Occult Symbolism in Corporate Logos Pt – 1

-By Paul A. Philips

Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-1

Occult Symbolism: Can you see a reptile hidden in the above British Telecom logo? Don’t read on, look first to see if you can find it. If you can’t I’ll tell you. – It’s a red snake starting at the top left with the head and then going down diametrically… Yes that’s it, but what is this doing in a telecommunications company logo?


Anyway, I’ll go on with the message.  


As I have stated before the matrix of control over our planet is shaped by just a small number of elite individuals known as the ‘dark cabal,’ made up of extremely wealthy families and associates. They are able to implement their planned secret global domination agenda from the money made through ownership of banks and major corporations.


–Thus, in effect, we are living in a corporatocracy, a corporate based run and controlled world: The Presidents and Prime Ministers, i.e. most senior politicians are not in power to serve we-the-people, they are ultimately there to do the deeds for the elite’s corporate agenda, which does not have our best interest.


These elite individuals with their plans for global domination meet up in secret societies: Believing in its powers and practices, they are heavily into occultism which can be traced as far back as ancient times and indirectly this is why people in urban environments are bombarded with corporate occult logos. 

How many people know about the intended affects of these occult symbolism logo symbols on the general public? 


occult symbolismBasically, corporate occult logos give the elite an opportunity to advertise their insignia, display their occult beliefs and their power and give out a hidden message that goes something in the way of ‘we control you and you have no idea of what’s going on because you’re too stupid to work it out or too blind to see the meaning in these symbolic logos…’ 


Care of the Rockefeller ‘secret Chicago school’ the elite have poured tons of money into producing these symbols from research in cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and biology… with their affects.


Of course, corporate occult logos are not direct proof of those overseeing them having an involvement in the occult, but I ask you this.


  1. Why is it that so many different corporations use the same occult logos? There are only a limited number to chose from, when alternative designs could have been created from an infinite number of choices.
  2. Why are occult logos chosen when they have nothing to do with the products marketed?


So, the intention of this message is to get you to recognise these symbols, understand what they represent in term of occult symbolism and how their marketing works on you. Once you know this you will no longer be the affect of them.



Considering that the book of Revelation (chapter 13) has used 666 to describe the ‘mark of a beast’ this has to be regarded as one of the most sinister logos. Remember, it has been said that anything occult does not come from God and is therefore satanic…

Note the Vodafone ‘6’ disturbingly looks like the teardrop in the Klu Klux Klan symbol. 

Occult Symbolism-2-iNewParadigm
Occult Symbolism-4-iNewParadigm
Occult Symbolism-6-iNewParadigm.png
The Pentagram

Like 666, the pentagram has had a history of avoidance, while other people attracted such as the ruling elite, believing it to be an object of magical powers. The pentagram can be traced as far back as ancient times in Sumeria, Egypt and Greece.  It has been tied to Neo-pagans and Freemasonry…

Prometheus lighted Torch

This comes from Greek mythology. Prometheus stole fire from the Gods at mount Olympus then gave it to mankind.  It is the illuminati ‘torch of illumination’   representing esoteric knowledge  (more on this in a later message).

Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-8
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-9.png
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-10.png

                    Better Business Bureau                                          & Columbia Pictures                                              & Standard Oil (above)                                        

Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-12
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-13

Like other occult symbolism corporate logos the lighted torch with its symbolic meaning is said to be deeply embedded in our collective unconscious.

Corporations chose these logos for this reason, aware that they inherently attract and influence us.


This symbol goes back thousands of years since its cult worship began with Semitic civilizations. Besides having the name ‘El’ the supreme deity, god Saturn has been called the ‘Lord of the Rings.’ It may come as quite a surprise to many that this is why rings are exchanged at weddings: to honour the occult god Saturn.–It’s yet another ritual that nobody ever questions folks.


The wearing of the Jewish yarmulke, monks shaving the top of their heads in the form of a circle, halos placed above the heads of saintly people and why kings wear round headgear one again represents the same ritual:  Because they all symbolise and pay homage to the round rings of the god


Saturn has also been symbolised by the ‘black cube’ a remnant from the ancient worship of El, which can be seen today in different parts of the world like, for example, the sacred cube at Mecca where Muslims make their pilgrimage.  University graduates wear black robes symbolising god Saturn and a cap (Mason’s mortarboard).


Again, like the lighted torch I will be doing another later message on ‘Saturn,’ but for now I will keep it to the confines of corporate logo and its use in symbolism.

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Planet Saturn
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-16
Internet Explorer
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Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-19
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