Knowing What Puts the Junk in Junk Food To Avoid It!

-By Paul A. Philips 

Junk in junk food
Take a good look at these examples of junk food.
You know the things I’m talking about. Burgers, fries, pizza, potato wafers, soda pops, refined sugar products (see my later title ‘Sugar Me Not’)…
The hallmarks of junk food
  • High in calories
The huge increase in junk food over the last fifty years or so has been linked to obesity
  • Low in nutrition value
Lacking in the essentials of a well-balanced diet. Heat treatment (both high and low temperatures), irradiation, microwave… affects the vitamins and enzymes content. Lacks fibre…There’s no doubting as to how this food got its well–earned title?!! 
  • Unhealthy contents
 Such as refine sugar, high in nasty fats and high salt levels…
  • Contains chemical additives
 Artificial flavour enhancers, artificial sweeteners, nitrosamines from nitrites and preservatives…
  • Addictiveness
Certain chemical additives can be there to cause this addiction
  • Known to have a hand in the cause of many illnesses
Junk food has been linked to: Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders and ageing related illnesses, mental health problems…
  • Cheap to manufacture
The Rise and Rise of Junk Food over the Last 50-60 odd years and The Big Picture
Before any foodstuff is put on the market it has to be given the okay by an approval body. An approval body is a group of individuals who decide whether or not food is safe for human consumption. An example of an approval body is the United States’ FDA.
Approval bodies, however, have more than their fair share of biased representatives; individuals having financial ties to food companies. Some of these individuals are funded by the very companies they are supposed to be impartial with when it comes to judging the safety of their food products!
In some cases, if they didn’t have financial ties at the time, they did later. For example, it has been known for some individuals to become directors after making approvals for the companies concerned.
Because governments rake in huge revenues from the sales of these questionable foods, they do little in the way of intervention. The food companies and the governments heavily sponsor the media whom, in turn, also show stand-down behaviour by not putting out bad publicity regarding products. In fact, the media, because they are paid off, generally chose to promote instead.
As a consequence, potentially dangerous or poor quality food with little or no real nutrition value has been allowed on the market. Over the last fifty or sixty years or so years, this has hugely increased in numbers on the many unsuspecting consumers. Together with much deception, slick advertising and marketing, this is a major reason for the rise in ill-health over the years.
-In short, the powers that be don’t really care about your health. It’s a case of putting profits before the health and safety of people.

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