New Paradigm Ideas that Make a Difference for Everyone!

-By Paul A. Philips

New Paradigm Ideas

In the world today, we currently have a number of unsustainable practices in a broken and corrupt system… Many of us are concerned that humanity may be heading for off the cliff. This could happen if nothing is done to intervene: The current paradigm needs to break down and make way for a higher order. We need new paradigm ideas, bring them into existence, into being, to take us away from the doom and gloom and create a world that makes a difference for everyone.


Putting resignation or cynicism aside, let’s get active instead. Get the idea of putting something into the future so that it will be there. What do you want to see? What ideas do you have that will contribute towards a more humanitarian future, a world that makes a difference for everyone? One where ultimately you can see humanity growing and thriving. Remember, if you’re unable to see it, then you can’t manage it, and after all, aren’t we the imagination of ourselves?
Although we are far from out of the woods, here at least are some ideas, thoughts and suggestions as solutions needed for getting active. For creating that world that makes a difference for everyone.


Changing the Mindset/Viewpoint for a new paradigm

How do we get past the current broken and corrupt system? How do we change our mindset/viewpoint and move on with new paradigm (theoretical/practical) approaches to re-route the slow-motion train that’s taking humanity off the cliff? Remember, we must get past the major barrier, dogmatic closed-mindedness, as this contributes to stultified growth.
What perspectives would the new paradigm approaches have for a new world? What about transitory strategies? What about reformations…? Bear in mind that they should be easy to understand, have self-sufficiency, stay nurturing and sustainable.
-Do we as a race love ourselves enough to realize that this is the only game worth playing?
Do we have the wisdom in us to see the related values; what it really means to rise above, make a difference in our lives? Galvanizing, catalytic events are needed to kick-start something…
Quit Victimhood
When the mindset/viewpoint changes people will stop living like victims. Stop going into blind unquestioning acceptance of authority figures (so-called experts who have vested interests, tied to crooked establishments and their agendas). Stop going into agreement with the sheep-like masses. Ignorance or naivete are not excuses, the truth is out there on the internet. Do your own research. Think for yourself. Do the decent thing. Stand up to what is true for you. Learn to say NO if called for. Spread the word on what you have learned…
Circles-iNewParadigm-Inspiratioal quote
Only Dealing With the Symptoms

Imagine somebody turned your kitchen-sink taps on full.  Would you only deal with the symptoms, the water overflow, by forever using the mop and bucket, ignoring the root-cause?


Of course not!


You’d deal with the root-cause right away by turning the taps off, stopping the water overflow problem from recurring.   


Blatantly obvious and absurd as it seems, this is an analogy explaining how there are many approaches where only the symptoms are dealt with.


As the root-cause is unchecked the problem keeps coming back.

Here are 3 examples

  Treating the Symptoms: Problems Recur

Treating the Root-Cause: One-Time Solution

1.Voting for corrupt major political parties, with their stifling politics, expecting change now that a different political party has got in office, the one you voted For but nothing changes…



2. Doctors are heavily guided by Big Pharma to identify the symptoms as a way of treating illness. This approach allows the root-cause to go untreated, guaranteeing repeat business. The illness keeps recurring. 


3.Money printing and reckless spending to deal with debt as a short-term solution, incurring a far greater long-term problem, such as high inflation…

1.Only vote for honest integrity-driven independent political parties with genuine intentions to serve we-the-people.




 2. A more holistic approach is needed to deal with root-causes. Hidden & suppressed naturopathic cures need to be made widely available as treatment. Treating the root-cause cures illness, stops it from recurring.



3.Reinvent the monetary system. Press the counter button to zero. Get rid of the corrupt agencies such the FED and the related corruption…

-Indeed, whether it’s through politics, healthcare, money matters or anything else, new paradigm approaches have to nail the problem by dealing with the root cause.

Freedom not Dictatorship
With so much falsification and cover-up going on, many are not even allowed to speak their truth. We know that in a number of circumstances authoritative figures won’t even debate dissenters because they know that they don’t have the truth on their side. No substance for debate…
For example, we need scientific freedom not dictatorship. In many cases, using political agendas and corporate self-interests science has been abused. There have been many situations where instead of using the appropriate scientific approach, seeing if a theory fits in with the scientific facts, the opposite has occurred: The scientific facts have been twisted to fit into corporate self-interested driven theories for power, profit and political gains.
-This is underpinning nature of the abuse of science and its related fraudulent claims.
Also consider media, technological/digital, healthcare, political, educational, and other freedoms from dictatorship to uphold our individual rights, allowing the pursuit of happiness…
Competition versus Cooperation
We need to see right through the brainwashing instilled into us since childhood that unlike the current situation, cooperation needs to be above competition. Another opportunity for creating a world that makes a difference for everyone.

Taking the case of community-based living as an example.


As a reconnect with nature, there is much opportunity for food freedom in permaculture self-sufficient farming communities.


As I have said before, community-based living is key and has to be understood.


Having far-reaching implications, it is far more than just farming communities.

Perma 2
All in All – What kind of Society Do You Want?
Remember, nothing is permanently set in stone. Nothing stays the same: We are all dynamically conscious beings capable of bringing about change. We still have a choice. Choose to become conscious as consciousness is the key to world change.

As the world gets darker it’s easier to see the light.

To all those in the know. Don’t give up. Just Keep on keeping on for that new paradigm experience, a world that truly makes a difference for everyone!