The Orchestrated Financial Fall of America and the World

-By Paul A. Philips

As part of the orchestrated financial fall of America The US national debt is now well over 34 trillion dollars.

Financial Fall-iNewParadigm

Imagine a bus full of passengers getting taken on some mystery tour chosen by the driver and his navigators. As the journey continues, it becomes more than apparent that the bus is going to be driven off the cliff! The passengers are too much in a state of apathy or too deaf, dumb and blind to realize what’s going on… The driver, under the influence of the navigators, instead of slamming on the breaks, insanely decides to put his foot further down on the accelerator pedal..!


-This is an analogy for what is happening in the USA today: The driver and the navigators represent the political administration in charge at the White House with their increasingly reckless spending of borrowed money that is destroying the American economy, while the passengers are the people they’re supposed to be serving with best interest at heart.


More specifically, as part of an orchestrated financial fall, America is facing the biggest crisis ever in its history. The US national debt is now well over 34 trillion dollars.


                                                                              What does this astronomical debt look like?

Financial fall-Visualizing-U.S.-Debt-in-2023-iNewParadigm

Study this. In the financial fall here is some idea how 34 trillion dollars stacked as $1dollar bills would look like.

The human world population is currently around 8 billion. If every man, woman and child paid off the US national debt it would cost each person about 3,857 dollars.

-If you had 34 trillion dollars and spent a million dollars a day it would take you over 85,500 years to use up!

-Check your watches. For every hour gone by, the US national debt increases by another 314 million-odd dollars.

-Since Joe Biden has been at the White House the US national debt has risen by around 4 trillion dollars.

-Of course, it would take years to pay off the debt, but the Biden administration has no intention of doing this, not by one single cent.

-That means the politicians are doing nothing to stop of a once wealthy nation rapidly change into a poor nation.

-That means money stolen from the American people and their children, and children to be.

Going down the misinformation highway
Financial Fall-Biden-iNewParadigm

The mainstream media is not reporting the truth about this orchestrated financial fall. They want you to believe what Biden is saying. That his economic policies are working and the economy is steadily improving… This spin has been blindly accepted by a largely gullible public even though the truth is staring at them in the face. A planned financial fall. An excellent website documenting all the facts and figures is How long will it be before the public stop sleeping with their eyes open, wake up and realise what’s really going on?


Can you guess where this is going?


This situation in America is like you running a business on a credit card loan and taking out a further loan from that credit card to pay the ongoing monthly demands. Sooner or later you’ll reach bankruptcy, right?


-So here’s what I’m saying:


This fall of America has been secretly planed with the deliberate intention to create poverty and slavery for the American people.

Financial Fall-Obama-iNewParadigm
Former US president Obama

As I have explained before, whether it’s the USA or any other country, the President is not the person in charge. He has been put in this position to serve a hidden enslavement agenda dictated to him by the real lords and masters secretly controlling the country and the planet.


The idea of borrowing money to get out of debt can be related to the application of John Maynard Keynes’ economic principles. This is encouraged in other countries besides America such as Europe and Japan…


The secret controllers allow these countries to adopt huge stimulus spending plans and reckless spending because they want to see a global financial collapse to engender political chaos.


After the financial collapse, ultimate control of the world is then planned. This will mean:


  1. Global monetary dominance with the introduction of a single ‘super currency’ which will be a digital currency.
  2. An abusive control system: global police/military fascist dictatorship… etc.
  3. The vast majority of people will be underprivileged and poor. The middle classes will have been financially knocked down while the super rich remain.
  4. In countries such as America a lot of time, effort and money has been put into extra surveillance, tighter security and the weeding out of ‘troublesome people’, while the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has acquired millions of ammunition rounds… all this has been done under the auspices of preventing ‘home-grown terrorism.’ However, this is not the real reason. –All this has been done to deal with the anticipation of a hostile response from people over the orchestrated forthcoming financial hard times and planned one world order.
  5. The introduction of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management) camps to accommodate those in financial hardship. The camps may well gradually become prisons.


-This is what can happen when a bunch of individuals controlling the planet are a law unto themselves.



Based all over the world the beneficiaries of the national debt deception are the criminal corporate bankers who own central banks and the Federal Reserve.

A shift in the wind

For a workable democratic system, the hierarchical tree of control has to be turned upside down: Those currently at the bottom, we-the –people, become those at the top. 


Indeed, people power does exist. To stop the hidden controllers and their enslavement agenda we-the-people have to take back our rightful ownership of this planet before it’s too late.


The hidden controllers of the planet know that their biggest weakness is they are outnumbered. The way to stop the criminal corporate bankers or hidden controllers is to refuse cooperating with their moneyed interests. A mass refusal to pay national debts would surely overwhelm them.


We have to get our governments to work for us, shut down the Federal Reserve, shut down the entire monetary system, press the reset button to zero and start again without the hidden controllers.



New Paradigm Ideas that Make a Difference for Everyone!
-By Paul A. Philips

In the world today, we currently have a number of unsustainable practices in a broken and corrupt system… Many of us are concerned that humanity may be heading for off the cliff. This could happen if nothing is done to intervene:


The current paradigm needs to break down and make way for a higher order. We need new paradigm ideas, bring them into existence, into being, to take us away from the doom and gloom and create a world that makes a difference for everyone… see more