6 Indicators To Show Our World-Wide Awakening

-By Paul A. Philips


In these darkest days, we-the-people find ourselves subjected to increasing existential dread: On every level, we are bombarded with more and more attempts to deceive, subjugate, hack, coerce, stymie and suppress us through mind-manipulating, soul-destroying, brutal controlling systems…


-All done under the ruling thumb of the tiny handfuls; the global cult dark overlords and their associates for complete world-wide domination.  


However, in the midst of this onslaught, it’s easier to see the light when dragged through a dark tunnel: It’s all too easy to forget that unequivocally, there’s an ongoing exponentially increasing world-wide awakening.


Having got the profound realization that they’ve been stitched up, a swathe of these awakened human spirits, duty-bound, are sharing their enlightenment with others…

In relation to this, not an exhaustive list, but here are 6 indicators to show our world-wide awakening.

  1. The Mainstream Media (MSM) is Dying

It’s all too clear that the MSM is dying due to an ongoing decline in popularity. More so now than ever before. Umpteen surveys have confirmed unequivocally that more and more consider the MSM to be an untrustworthy news source.


Consequentially, MSM declining popularity has inevitably resulted in staggeringly plummeting sales. Then there’s the related increasing job-cuts. An end-of-year report stated that United States MSM layoffs shot up by 98% and it could get worse in 2024.


This includes some of the biggest news industry names. For examples, Time Magazine just announced significant layoffs. The Los Angeles Times has made the decision to cut “20% of newsroom staff” in what’s considered to be their “financial crisis.” NBC News and Paramount Global (the news division of CBS) have also recently made drastic layoffs… For more on this see Michael Snyder’s blog.


-Can the awakened feel sad about the servile imploding MSM, having been the global cult’s mind-controlling, disinformation, brainwashing tool for so long??

  1. Increasing Alternative Media Popularity

As a follow-on from the above, the attempts to censor, demonise dissension and unjustly label alternative media sources as “fake news” has seriously backfired. Failed censorship has had a counterproductive effect. It has led us into giving more attention to the alternative media, deemed by the awakened as the “real news” with its proper, truthful, courageous journalism…


Not only the survival, but also the continuing rise of the alternative media is truly a reflection of our human resilience and awakening.


MSM versus Alternative Media – Which one wins? These paradigms cannot co-exist with each other. Beware of the cult’s “mainstream alternative media” (fake alternative media).


  1. Rising solidarity for farmers

 In recent times we have seen massive Europe-wide farmers’ protests as a way of taking a stand against their respective governments and the crazy net-zero agenda 2030 policies. The farmers had not been informed nor given the opportunity to debate or vote for the policies. 


Ultimately, these extreme green agenda policies have been planned to destroy small to medium sized agriculture businesses: If carried out, the farmers will no longer be able to support their farms due to phased out tax breaks, rising taxes, diesel restriction, cancelled subsidies and overwhelming regulation.


If this happens, as government planned, then big business will then step in and buy out the farmers land who will no longer have any purpose for it. If these big business corporations control all the food then what will the quality be like?


As a pushback, striking transport workers have shown their solidarity for the farmers: The transport workers have protested by strategically obstructing roadways with their vehicles in a number of European cities in the different countries. Farmers/transport workers protests have occurred in Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands/Belgium border…


-These people realize the importance of our food and its future, and how green politicians could decimate the industry while demonizing/criminalizing farmers.


As a result of this solidarity, the European Union has dropped its net-zero demands. Of course, this is good news, but the fight is far from over.


Further solidarity comes from the people’s populist support for the farmers turning against the EU. -This is a major issue for EU parties considering the forthcoming elections.


Then there’s the solidarity extending across the world.


  1. Dismal voting turnouts

A number of awakened individuals have realized that during electoral campaigns the left/right wing charade is meaningless and the politicians are nothing more than puppets to enslaving agendas dictated to by their puppet masters, the global power cult for a New World Order. Don’t be deceived. For example, don’t jump on the Trump train!


It doesn’t matter who gets in. All the major policies from any major political party will be the same, tied in to our global enslavement orchestrated by the global power cult.


The awakened are disenfranchised: Knowing that their vote would be a form of approval for their own enslavement, have declined to turn up at the ballot box, hence the lower than ever turnouts.


Take, for example, the recent dismal voter turnout in Nevada, USA. Only 7.84% turned up to cast their vote! Take a look at this video:

Something VERY strange is happening with U.S. voters, could be DEVASTATING for turnout


Good Health
  1. Increasing health awareness

More and more people in their awakening are choosing a healthier way of life, having a greater awareness on what they put on their plate each day.


Many chose the organic food option as opposed to other foods which could be laden with fungicides, herbicides and pesticides present in non-organic foods such as GMO’s. They are aware of the potential damage to their health if they chose to eat junk food long-term and frequent.


Awakened individuals handle stress well, exercise regularly and live in a less toxic environment… They have an increased awareness when it comes to animal or human exploitation related to the production of food.


Fake Pandemics


Considering the awakening and in hindsight of the last global pandemic, high numbers realised the fakery. Many went on to unite with others, forming social circles and activist groups… Having rose up during those hard times they won’t get fooled by the next fake pandemic.

  1. Minimising the consequences of CBDC’s

The awakened know that fiat cash isn’t king. Cash value further depreciates due to government printing and inflation. Further, many are taking the necessary precautions to avoid the freedom-stripping potential of CBDC’s.


In retrospect of the above, many have turned to investing or storing their wealth in alternative forms such as cryptocurrencies, alt-coins or precious metals…


In light of these 6 indicators showing our world-wide awakening are you willing to play your part in transforming your life and the world you are responsible for living in?