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The US-Mexico Dispute Over GM Corn Safety Could Transform American Agriculture

-By Amy Denney via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),


Mexico’s effort to keep genetically modified corn out of the country is triggering a trade dispute with the United States and Canada that could affect the future of agriculture.

The trade dispute hinges on a key question: whether genetically modified (GM) corn poses a threat to human health.


U.S. trade representatives argue it does not and wants to force GM corn into Mexico. Given that GM seed is used in 90 percent of U.S. crops, the dispute could have far-reaching effects should Mexico win… see more

The great Transgender COVER-UP is now being EXPOSED! Lawsuits EXPLODING | Redacted w Natali Morris


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The Light and the Dark Side of Ivermectin

-By Professor Anita Baxas,MD


Ivermectin has been the go-to medicine for people who think they suffer from a Covid viral infection though Ivermectin is not an anti-viral medication.


They have symptoms like the flu with fatigue, fever, sore throat, cough, headaches and these actually improve with Ivermectin. Since these symptoms aren’t caused by a virus, it could be an explanation why Ivermectin works, but how exactly does it work?


-See more

BREAKING POINT: The CRISIS in Middle East will Crash Global Crude Oil Market in Strait of Hormuz

Lena Petrova

What Is love
What Is Love?

-By Paul A. Philips

To answer the question “what is love?” first, let’s take look at what it isn’t:


Love is NOT:

* Possession, like car in the garage, a wardrobe full of clothes… etc.

* Egoic domination or maintaining a sense of belonging…

* Feelings or emotions; a bunch chemical, physiological responses…


-Because the above things are only reactions to love… see more

Dr. Mercola brands Google as a “surveillance agency” – and shares some tips on how to DE-GOOGLE

-By Ava Grace


According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, Google is a “surveillance agency” – thus, he also shared how people can “de-Google” their lives.

The osteopathic physician argued that the “powers” of the Mountain View, California-based technology company “pose several threats to society.” He continued: “First of all, it’s a surveillance agency with significant yet hidden surveillance powers. It’s also a censoring agency with the ability to restrict or block access to websites across the internet…” -See more

The Unthinkable Is COMING!!! The Hidden TRUTH Behind 15 Minute Cities

Neil McCoy-Ward

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For Older Adults, Weight Training Proves To Naturally Boost Mental Health

-By Shyla Cadogan, RD


Weight training is one of the most efficient ways to reduce body fat while increasing strength and muscle mass. A new study not only confirms these benefits in older people, further noting that this effect could help prevent falls and injury, which become increasingly common with age.


Now researchers say that lifting weights not only lowers the risk of a frail body, but also a frail mind for those prone to depressive or anxious thoughts… see more

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Did Lockdowns Set A Global Revolt In Motion?

-By Jeffrey Tucker via The Brownstone Institute,


My first article on the coming backlash – admittedly wildly optimistic – went to print April 24, 2020.


After 6 weeks of lockdown, I confidently predicted a political revolt, a movement against masks, a population-wide revulsion against the elites, a demand to reject “social distancing” and streaming-only life, plus widespread disgust at everything and everyone involved…


-See more

The Great ELECTRIC car DISASTER just got worse! | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris


Pink Himalayan Salt-iNewParadigm
Avoid toxic contaminants like microplastics in salt by switching to Pink Himalayan Salt


-By HRS Editors


When cooking, you normally use salt to season your food without worrying about where it came from.

However, as a prepper, you need to make sure that the salt you use at home and keep in your pantry is always tested for heavy metals and free of various contaminants like microplastics…


-See more 

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Warning: W.H.O Global Coup in May!

-By Neenah Payne


In the video below, Dr. Robert Malone explains how the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty and/or International Health Regulations to be voted on May 27 would override our national sovereignty.


The Truth About the Global Pandemic Agreements and Agenda 2030 | FALLOUT (video) 3/29/24

The World Health Organization has been discussing a new pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations. What is the real significance of these agreements? What would they look like in America if they were passed? How is it that these agreements could supersede the U.S. Constitution? -See more

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