Occult Symbolism in Corporate Logos Pt – 2

By Paul A. Philips

Occult Symbolism 2: It is recommended that part 1 be read first, especially if the reader is unfamiliar with this subject.

Remember, corporate logos carry symbolic meaning said to be deeply embedded in our collective unconscious. This is why corporations chose these logos in marketing, aware that they inherently attract and influence the public though most remain woefully ignorant of their darker occult new world order connections .

The Pyramid and the All-Seeing-Eye
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-1

As seen printed on the back of a dollar bill (above) the pyramid and all-seeing-eye embodies the secret occult organisations that continue to control America.  Since this occult symbolism is frequently used in numerous corporate logos it may also serve as a statement by the controllers  that they own the world through business and banking.

Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-2

This occult symbolism symbol can be traced back thousands of years with The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Symbolically, the base of the pyramid represents the people at large ‘incomplete and wanting’ while the top or capstone represents the enlightened few: the elite corporate/banker world controllers. 


The all-seeing-eye of enlightenment has been described as the ‘eye of Horus’ especially when shown above the pyramid.  Another description is Lucifer the ‘light bearer’, indicating the involvement the elite have with the said dark satanic forces. It is understood that the elite will replace the missing capstone (see above dollar bill photo) as a symbol of completion when they achieve total global domination. 

Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-5
The bank of Estonia
UK intelligence agency MI5
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-9
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-10
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-11
Sun Symbols

The sun has been worshipped in places all over the world by many different ancient cultures. Here are just some examples.        

Sun God

Place of Origin




Sun Goddess



Worshipped by Geeks and Romans

Sol Invictus


Emperor Constantine was a high priest of the cult

Freyr & Sol

Norse (Norwegian)




Hindu people



Astec sun god, while Inca sun god was Inti


West Africa







Represented by a solar disk Ra was one of many sun gods

Antiquity has shown many different forms representing the sun. Examples include the circle and the point: Two perpendicular lines were made to cut though the centre point to form the ‘sun cross.’ and may or may not be represented with a circle. In ancient Egypt, Horus had a ‘solar disk’ above his head while Ra was depicted with a ’solar halo’. Male sexuality is represented in sun symbolism by the phallus as depicted in the obelisk, or the Tau and ankh crosses.  The sun was considered to be a ‘wheel or chariot’ transporting the soul into incarnation and the world.


Today, sun symbolism is quite common in corporate logos.

Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-14
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-15
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-16
Occult Symbollism-2-iNewParadigm-17

See below for comparisons with the Gulf corporate logo and Horus solar disk.


You’ll also see the Japanese ‘rising sun’ flag sneaked in to show as an example of the extent to which the symbol is used. 

Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-18
The Winged Disk
Occult Symbolism-2-iNewParadigm-19

Used in many parts of the world, by, for example, certain isolated cultures in Australia or S. America. Also used by Persians and Assyrians but the most commonly linked country with this symbol is Egypt, found in tombs, temples and papyri.  The aten (one of the names of the sun in Egypt) as seen above with wings and 2 serpents represents perfect symmetry, duality and balance. Like ancient Egyptian mystics, this symbol has been used by Freemasons for ritualistic magic and invocations. 


This symbol represents a transportation form for the perfect soul to find its way back to divine oneness, the source of creation. Consequently, it is used in the automotive industry and is also an aeronautical symbol of sorts:

Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-21

Looking at the Chrysler logo in more detail notice the all-seeing-eye replaces the sun.


 The Vesica Piscis

The vesica piscis is produced when 2 circles of the same radius overlap in such a way that the circumference of one circle touches the centre of the other:

The Vesica Piscis


This occult symbolism symbol is called piscis because the area at the centre where the circles overlap can be likened to that of a fish (Pisces).


Used as a Christian symbol, but originated from Pagan sacred geometry, it also has associations with the female principle, described as the ‘vulva of the goddess,’ the central interconnecting circles (yoni) representing the ‘divine passage’ relating to sex and the union between male and female.

The symbol’s occult relationship with birth, rebirth and regeneration has been traditionally carried on from ancient times by the Freemasons.

Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-23
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-24
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-25
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-27
Occult Symbolism-iNewParadigm-29