Victim Consciousness Are You One of Life’s Victims?

-By Paul A. Philips

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Victim consciousness: Are you finding yourself in any of the following situations?


•Not getting recognition for something…

•Getting no response at all in seeking to develop a relationship….

•Where you conclude that you are not loved or not loved enough.

•Where you don’t consider yourself to be of any real worth.

•Or not deserving.

•Been wrongly accused of something.

•Been the victim of an unprovoked attack (verbal or

•Going through patterns in life, ones that repeat themselves where you end up in pain or trauma.

•Going through patterns where nothing ever seems to go your way.

•Unable to express yourself. Finding yourself in an emotional block, or maybe even gone as far as leaving you to conclude that ‘nobody understands me…’


-This is not an exhaustive list but if you have really found yourself in any of the above situations then it may be because deep down you are operating on the level of victim consciousness.

In life, things manifest as a consequence of where you are consciously at. Thus, the external circumstances surrounding you are mere mirror reflections of what’s going on inside you: Indeed it will be no surprise to find yourself in any of the above situations if your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes find you consciously at the level of ‘victim.’


What are the hallmarks of a victim?


Here are some hallmarks. Can you see yourself in any of these? Be honest with yourself.


•Sweeping generalizations – Something happens in a victim’s life. Instead of it being seen for what it is the whole thing is blown way out of proportion: “Because the tambourine is slightly out of time the whole orchestra of my life is not working…”


•Payoff V’s Cost – Victims like to maintain the status quo. Any useful practical advice given to them may be ignored or invalidated. This refusal to change, not take advice and ‘winning of the argument’ to make themselves always right is their payoff, but the cost is far greater for them: they stay a victim.


•Living a life based on having what you don’t have rather than having what you have. – Many victims have a whole history related to ‘what life should have given them’ instead of expressing gratitude and counting their blessings…


•Dwelling heavily on ‘it shouldn’t be like this…’ instead of focussing on solutions.


•Never good enough. This is a sure fire way of setting one’s self up and finding victim hood circumstances.


•Wanting to be rescued – Victims like to shrug responsibility by doing nothing constructive to solve their problems, choosing to wait for someone else to come along and take care of them instead. For instance, a woman in hard times could be waiting for a rich and dashing handsome man to come along, sweep her off her feet and solve her financial problems…


•Not able to think, feel and be themselves – Consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously, victims have given away their creative power and freedom to someone or something external to them. This is quite a deception because many victims have no idea that this has happened to them.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines victim as ‘One who is reduced or destined to suffer under some oppressive or destructive agency.’


Most humans on planet Earth are on the level of victim consciousness. Unable to really think, feel and be, or even realize who they truly are, they have given their creative powers and freedom away to a destructive / oppressive agency hell-bent on deceiving and manipulating the population into a global prison.


I am indeed talking about the elite ‘dark cabal’ that I have writing about extensively in previous messages.


Thus, overall, the total human population as a group is at the level of victim consciousness. Before getting in to the solutions, let’s look at how things manifest as a consequence of this ‘planetary victim consciousness.’


•About 1 billion out of the 8 billion humans totalling the world population have to live on just 3 dollars or less than 3 dollar a day.


•Following on from the above gross imbalance allowed by a human race mainly out of greed, ignorance, apathy or uncaring, about 35% of the total global wealth is owned by less than 0. 5% of the world population.


•Every 5-7 seconds a child dies of hunger.


•Many people, particularly those collectively making up the western world are significantly in debt. In effect, these people have become nations of debt or wage slaves, where many live under the illusion they are free.


•Generally, the human race has been strung along with endless streams of tail-chasing situations…


…The list goes on…


The elite dark cabal has seeded the human race with mind control programmes. They control our thoughts through politics, religion, media, education…and fear… to stop us realizing who we really are. Consequently, we have given away our responsibilities, creative powers and freedom and thus, through our own making, manifested a world that holds us in chains.


Finding answers to the problems of victim consciousness


First thing to realize is that defeating victim consciousness comes from a focus of attention on your inner being. Look at what mechanisms go on inside (thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitude…) to make life show up for you as a victim. Then make the necessary changes. For results, achieving the opposite of the above ‘hallmarks of a victim’ or handling them in a way that is empowering is a guide.


Responsibility, self-observation and a vigilant awareness is the key. Now is the time to take control of our lives by making the necessary empowering changes that take us from victim to victor!

Further - Leading away from Victim Consciousness:

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Changes in Mass Consciousness Holds the Key to Changing the World

-By Paul A. Philips


It has been been said that people are waking up in the droves. As mass consciousness changes, more and more are getting the profound realization that nothing in the world is as it seems. Every subject under the sun is rooted in deception. -All Engineered by people in high places designing a global takeover that will enslave we-the-people on every level.

How long can these globalists deceptive moves, hidden ulterior motives, falsehoods with their same old patterns, same old scripts, same old mainstream media spin which they own and control… last before becoming detected by an overwhelming number of awakened people who will not back down from their uncontested challenges to the related lies?
Sure, when consciously awakened there then follows the inescapable question: “what can we do about this?” Those having insights have come up with some good practical solutions. Some of these solutions are crucial for protecting you, your family and friends. Protection from becoming broke, having serious health problems and/or other losses of freedom…
However, these practical left-brain solutions will not take us out of the swamp alone. Something else has to happen to lead us into freedom. That something else is a change in consciousness… see more