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What Is love
What Is Love?

-By Paul A. Philips

To answer the question “what is love?” first, let’s take look at what it isn’t:


Love is NOT:

* Possession, like car in the garage, a wardrobe full of clothes… etc.

* Egoic domination or maintaining a sense of belonging…

* Feelings or emotions; a bunch chemical, physiological responses…


-Because the above things are only reactions to love… see more

From Disconnected To Reconnected–Ways To Take Back Your Freedom!


So that T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) can stay ahead in their New World (Dis)Order game, one essential play on you is to keep you disconnected: Disconnected mentally, physically and spiritually.


-Essentially, disconnecting you from thinking for, acting and being yourself, as you remain disempowered, enfeebled, in a state of dependency and dysfunctional…


Here are just some examples of what this means… see more

River of Love-iNewParadigm
River of Love and the Planned Destruction of Islam and Christianity

-By Paul A. Philips


Throughout the entire universe, there ebbs and flows a metaphorical river. It flows in the direction of unconditional love and light.  Anyone can ‘hook up’ to it and go with the flow. It’s not hard to do since this is your connection to God and who you really are.


However, there are a small number of individuals working together with plans to stop the river flowing in the direction of unconditional love and light. Call it overly ambitious flights of fancy or just plain delusions of grandeur, these individuals have plans to take a very, very small part of this great universe river; the area that flows throughout planet Earth, and make it flow in the opposite direction… see more

Intelligence – Why It Is Not Understood and What Is It Really?

-By Paul A. Philips


Like me, you’ve surely heard it at some time in your life how somebody has been regarded as having high intelligence with comments like: “He / she must have a high IQ…”


However, to describe intelligence merely as IQ (intelligence quotient) is like telling a troglodyte i.e. someone who’s never seen a house before that a house is a kitchen! Granted, a kitchen is of course included in the makeup of a house, but as IQ is to intelligence it is only part of the whole picture…

-See more

Fake Meat-iNewParadigm
Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware – The Alarming Health Dangers of Consuming Fake meat!

-By Paul A. Philips

Recently, we’ve seen the unelected globalists pushing for lab-grown plant-based fake meat. They want to foist this alternative on us while opposing our eating of farm-based real meat produce.


Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates compete with each other as both have made sizable investments in related animal-cell, lab-grown fake meat projects… The Bezos Earth Fund claims that there is a need to set up centres for “sustainable protein.” 


What does that exactly mean?? It’s funny, but every time I hear the word “sustainable” from these globalists I feel immediate mistrust. Some might say, whatever Bill Gates advises, do the opposite…! See more 

Cholesterol Scam-iNewParadigm
The Great Cholesterol Scam – 7 Myths 

-By Paul A. Philips


Like cancer, we can now see the wilful ignorance demonstrated by cardiac medicine in not dealing with the root cause of heart disease, which is diet.

Because the focus is on treating the symptoms rather than the cause there have been differences of opinion on how to deal with heart disease and what can be done to stop the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.


I shall look at the cholesterol theories. Then I will expose some of the massive deceptions behind the mobilisation of the cholesterol lowering drugs statins… see more

Pathocracy – Living in the Psychopath Controlled State and How to Deal with It

Pathocracy: Indeed, there is a lot of good will shown in the world while at the same time there exists so much suffering in the form of war, poverty and injustice. How come? Sure, humans may have dark aggressive animal tendencies but much of the suffering inflicted cannot be explained by this alone. There is a far bigger picture.


The pathocracy


Pathocracy comes from the Greek words Pathos –‘feeling pain and suffering’ and Kratos ‘rule.’ So pathocracy can be used to describe an oppressive tyrannical government ran by elite psychopaths and the effects it has on the people… see more

Big Pharma-iNewParadigm
8 Examples That Prove Big Pharma Cares More About Profits Than People


-By Paul A. Philips


Big Pharma and their greed-driven profit machine continues to roll along basically unimpededly and exponentially…


The alternative health media has published many scathing exposés revealing some of the dirty tricks used by Big Pharma to maintain or increase its profit margin.


Quite simply, each and every exposé shows capitalism at its ugliest, and as a consequence of their actions, patients affected may end up broke, permanently sick, sicker, or even dead.


How low will Big Pharma stoop in its lust for profits?  -See more

New Paradigm Ideas
New Paradigm Ideas that Make a Difference for Everyone!

-By Paul A. Philips


In the world today, we currently have a number of unsustainable practices in a broken and corrupt system… Many of us are concerned that humanity may be heading for off the cliff. This could happen if nothing is done to intervene: The current paradigm needs to break down and make way for a higher order.


We need new paradigm ideas, bring them into existence, into being, to take us away from the doom and gloom and create a world that makes a difference for everyone…


-See more

7 Things They Never Told Me At School – But Could Have 

-By Paul A. Philips


It’s funny, but when asked about things learnt that have served to be the greatest contribution to their lives most people will not mention anything from school days. -Have you noticed this?


I can say that the things I have learnt which have served as a platform for personal growth did not come from the classroom.


Basically, the education system with its tunnel-minded curriculum frequently taught by blinkered, know-it-all academics, having fallen for the “I’m an expert” trap, is designed to programme young people to fit into boxes: work for corporations (and suchlike) when they graduate. 


Here are 7 things they never told me at school (but could have)… see more

False-environmental claim-iNewParadigm
The Great Green Environmentalist Con – 7 False Environmental Claims

-By Paul A. Philips


Green politics underpinning, environmentalism is a massive con used as an excuse by those in high places pathologically driven by the want for global domination, power and control. it’s based on the false pretext that we are facing environmental doom and gloom and that they, the globalists, cloaked in their unquestioning virtue, are here to “save the world.”


Consequently, as with other so-called emergency crises psy-ops., there’s the top-down waves of order/instruction, carried out by a mix of unelected bureaucrats, useful idiots, the deceived and unquestioning compliant sheeple… As a result, we-the-people become worse off while the globalists end up making huge gains.  


-For humanity to progress, this deceptive pattern with its same old scripts, same old underlying moves, has to be realized for what it really is and then broken through mass refusal to cooperate and pushback…


-In view of this, here are 7 false environmental claims… see more