The Great Green Environmentalist Con – 7 False Environmental Claims

-By Paul A. Philips

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The Great Green Environmentalist Con – 7 False Environmental Claims

-By Paul A. Philips


False environmental claim: Green politics underpinning, environmentalism is a massive con used as an excuse by those in high places pathologically driven by the want for global domination, power and control. it’s based on the false pretext that we are facing environmental doom and gloom and that they, the globalists, cloaked in their unquestioning virtue, are here to “save the world.”


Consequently, as with other so-called emergency crises psy-ops., there’s the top-down waves of order/instruction, carried out by a mix of unelected bureaucrats, useful idiots, the deceived and unquestioning compliant sheeple… As a result, we-the-people become worse off while the globalists end up making huge gains.  


-For humanity to progress, this deceptive pattern with its same old scripts, same old underlying moves, has to be realized for what it really is and then broken through mass refusal to cooperate and pushback…


-In view of this, here are 7 false environmental claims.

False environmental claim #1 –Climate change and carbon-based warming is human induced


No! The UN assertion that climate change is caused by humans generating CO2 emissions has received serious challenges.


The real environmental intelligentsia of the world such as, for example, the Climate Intelligence Foundation(CLINTEL) made up of a number of scientists know that the carbon-based claim is untrue. They have produced a World Climate Declaration which now comprises well over 1800 signatories declaring that currently, “There is no climate emergency.”


These scientists know, however, that Earth’s long-term history indicates a pattern: This long-term pattern stretching over hundreds of thousands of years shows significant warming and cooling cycles.


These periodic cycles have been known to cause significant rises in carbon dioxide and temperature irrespective of industrial greenhouse gases. Put simply, when it comes to climate change the dominant factor is natural causes due to the sun’s solar activity. Yes, it is the sun!!!


The UN, WEF and EU narrative: The related fanfare and fearmongering, that human activity and high carbon leads to climate change is false accusation. Using their so-called solutions this hoax continues to wreak havoc through global environmental devastation under the guise of “saving the world.”


False environmental claim #2 – You can trust the science


You should not trust the climate science. The science has been ideologically twisted, exaggerated and distorted for power, profit and political gains. Contradictory findings are left out. Those believing that the science is settled have been played. Hence the UN agenda 2030. As the saying goes when you mix science with politics you get: Politics.


Scientists crying out climate crisis are bought and paid off by Big Government. Ongoingly, these scientists receive grants and if they ever dissented then their funding would run dry and they would be shown the door.


Why do they keep restudying the climate change situation If the science was settled?


False environmental claim #3 – Alternative green-based technologies are efficient solutions


Anybody who really understands the UN, WEF and the EU with their hidden ulterior New World Order motives would realize that green technologies are not about promoting viable solutions, nor do these institutions care about saving the world. If you think these guys are looking out for you then you’re sorely mistaken.    


The overall inefficiency of alternative green-lit technologies beggars’ belief that anyone could take these so-called solutions seriously. The simple mathematical equation is:


Energy Invested in alternative technologies produces far less returns.   


For one of many examples, research done by scientists such as Professor David MacKay ex-Cambridge University Professor and former UK government energy scientific advisor points out in his book entitled “Sustainable Energy Without Hot Air” the ridiculousness of wind energy:


He points out that in order to supply the UK’s wind energy demand it would need wind turbine infrastructure stretching across an area two times the size of the country of Wales.  

Wind turbine energy takes up significant fossil fuel demands as it can be unreliably inefficient, making it wasted money.


False environmental claim #4 – EV’s are eco-friendly efficient traffic solutions  


Following on from above EV’s are another example of energy inefficiency, while causing more harm to the environment than good.

Not the complete list of counterproductive problems but EV’s:


* Need fossil fuel generators to be charged.


* In cold weather have their travel range significantly reduced needing more charging…


* Battery manufacturing operations requires high fossil fuel energy.


* Have been known to catch fire – questioning the safety.


* Have batteries that require mined earth metals such as lithium, cobalt and rhodium. The mining and refining processes cause much pollution to the land, air and water at the area of manufacturing. Take, for instance, the town of Baotou, Inner Mongolia.


* Mining these earth metals also involves slave labour.


* Are around two-and-a-half times heavier than their fossil fuel equivalent, which would in turn greatly increase maintenance/repair costs for worn down roads and bridges infrastructure.

False environmental claim #5 – Carbon must be demonised  

The demonization of carbon as CO2 and the net-zero agenda is anti-life.


Disingenuous governments cannot justify carbon tax on CO2 output as a pollutant with its fossil fuel involvement. Remember, as stated earlier, there is no proof that it causes temperature rises. No proof of climate change.


Earth-greening CO2 is indeed the gas of life tied into the carbon cycle. Without its interdependency, there would be no life.  So instead of demonising, let’s simply give it our heart-felt gratitude!  


False environmental claim #6 – Farmers must be demonised


No, they must be supported. As mentioned in #5 above the net-zero agenda demonizing carbon is anti-life. It extends to demonizing farmers, founded on baseless accusation that they cause climate change.


This threatens the destruction of small to mid-sized farm businesses essentially by regulating the life out of the famers’ livelihoods while demonizing their much-needed food providing activities to communities.


-It’s a land grab: Big Business wants their land to have absolute control over the food supply.


This extreme green policy tied into the UN Agenda 2030 seriously threatens our food future. However, in realization of this, more and more people are giving their support to the farmers. For more on this go Here.


False environmental claim #7 – Green politicians are working for the betterment of humanity
False environmental claim-iNewParadigm-77
– Patrick Moore, former director and co-founder of Greenpeace

It should be quite clear to the awakened that green politicians are not working for the betterment of humanity as for most part it’s a case of the metaphorically blind leading the blind:


Many green politicians can’t see the hidden ulterior motives actions dictated to them by the evil globalists’ environmentalist perpetrators. They have been blinded by promises of job security; love of recurring pay checks, job status, attention seeking and recognition… as they obediently follow the dictates of the evil perpetrators.


Final Note

War is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. Funny how these green politicians missed this this one out, isn’t it??


That concludes my 7 False Environmental Claims. Any thoughts?