Are Senior Politicians the World’s Greatest Con Artists?

-By Paul A. Philips

Senior Politicians con artists? iNewParadigm

The world is shrouded in untruth and the world of politics is indeed no exception. It stuns me how senior politicians continually get away with involvements in undemocratic agendas without the knowledge or approval of the people they’re supposed to serve.


The pursuits of and the dominion over these undemocratic agendas comes from a symbiotic relationship between certain powerful moneyed interest groups like those in the finance industry, Israel lobbyists, military/industrial complex, securities and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment….


Taking the case of the United States as an example, Professors Martin Gilens from Princeton University and Ben Page at North-Western University in their analysis of governance over this country confirmed the above. 

They basically concluded that the US senior politicians, above all, serve the economic elite organised groups with their business interests which in turn affect US governmental policy to such an extent that any majority disagreement from its citizens would have little impact.

In light of the above they further concluded that American citizens on the whole have little impact on governmental policy. In effect this means that those private moneyed interest groups and senior politicians are a law unto themselves. This means the majority doesn’t rule. How have these wily senior politicians got away with it? How have they’ve managed to con the country’s citizens into believing an untruth, that democracy exists?
A number of contributory factors can account for the fall and further fall of democracy.
  1. Manipulation of the mass media
Politicians are well aware that the manipulation of perception plays a huge part in influencing public acceptance and decision making. They have been able to successfully do this by concentrating media ownership to just a few hands. Every mainstream media form is now owned by only 5 mega-corporations!
Effectively, with censorship, they can control and give the public a narrow viewpoint. Like, for instance, certain senior politicians told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… Politicians continue broadcasting, telling us ‘everything’s fine’ when it isn’t, leading us down that dusty disinformation highway… Mainstream media corporations with their offshoots can be threatened to have the plug pulled on them by license removal if they don’t comply with governmental journalistic dictates.
  1. The off-shoring of manufacturing
The significant reduction in manufacturing jobs caused by the off shoring of manufacturing has practically destroyed industrial trade unions. This in turn stopped a significant money supply to the supportive Democratic Party. Now, the Democrats, in order to get financial help they have to appeal to the moneyed private interest groups the finance industry, Israel lobbyists, military/industrial complex, securities and the medical/pharmaceutical establishment….
In effect, this means that the Democrats and the Republicans are now in the pocket of the same lords and masters.
  1. Laws made for the moneyed private interest groups
Laws have recently been introduced which in effect means that the moneyed private interest groups can wave, shape and mould a government of their own design. This decision was ruled by the Supreme Court (Citizens United V’s Federal Election Commission, also McCutcheon V’s Federal Election Commission), putting yet another nail in the coffin for democracy. Those who had represented the Supreme Court in this decision have been accused of treason by some.
-As I’ve already said this makes certain individuals a law unto themselves.
The ‘choice’ con
From the above 3 points, senior politicians have conned us into thinking we have a choice over which direction our country should go when it comes to decision making… Since both Democrats and Republicans are dictated by the same lords and masters we have no choice: Either party, the same decisions are going to be made regardless. This means voting on which political party you want to get into power a joke.
Politicians, before getting into power, make a whole bunch of promises that never get fulfilled or even taken up on. They can spout out as many of these campaign lies as they feel like and of course completely get away with it and fool many voters along the way.
Whether it’s the US or UK or any other western world country, the politicians are all the same. The first step in creating a new paradigm in politics based on truth, honesty and integrity would be to press the reset button to indicate ‘zero’ and start all over again.
This can be done by taking a non-compliant stand against those moneyed interest groups and their conmen puppet politicians.  Not voting for these political parties would certainly be a good non-compliant stand. Remember, we vastly outnumber these elite select handfuls. Can an overwhelming stampede of truth seeking, honest and decent people take back their rightful power?

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