Creating a Golden Age Heart-Based Society

-By Paul A. Philips

Golden age-iNewParadigm
Golden age ahead: We have the consciousness within us to change it all.
Conscious is where reality comes from. We CAN create the pathway to joy, love and peace that will lead humanity into a golden age heart based society…

-We have to do this: it’s a do or die situation.

Ignorance from birth to death is the underlying key to cause and effect… What we are, how we’re behaved and how we respond… We cannot change a world until ignorance subsides.
-What’s the point in a pair of eyes when the mind is blind?
The vitally needed shift comes from having an awareness of one’s own ignorance:
The key is to know that you don’t know. Typically wisdom reflects our realisation of just how ignorant we have been!
This is the beginning of transformation, to live life as an ongoing enquiry. This is part of who you really are: My motto written in stone is ‘question everything’ and ‘never readily accept what the authorities tell you or what the consensus of the masses say.’
The cognitive mind is a mere servant to the seat of the soul, the heart. In essence, intuitive intelligent thinking, feeling and acting from the heart is where the paradigm shift will occur for creating that pathway to a golden age society.
However, in our current world of inversion and energetic distortion the cognitive mind is master and the heart a mere servant, while fear, worry, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration run rife weakening the heart. Fraught in ‘just survival’ mode, humanity goes nowhere.
-Welcome to the inauthentic self-driven world of lies and illusion.
Creating a turnaround
How do we create a turnaround, a return to the natural order of things?
The answer is to stay on the enquiry. Question everything; never readily accept the authorities’ view, they may have some dark hidden ulterior motive… nor the consensus of the masses, who, remember, gave us (and still do) false agreements.  
Just keep on keeping on: Beam that torchlight on the darkness and deceit then expose their evil machinations to others. Make impressions; raise the vibration to one of co-operation, love, peace and light, put this into the  morphogenetic field to counter the negativity, this is the key to opening up the doorway to possibility…
Golden age: The heart based society
The natural order of things, the evolutionary shift in consciousness can only be achieved through a heart-based society. Ultimately fulfilment can only be made through the heart. This isn’t merely a philosophical tenant but is something needed to activate ourselves based on a genuine intention to want to see humanity transformed.
A community orientated heart based society above all chooses cooperation; living in self-sufficiency, unity and discernment, having the ability to discern friend from foe…. It recognises the importance of truth, honesty and integrity and chooses not to live as ‘victims.’
-These are the necessary ingredients needed to birth the new paradigm experience.