5 Things You Should Definitely Know About Voting

-By Paul A. Philips


Voting: Since childhood I can remember some people voting describing it as a way of exercising their democratic right.


As part of my upbringing this political sentiment had been deeply instilled in me. Those intending not voting were sometimes reminded that our forefathers had fought for this ‘democratic right’ and to abstain would be nothing short of apathy. Other comments that still continue today include “voting for a small minority candidate is a wasted vote…it would not have any outcome.”    


Over the years I had more than a gut feeling that something about all this didn’t stack up right, which soon led me to conclude that none of the above is true.


Here are the 5 things you should definitely know about voting.


1.The democratic choice is an illusion                                                                                                                  

If you want to manipulate and control people then a sure fire way of doing this is to present them with what looks like a choice when there is no choice at all.  Parents sometimes do this to get their way with children. For example, the parent says to the child “When do you want to have a bath, do you want it now or in a quarter of an hour?” This gives the child the illusion that it is not getting dictated to by the parent because it thinks it has a choice, but of course there is no choice, whether the child says now or 15 minutes later either way it must have a bath.


This is an analogy to what happens in politics. Voting is an illusion of choice because all the major political parties the ones that always win elections are all backed and financed by the hidden controllers, the world ruling elite corporate/bankers, so whoever wins will end up doing the deeds of these evil lords and masters. For this very reason major elections are usually only 2, 3 or 4 horse races because it makes it easier for the ruling elite to manipulate the desired outcome.

The saying “They’re all the same”  is therefore basically true because over the years, regardless of which party is in office, care of the dictates of the ruling elite, all the major political decisions have been the same. For example, in Britain, all three leading parties: New Labour, Conservative and the Liberal-Democrats have been pro-European Union and continue to remain America’s panting lap dogs, supporting illegal and immoral acts such as the invasion of Iraq… 

2.The leaders are just puppets


In light of the above it follows that the leaders of the elected parties are not there to serve we-the-people but to implement the enslavement agenda of the ruling elite.


History has shown over and over again that many election campaigns and manifesto pledges with all their promises made by the parties leading politicians have turned out to be downright lies and had been nothing more than gimmicks to win voters.


When in power the wishes of the people, what they’re supposed to serve, are mainly ignored.


The political system is highly corrupt. The leaders are pathological liars lacking in genuine caring, thoughtfulness and empathy. So are most other politicians, while remaining spineless, weak and like their leaders, too programmed, brainwashed, arrogant and self-centred to see outside of the grand deception.


3.The system is disempowering


People voting for the major parties describing it as exercising their so-called ‘democratic right’ while calling abstainers apathetic intending to induce guilt are just plain wrong:


Electing one of the major political parties is a way of not only giving your power away, allowing to be governed by fascist tyranny, but also supporting it (knowing or unknowingly). 


As for those abstainers, they cannot be blamed for anything because if nobody turned up to vote then no party could claim ‘tax or draft.’ That is, no one could get in office “by the power vested in them by the people.” I withdrew my consent to fascist tyranny years ago. How about you?

4.Elections continue to reach all-time lows because many consider that voting changes nothing


Are less people turning up to vote during elections because more and more are seeing right through the whole charade? I’d say so.  In short, people are waking up and seeing a bigger picture.


5.The solution


Do not under any circumstances vote for one of the major parties things will only get worse. Then, following on, the only way out of this disempowering fascist dictatorship is to look at the independent candidates.


If they are not supporting the major political parties with their crooks and crooked institutions, but genuinely willing and conscientiously caring enough to serve we-the-people, the voice on the street for freedom and justice and keep promises, then this is a real solution.  


How about you? Maybe you could be a suitable candidate to stand for parliament?  


A build up of independent candidates may take years, but if the investment in time, effort and risk starts to pay off by getting results then more and more candidates will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps…