Changes in Mass Consciousness Holds the Key to Changing the World

-By Paul A. Philips

Consciousness - iNewParadigm -

It has been said that people are waking up in the droves. As mass consciousness changes, more and more are getting the profound realization that nothing in the world is as it seems. Every subject under the sun is rooted in deception. -All Engineered by people in high places designing a global takeover that will enslave we-the-people on every level.

How long can these globalists deceptive moves, hidden ulterior motives, falsehoods with their same old patterns, same old scripts, same old mainstream media spin which they own and control… last before becoming detected by an overwhelming number of awakened people who will not back down from their uncontested challenges to the related lies?
Sure, when consciously awakened there then follows the inescapable question: “what can we do about this?” Those having insights have come up with some good practical solutions. Some of these solutions are crucial for protecting you, your family and friends. Protection from becoming broke, having serious health problems and/or other losses of freedom…
However, these practical left-brain solutions will not take us out of the swamp alone. Something else has to happen to lead us into freedom. That something else is a change in consciousness.
Changes in mass consciousness holds the key to changing the world. The tipping point; a mass awakening will overwhelm the globalists in spite of their technocratic control as there are only a relative few of them compared to us. The globalists know this and it’s what they fear most.
Whatever the circumstances surrounding as to how it happens, when awakened, there comes a profound realization of how freedom has been limited. This realisation not only gives rise to taking a different course of action, but also the world re-orientates itself and manifests accordingly to that shift in the consciousness awakening.
The higher the number of awakened individuals the greater cause and effect they can have on the world as this will-full collective consciousness works synergistically.

Consciousness: -So, this begs the question: What do we do to become conscious?

Did you notice the ying-yang symbollism hidden in the above picture? It is an old Cherokee Indian wise Grandfather tale spoken to his grandson.
In the tale, out of the two opposites, which one, which wolf will you feed most?
The choice is yours to make. Like the tale says: Will you choose the wolf that is evil? The wolf that is anger envy sorrow regret greed arrogance self-pity guilt resentment inferiority lies false pride superiority and ego?
Or in recognition of what it stands for, how it unequivocally reaches out to you, will you choose the one that is good? Will you be the wolf that is joy peace love hope serenity humility kindness benevolence empathy generosity truth compassion and faith?
-So, to answer the question: How do we become conscious? It’s simple, to become conscious all you have to do is choose it.
Chose the good wolf.
Chose to become conscious by having an openness to awareness. In contrast to the internet also focus your attention on your “inner-net.” Listen to your instinctive intuitive heart, what your inner voice and inner being is telling you, then act on it. Act accordingly on what calls or motivates or inspires you. Be fair, honest and just. Be peaceful. Get the head above the parapet and act courageously with much conviction if that’s what it takes to be the good wolf…
Choosing conscious means disconnecting from the oppressive 24/7 mind control programming and brainwashing that is trying to make you someone you are not; an unquestioning emotional, mental, physical and spiritual slave… -A victim through wilful ignorance by design. Question everything. Learn to discern:
Sorting out the wheat from the chaff is key.
Our transformation as a human race has been long overdue.
Having broken away from the mind control programming and brainwashing, seeing it for what it really is, a shift in our consciousness will allow us to gain insight and realisation as to who we really are:
A multidimensional human capable of extraordinary things, not restricted by the dualistic confinements of universe; energy, matter, space and time. As humans we need to express coming from that place of unconditional love, faith, empathy, humility and joy…
-These are the changes in mass consciousness that holds the key to changing the world, bringing about our way overdue transformational shift and how we can defeat the planned dystopic enslavement.
From your enlightenment, from your knowledge/insights, just simply keep on keeping on spreading the word with this.
Do what calls, moves and inspires you. Remember, you are that beacon of light. Be peacefull about it. Do your inner work where appropriate.
At least make this choice for the children and their chidren to be. Don’t leave them to pick up the pieces from what you allowed to happen by not doing anything during your lifetime.
If you haven’t done so already will you make that choice? Will you make that deep dive, take authority, get active in some way to serve humanity by choosing the consciousness pathway for world change?
In light of the above, don’t you think that it’s the only real ball game worth playing right now?
It’s up to you.
It’s up to us all.