The Human Condition and a Longing for Change

-By Paul A. Philips

Human Condition-iNewParadigm

Human Condition: Imagine sitting at a restaurant table every lunchtime getting served the same soup 7 days a week here on out.


The only thing stopping you from realizing that it’s the same old soup is that it gets served on a different bowl every day.


A different contrasting colour/design bowl served each day is enough to fool you into thinking that the soup they contain is also different.


So, let’s say in reluctant acceptance you carry on drinking this same soup day after day only because you think it’s different, even though you’re fed up with it and know deep down that something isn’t right here…


-This is an analogy to what’s happening for the human race today. Yes, on multiple levels the human race is stuck on the “same old same old” without knowing the reasons why.


And it doesn’t help that the world’s ruling authorities use their owned and controlled mass media to tell you “everything’s fine” when it isn’t.


Put another way, if despotic authorities overtly control the people then as history has shown us a mass revolt follows sometimes with rioting on the streets…


However, if the authorities covertly control how can the people ever revolt when they don’t know that they’re being controlled?

The world-wide ruling authorities with their co-ordinated, covert control ops, have cunningly kept humans stuck, eking out the “same old same old,” energy-sapping, fear-driven, no change scenario day in day out…


-Such is the nature of this great stitch up, while putting humanity in the throes of a downward spiral. It doesn’t help that the world leaders have disconnected from we the people. Out of touch with us, allied to crooks and crooked institutions, they cannot be trusted. Practically none of them.


As humanity further goes in the direction of the downward spiral towards the terminal precipice, more petty laws, rules and ordinances are made restricting freedom, while the world’s ruling authorities continue to hide technologies that would otherwise transform the world: The ruling authorities will continue to expand and profiteer by maintaining the status quo, while further poisoning our land, water, food and air…, as we get sicker and sicker…


If the vast majority of humans in their dire condition are unaware of this life-threatening stranglehold on humanity and the way it works, then how will they be able to do something about it to make vitally needed changes?


For many of those unaware of the covert control, as they go further into the downward spiral, the resulting greater and greater longing for change will eventually serve as their wakeup call.


Choosing consciousness they will eventually realize what’s really going on in the world and see those manipulative deceptions span by the world’s rulers.


Call it an opportunity. It’s an age-old principle. People subjected to increasingly difficult times start to listen to and act on their intuitive hearts. -This is how the consciousness will be raised.


Indeed, the same could be said about all of us.


Listening to and acting on our intuitive hearts goes beyond the realms of the deceptive programming. Do you hear the calling?


-This is the key to taking us up and away from the downward spiral, rising up to the required level of conscious awareness in the populace to transform our planet and create a world that truly really makes a difference for everyone. Thus, not everyone needs to be conscious, but a crucial threshold number of those consciously aware is needed to make the intended changes manifest.

It’s time to take our authoritative stand, make our intentions known. Don’t just sit on the benches like a soccer reserve, get up and actively engage in the game. After all, it’s the only game really worth playing!


As a race, to reclaim our sovereignty, our thoughts, feelings and emotions need to be recalibrated. They must be consistent with love, compassion, caring, sharing and empathy…


-Stay fixed on these things with respect to the intended outcome: Innovation and astuteness is key to creating that new paradigm experience a world that truly makes a difference for everyone.


As more of us engage, the synergistic effects will overwhelm the less that 1% trying to control us…

Human Condition – To summarise

A reversal in the human condition through a longing for change, going from the downward to the upward spiral and planetary transformation involves 3 things:


  1. Seeing the deceptions (every subject under the sun!)
  2. Spreading the word to others on how the deceptions work and how they affect us all, letting the consequences be known if we don’t act.
  3. Continue raising the consciousness through doing your inner work: putting in your thoughts, feelings, emotions, meditations, prayers, and practicing the laws of attraction… whatever it takes for the transformation. 


Always remember, it has been said that we are the imagination of ourselves so let’s imagine together how we can create a world that makes a difference for everyone.


-Can I count on you to do this!


In spite of all the dire threats I cannot accept that it will be over for humanity. I have faith that we are all part of a bigger picture. To this end we have to play our dutiful parts to make that long overdue transformation happen.


Much love, peace and light!


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