Question Everything Questions Are Answers!

-By Paul A. Philips

Questions Are Answers-iNewParadigm
Questions are answers: There are 2 different approaches that can be used when confronting someone. The first type, the one that most people think what the word confront means, is “to bear fisticuffs.” Meaning, this approach could be to fight with someone emotionally or physically…
The second approach however is quite different and far more empowering.
This is to confront by just simply “being there.” Confronting by just being an observer:
Dealing with the circumstance while not being the effect of the person or situation you are confronted with. While calmly and analytically doing what needs to be done and saying what needs to be said…
-So, by using this second approach, when confronting someone in what could be described as controversial or debateable circumstances it indeed becomes a more effective and peaceful way to deal with the related situation.
Consider, for example, when challenging someone on a subject. A good way of using this second approach when confronting and getting your truth across is to stick with the principle that questions are answers.
I’ll explain:
When you put forward a bunch of questions to someone about a subject, instead of confronting you personally, they have to deal with the questions instead. You are no longer the subject for confrontation, instead, it’s the questions you have given them which they are left to grapple with… -You see?
Now, taking this principle that questions are answers, lets apply it in a different way.
Let’s apply it as a way of inquiring into subjects in a truth-seeking, soul-searching manner.
Question Are Answers-2-iNewParadigm- Quote
Play detective!
-Look for the errors, inconsistencies and so-called coincidences… while remembering to apply the principle: Question everything as “questions are answers!”
For example, take the case of the mainstream media.
Mainstream Media Lies – Reasons to Question What They’re Telling You
The corporate-sponsored mainstream media frequently lies to us: The reasons for this are related to those hoary old chestnuts: For power, profits and/or political gains. Then there’s the related coverups, biasedness and acts of omission…
Also, there’s the suppression, oppression, running down, making ridicule of (based on no evidence), or attacking individuals or groups for simply exposing the hidden truth to which a number of individuals in high places would prefer covered up.
For most part, mainstream media reporting gives the impression that they are giving you the definitive report. Essentially, a narrative with all its events and circumstance that is not subject to questioning, as essentially, according to them, they have reported the truth.
-This alone should make anyone suspicious.
First of all, we live in a world where nothing is as it seems. In every aspect in our lives there has been a manipulation. -The mainstream media is no exception when it comes to well-crafted manipulation.
How is the mainstream media able to get away with it?
In this world, for many people, there is an epidemic of incuriousness: Sadly, way too many people in their ignorance, lack of curiosity, denial, cognitive dissonance, small-mindedness, blind unquestioning acceptance of authority figures go into agreement with the rest of the clueless sheep-like masses…
For going into agreement, they have potentially set themselves up for victimhood.
Thus, these people, who are in their victimhood, have been played, as they are unknowingly led further into a deep and dark abyss. There have been many online alternative media blogs/articles exposing this and the related deception. However, the majority still fall for it hook-line and sinker.
Naturally, having looked at these blogs/articles, further questioning is wholeheartedly encouraged. Get thought-provoking. Stay on the enquiry. Every subject is infinite: Every answer can return you to another question!
Those who cannot answer your questions are unable to do so because they don’t have the truth on their side.
-Therefore, ultimately, these blogs/articles have been written either as a source of challenge, or enlightenment, or protection from victimhood: Protection from serious illness, death, winding up stony broke, or other related loss of freedoms with the application of their knowledge.
Using this principle: Questioning everything as questions are answers, I wholeheartedly encourage you to spread the word to others from what you have gleamed, so that they can also be enlightened or be able to protect themselves by taking the appropriate actions…
From the outcomes, from the practical applications through questioning everything as questions are answers a savvy person can make a complete turnaround: That turnaround is to go from victim to victor!
Now, this is where it comes together – The awakening process
Perhaps you could choose a subject area that interests you. Quite some years ago, my awakening process began, starting the same way as it starts out for many other people.
That is, I was drawn to and took an avid interest in a particular subject. That subject was health. I found that a number of mainstream media accounts over what was going on with all thing’s health-related simply just didn’t add up.
So, I started questioning the official narrative as to what was going on. I used the principle that questions are answers.
Where my questions had been unanswered it led me to conclude that the mainstream media and their related associates weren’t telling the truth. I had uncovered a deception…
One thing then led to another and I found out that besides health many other subjects were a deception. As a consequence, I got active. I chose to spread the word on these deceptions with a view to protecting one’s self. Not becoming a victim as a consequence of these deceptions, but a victor instead by taking precautions.
Just keep on keeping on with the truth.
Truth is the only way out of the tunnel we find ourselves in. We have to remove the sticky plaster from our mouths and start telling our truth and remember to use the insistent principle that questions are answers.
Stay curious!
-In much love, peace and light,