered, enfeebled, in a state of dependency and dysfunctional…


Here are just some examples of what this means… see more