Maggot Milk New Dairy Alternative - Another Threat to Our Food Sovereignty

-By Paul A. Philips

Maggot Milk

Introducing maggot milk


Billy Boy Gates is up to his tricks again to “save us.” This time it’s in the form of funding the production of maggot milk derived from black soldier fly larvae or maggots. Maggot milk (“EntoMilk”) is planned to be introduced into the main food supply chain for human consumption in countries such as the United States.


Its developers, a South African based company, claim that EntoMilk is a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy…” The company also makes maggot-derived ice cream.

“You shall eat and now drink ze bugs.”


Bill Gates and his World Economic Forum associates justify the need for EntoMilk as an alternative by claiming that conventionally farmed dairy milk should be replaced as it contributes to destroying the planet through “climate change.“


They argue that economic, viable, insect-derived food and drink alternatives don’t give rise to greenhouse gases. Hence the statement in the EntoMilk promotional video: “The world needs alternatives to survive.”


In other words, according to Bill Gates, the WEF and other globalist associates, insect-derived food products replacing meat and dairy as dietary staples is the way to go forward: A viable solution when it comes to feeding a growing world population, solving the so-called climate change related survival issues…


-Aw you’ve got to be kidding. They must be having a laugh at us over this!


Further, the promotion and consuming of fake meat products (plant based, lab-grown substitutes…) also ties in with the above: The push for both the consumption of fake meat and insect alternatives are consistent with the green agenda.


For more on this watch this unsettling video presented by Alex Jones, labelled as “Disgusting.”

Like those girls in the video, wonder how you would react after trying the product and then getting told that you’ve just eaten maggots??


The war on our food sovereignty


A number of us in the know realize that the insane green agenda is a massive con. 


The globalists and associates are using unfounded unscientific fake climate change claims related to “saving the world.” They’re using this as an excuse to make huge power, profit and political gains as they advance their New World Order agendas. -Nothing to do with carbon emissions folks.


Let’s do a quick reality check:


The United States, for example, emits 13.5% of the world’s total greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions. Of this, 11% is from agriculture. So that makes only 1.485% of the total world greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions from U.S agriculture!


Much of this 1.485% will come from dealing with agricultural operations; running tractors, irrigation systems…etc. for growing plant-derived food products, while only a relatively small fraction of this figure will come from the farm animals.


In other words, bug farming replacement will make virtually no difference to reducing greenhouse gases. In fact, for all we know, it might cause a slight increase!


(Data sourced from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency here and Statista here)


You have to see the bigger picture


Thus, this is an aspect that deceptively tries to get you to eats bugs (entomophagy) while obliterating the agricultural industry for centralized control of the food supply.


Further, billionaires are using dictatorial bullying policies to try and get you to accept this con. Then there’s the bought and paid off corporate-sponsored mainstream media with their fear-mongering tactics… Don’t fall for it. Don’t give up your food sovereignty. Don’t allow the dystopian consequences for you, your family or friends.


These billionaire globalists don’t give a damn about you or the environment. For example, if they had a genuine concern about the environment, then they wouldn’t be involved in fomenting endless wars…


They certainly won’t be eating these vile insect alternatives. No, they will be consuming traditional organic farm raised produce.


Health Issues


Accepting insect-derived foods gives rise to you ceding your health to these globalist billionaires and those corporations they have their fingers in the pie with. -Now what could possibly go wrong there??


Well, actually, plenty, as there are a number of health issues related to bug foods.


Considering the globalists want to feed the world, there has not been anywhere enough research on the safety of insect food to make safe evaluations. Alarmingly, a number of studies came to the conclusions that:


*Regarding potential allergies and allergens: “To date, 239 arthropod allergens have been identified by the allergen nomenclature.” -Sub-Committee of the World Health Organization.” Source


*A number of pathogens have been detected in considered potential insect food sources. Source


*Eating maggots has been associated with bacterial poisoning...


-The lists go on.


From these research papers it has been said the insects are potentially harmful in that they may act as vectors: Carriers of microorganisms that can cause ill-health to humans involving food-borne pathogens. Especially in situations where there is a lack of hygiene, such as in areas involving insect farming.


In Conclusion


In realization or anticipation of our increasing awakening the globalists know that they have to ongoingly escalate their control over us while imposing extremist values. One aspect related to imposing their extremist values are the lengths to which they are prepared to go to support a number of agendas. Some of which have been described as nothing short of insanity!


An example of this insanity is the globalists push for getting the public at large to consume unhealthy insect foods to reduce greenhouse gases though fear mongering. The so-called need for Insect-derived alternative food sources to “save the world” by lowering greenhouse gases is based on falsehood. It greatly threatens our food sovereignty -It’s a cover for the globalists agendized centralization and control of the food supply.   


I don’t think the public will ever take to eating bug food. It’s a at least a commercial disaster waiting to happen. What’s your opinion?