Welcome To An Insane World Where Everything's Backwards!

-By Paul A. Philips

Insane World-iNewParadigm
Insane world: The masses have been going into agreement with the construction of their own prison without knowing since time memorial. Sure, there’s those hearing the alarm clock and waking up, but at present, we’re living in a topsy-turvy insane world where everything’s backwards. Here’s my list to undoubtedly prove this.
The backwards insane world starts in schools with our education system. It’s designed so that young people fit into the system when it should really be the reverse: The system should fit into unique, creative young people…
Because of that unholy alliance between corrupt government and soulless greed-machine corporations we have a backwards healthcare system: Conventional medicine only deals with the symptoms of disease which means the patient’s illness will keep coming back. 

The real solution is to treat the root cause of the illness but that would mean a cured customer: No more symptoms, no more illness, and no more repeat business revenue for big pharma and big government…

-Here, by the way, is an analogy for this backwards approach con, just to highlight the insanity of it all. If I turned the taps full on at your kitchen sink, more water filling up than what was getting away, would you reach for the mop and bucket or deal with the root cause by turning the taps off?!
Ultimately, politicians are meant to be in power to serve the demands of we-the-people but this is not happening. Instead, politicians are serving the wishes of their lords and masters, the real controllers of the planet, the ruling elite with their corporatocracy agenda.
For example, senior politicians regularly receive corporate backhanders to write in new laws favouring the corporation, like those for instance producing GMO seeds. This allows the GM corporation to exploit farmers and then become a serious potential health threat with their GM foods to we-the-people, endangering species diversity as well as our ecosystems.


-Such is the behaviour of reckless, uncaring, undiagnosed psychopathic, waste of clothes politicians…

…On the subject of food
Remember, our food is produced freely by Mother Earth, but it has become more expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain in its natural organic form. Some people are persecuted through despotic corporatocracy laws for becoming self-sufficient and less reliant on the system by growing their own food, selling raw milk… Instead of organic, we have an abundance of herbicide, fungicide, pesticide laden, top soil mineral deficient food.
For increased yield in meat, eggs and milk farm animals are raised in appalling conditions, confined to unnatural spaces, artificial lighting and hormonally treated… affecting their health and behaviour. This in turn means compromised food quality.
Then there’s the rise in processed junk foods furthering our already escalating ill health…
Whether it’s the news or in academia instead of allowing the full pursuit of truthful enquiry, promoting a flow of genuine curiosity… the corporatocracy controlled mainstream media filters, prevaricates and even fabricates information.
Dishonest, biased reporting is the norm. Those taking the alternative view in mainstream media could find themselves out of a job. Regardless of truth any ideologies opposing the corporatocracy will be suppressed or invalidated.
-Thus our mainstream media serves to support and protect the sponsors the ruling elite with their corporate/banker agenda by controlling the masses accordingly.
Unimportant is important
Mainstream media has played a major role in getting the masses to focus on so many unimportant things, while ignoring those of real value. For instance, many people give so much time and attention to meaningless soap operas, reality TV and talent shows… etc while serious matters like our environmental problems such as the Fukushima radiation leaks, heavy metal toxicity or species endangerment are given far less attention… how topsy-turvy can it get in this insane world?
Producing a turnaround
-To produce a turnaround and get things the right way round again we need to have to make sacrifices that take us away from our fixations with the unimportant and commit to educating ourselves on the things that really matter and then spread the word to others.
-Just how committed are you to making this vitally needed task happen?
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-By Paul A. Phillips


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