Another Brick In The Wall – Modern Education and the System of Deception

-By Paul A. Philips

The modern education system deception...

Like many things: the food industry, the medical-pharmaceutical establishment, the mainstream media… the elite corporate/ banker hidden controllers have also standardized the education system through funding. 

For example, many years ago in the USA, much money was poured into education by the Rockefeller created National Education Association with the help of the Carnegie Foundation. Then later on there was the Ford Foundation and this was not done out of the kindness of their hearts.
The result of the efforts of such organisations can be seen worldwide today in the real purpose of the education system which is to teach children and young people:
  1. Conformity to authority figures.
  2. Acceptance that ‘truth’ and what is ‘real’ comes from authority.
  3. Reward comes from accurate memory recall from heavy repetition.
  4. Non-compliance will be punished.


Thus, the real purpose of the education system is to cultivate conformity and prohibit critical thinking about anything of real importance.

Starting at 4 years old (and what could be a better age to start a mass indoctrination) then by the time an individual comes out of the education system, some 12 years plus on, they would have had more than their fair share of programming and brainwashing, unable to really think for themselves.
–As Einstein said, ‘real thinking is to think the unthinkable.’   
Any genuine outside-of-the-box thinking having significant humanitarian or mother Earth friendly benefit, if pursued, may well be ignored, quashed, ridiculed or suppressed by the influence of those hidden controllers if it is perceived as a threat to any of their businesses:
Unsung Heroes
Here’s a list of just some of history’s truly great humanitarian outside-of-the-box thinkers with their innovative ideas/products that have never been able to see the light of day due to the above reasons.
I bet you never studied these ‘taboo subjects’ in your formal education training:
Education system 3 Tesla-iNewParadigm-Human race
Raymond Rife and his Universal Microscope for curing cancer.
After successfully curing cancer patients, the Rockefeller owned American Medical Association later had this work laid down to rest by closing down Rife’s set ups. 
Nikola Tesla
Wardenclyffe Tower Project- free energy. Due to undercutting the cost of the conventional electricity grid system,  Tesla’s funding was stopped. His equipment and lab was burned down.
Linus Pauling
 ‘Unified Theory’ cure for heart disease.
Due to greater interests in corporate profitability and perceived financial threat, this highly successful cheap alternative therapy has not been allowed that much attention.
Adam Trombly – Free energy dynamo.
Proven free energy by accessing electrical power from air, but never allowed to see the light of day…
                                                                                                Wilhelm Reich-Cloud bursting and weather control.
Again, this workable mechanism for producing rain clouds for crop irrigation in drought areas was stopped by those ever-watchful lackeys for the hidden corporate /banker controllers.
Allowing something like this could lead to food abundance and greatly contribute to ending world hunger. However, the controllers  don’t want world hunger to end. If this happened it would make it more difficult to control these people in what would no longer be third world countries…  Don’t forget, their hidden enslavement agenda.
Thus, essentially, the corporate based education system with its carefully selected curricula covertly serves to impede or stultify real human growth.
The corporate funded education establishment just wants you to fit into the system. This is totally consistent with the Pink Floyd song ‘All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.
Those individuals most programmed and brainwashed by the education system are likely to be more successful than others. Take for example, at job interviews. Having a greater corporate mindset is more likely to get the job than others:  This ‘mindset’ resonates with interviewers of similar disposition…
On the subject, too-big-for-their-boots-corporations are soulless greed machines with all the hallmarks of a psychopath. Don’t be deceived by the effrontery, they care very little about the planet and the people on it. Coldly, to the corporations an employee is just a resource, no more than a piece of office equipment, equally expendable, hence the department human ‘resources’. To the corporations, ‘making enough money’ doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. How can it possibly exist when it’s not in their thoughts?
There is so much poverty in the world: A billion people having to live on a dollar or less a day, roughly every 5 to 7 seconds a child dies of hunger… Ultimately, this is a result of the corporation’s lack of investment. –I digress.
We are living in a corporatocracy; a corporate run and controlled world. Given that the  Presidents and Prime Ministers, i.e. most senior politicians are not in power to serve the people, they are ultimately there to do the deeds of the corporate agenda, then it fully stands to reason that the education authorities serve to follow corporate directives.
Filtering In Academia
Carefully monitored by the controllers  over the years, academic institutions have taught science with some major assumptions. These assumptions are more than ever receiving challenges questioning their validity. However, anyone in academia who dares to seriously challenge the official indoctrination; walks too far away from the white line laid down by the authorities, posing a major threat to the establishment’s iron-clad beliefs, then they could find themselves getting shown the door. Indeed, this has happened before.
Here are the assumptions in science that have received some serious challenges
  1. Darwin’s Theory of evolution as an explanation for the origin of life.
  2. Human civilization is around 5000 years old.
  3. Louis Pasteur and the Disease Theory.
  4. In physics it is said that consciousness is separate from our physical world.
  5. The space between things is just emptiness.
All false, I say! I will be writing about this in later messages.  -All creditable challenges to the above 5 things receive little attention in academia or mainstream media: This kind of filtering, whether it’s in science; not giving the whole picture, or with any other subject,  is done as part of a plan by the controllers  to keep us in ignorance, misinformed and in a ‘no growth’ situation.
The higher up in academia, the more specialised and therefore more blinkered a person becomes. These individuals may be unaware of the full picture and ignorant of the facts that contradict the official established line. Unfortunately, these people such as the old fart professors, instead of having an open mind and willingness to see beyond their limited beliefs, indoctrinations… they tend to rather arrogantly defend themselves and ride roughshod on those who dare to challenge.
The Solutions
Don’t blindly accept what the authorities tell you or anybody else. Instead of acting like blind slaves, believing you’re free and oh so educated, as Einstein said, do not stop questioning.
When you are satisfied with what you have found and if it is different to the official line, have the courage and integrity to speak up, spread the word.  As more people become aware of the suppressed knowledge in academia and the benefits it could bring to society, there will be greater chances of these findings getting acted on: There are such things as free energy and successful cures for all sorts of diseases… They have been about for many, many years.
Ball In your Court
Now the ball is in your court. Don’t take my word on anything I’ve said, start questioning
                                                                                                        Real education is not to ‘put in,’ it is to ‘take out.’