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WEF Food Supply With Insects
WEF Demands Governments ‘Reinvent’ Food Supply with Insects

-By Frank Bergman


The unelected World Economic Forum (WEF) is demanding that the governments of “sovereign” nations begin “reinventing” the food supply by replacing meat and dairy with insect-based and lab-grown products. According to the WEF, traditional meat must be replaced with “alternative proteins” to “save the planet” from “climate change.”


Klaus Schwab’s organization argues that globalists must wipe out the agriculture industry to meet the goals of the green agenda. In recent years, the organization has been increasingly pushing for the general public to eat bugs to “reduce climate change.” -See more

Life in Russia Today

Reese Report

Right Foods
Eating the Right Foods Can Give Your Mood a Boost

-By Dr. Joseph Mercola


The connection between your food and mood has come under increasing scientific scrutiny in the past couple of decades. William Dufty brought early attention to this link with his book, “Sugar Blues.” Written over 30 years ago, it has become a classic.


Another classic is “The Omega-3 Connection,” written by Dr. Andrew Stoll, published in 2001. This was one of the first books to bring attention to and support the use of omega-3 fats for depression…


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You Won’t Believe This Disturbing Gobekli Tepe Update

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Ends COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate
Los Angeles City Council Ends COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate For City Workers


The Los Angeles City Council ended the city’s policy requiring municipal employees to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus on Tuesday, in a 13-0 vote.


The ruling allows city workers to reapply for their jobs if they were fired or quit due to the vaccination requirement. 


During the public comment section of the council meeting, attorney Jennifer Kennedy said it was time to end the city’s “cruel mandate” that had resulted in the termination of many city workers… see more

Is the Old Monarchy Dying?

Truthstream Media

Elderly Covid Patients
Healthcare Officials Told Not to Resuscitate Elderly Covid Patients, Whistleblower Testifies

-By Frank Bergman

Healthcare officials were told not to resuscitate elderly Covid patients during the pandemic, according to a shocking whistleblower testimony.


Paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) were told not to “try too hard” to resuscitate over 70 years old.

However, the whistleblower says health officials were planning to lower the age to 50 in order to meet the “demand.” The order appears to have been an effort to boost the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 during the pandemic… -See more

Saudi Arabia's petro-dollar exit
Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollar exit: A global finance paradigm shift 

The crucial decision to not renew the contract enables Saudi Arabia to sell oil and other goods in multiple currencies, including the Chinese RMB, Euros, Yen, and Yuan, instead of exclusively in US dollars. Additionally, the potential use of digital currencies like Bitcoin may also be considered.


Significant financial upheaval is potentially ahead of the financial world as Saudi Arabia has decided not to renew its 80-year petro-dollar deal with the United States… see more

Hang on! Bill Gates is now doing WHAT with Bird Flu??? | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris


Coconut Oil
Must-have survival items: Why Organic Coconut Oil tops the list

 HRS Editor


A truly underrated preparedness item, coconut oil not only offers promising health benefits, but it can also be utilized in a number of survival applications.


Here are a few ways you can use coconut oil, either in your daily life or when SHTF…


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Feel like time is speeding up? There’s an unexpected reason!


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Bird flu
Dr. McCullough on Bird Flu: “A Perfect Storm is Brewing”


After warning us for months that 2024 could see another deadly pandemic, the medical establishment and governmental health organizations are sounding the alarm bells on bird flu. 


Not only are they drawing comparisons to COVID-19, they are in fact claiming that bird flu has the potential to be 100 TIMES MORE DEADLY! 


But should we really be worried about the bird flu?


Dr. Peter McCullough has weighed in… see more

Fake ‘Meat’
Fake ‘Meat’ Products Linked to Heart Failure Deaths, Study Finds

-By Frank Bergman


A new study has revealed that fake “meat” products such as Bill Gates’s lab-grown “beef” are linked to cardiovascular diseases and heart failure-related deaths. The results of the study are a major blow to the narrative that vegetarian and vegan diets help to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to a new UK Biobank study, which analyzed the diets of more than 118,000 participants, scientists found that meat-free “foods” carry a huge risk of heart disease if they are ultra-processed. The study, published in Lancet Regional Health – Europe, notes that this excludes natural produce such as fresh fruit and vegetables… see more

Free speech
The Growing Tyranny of Free Speech Suppression and What You Can Do
-By Paul A. Philips

Some people need reminding that the principled 1st Amendment was written to allow the flow of free speech without government interference.

The 1st Amendment allows a person in the minority to say what they want while protecting them from the opposing majority.


What we’re witnessing today on unprecedented levels is the denial of our self-expression through a number of uncompromising authorities taking away our right to free speech. Consequentially, we’re facing a crisis where citizens’ ability to think for themselves, communicate opinions or disagreement is seriously under threat.

The growing tyranny of free speech suppression can be found: More