5 Patterns Reflecting the Nature of Reality

-By Paul A. Philips
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1. On multiple levels reflecting the nature of reality the universe exists as a fusion of inseparable contrary opposites
The ancient Chinese philosophers told us this with their Yin-Yang symbolism. Here are some examples this aspect of the nature of reality.
All matter making up the material universe consists of a fusion of inseparable opposite charges: Positively charged protons with negatively charged electrons in atoms making up all molecules.
Then there’s a fusion of opposites shown with male and female sex gametes… A day consists of balance between light and dark. When stocks go up there must have been a time when they went down. While tallness in people exists, there must be shortness… etc…, etc…
2. Cyclical nature of Reality
Societal idealisms and structures, particularly in Western World cultures, have instilled into us the idea that progress is linear, while growth has unlimited potential. However, when we look at the bigger picture, our oneness with nature and universe reveals more of a cyclical nature.
For examples, consider the cyclical nature of: The birth and death of stars, Earth’s changing seasons, the moon’s phases, agricultural cycles, the segments making up a day: morning, afternoon and night encompassing our daily rhythm, the female menstrual cycle… etc…
Then there are the cycles of the elements such as nitrogen, carbon and oxygen necessary for life. The cycles of streams, rivers, ocean currents, air and soil… in non-living systems… all necessary in this great circulatory for sustainability. As the saying goes, what goes ’round comes ’round. Everything is cyclical and interconnected.
Cyclical Nature of Reality
However, this interconnectedness and our interdependent co-existence within this continual cycle is not acknowledged enough by us as a human species. Our insular, dualistic, mechanistic worldview, based on separation, continues: Many of us see our environment as something to exploit; to own and control, whilst the world revolves around us.
Yes, this is unsustainable. This practice, if allowed to go on the way it is, threatens to destroy all life and environmental aspects, as our interconnectedness within the cycles break down.
-For our co-existence to work there has to be a paradigm-shift in worldview.
Micro-Macro Nature of Reality
3. Micro reflects the macro
Patterns and events occurring on small-scale microscopic level (micro) are the same as those on the large-scale (macro). Hence the saying, the micro reflects the macro.
For example, going up the levels in size starting on the very micro level: In atoms, electrons revolve around a central nucleus. On a larger scale planets revolve around a central sun (star). In turn, galaxies including our Milky Way galaxy have star clusters which revolve around the galactic centre. Galaxies clustered revolve around a centre…
Sacred geometry is the recognition of patterns and common shapes (circle, pyramid, square, triangle…) numerically linked as expressions of reality in the creation. It encompasses all things from nature to music.
Following on from the above, sacred geometry is seen on the micro level encompassing patterns in plant and animal cells, and the macro level as orbiting planets around stars… Put simply, nothing is isolated, all is connected.
The spiral and the Fibonacci Series
In a spiral (above diagram) there is the Fibonacci series aka the Golden Ratio. This forms a numerical pattern where the 3rd number in the sequence is always the sum of the 2 previous numbers.
The spiral as another example of sacred geometry. This can be seen in a spiral making up a snail’s shell or the patterns formed by Earth spiralling around the sun.
This shape can also be related to DNA or the way that energy moves through our chakras…
Fibonacci Series -Nature of Reality
Fibonacci Series - Refecting the Nature of Reality
Lower of Life - Nature of Reality
The Flower of Life
There’s the Fibonacci spiral in the Flower of Life where there are groups of evenly-spaced intersecting circles merging together forming a flower. This symbol representing creation and the interconnectedness of everything is widely recognised both the ancient and modern world.
-Once again, as the saying goes as above, so below.
As above and so below: There are a number of fascinating universal patterns that make up the nature of reality. Here are 5 patterns that affect all of existence…
How much does science really understand? What insights can we get from these patterns so that we can empower ourselves…?
Yet another piece of evidence highlighting the nature of reality.

5. A paradox that seriously challenges the nature of reality!

Consider viewing objects/materials under on electron microscope. When the magnification is adjusted to a very high resolution, the objects/materials suddenly no longer become visible, as if they cease to exist!
The paradox is that when we get to looking at things very closely there’s nothing to be observed, as if nothing exists. Of course, when we step back (zoom out) the existence returns! -Does this suggest that we are living in an illusion?
In conclusion
There are a number of grounded and fascinating universal patterns that make up the nature of reality. The above 5 patterns are not an exhaustive list of the nature of reality that affects all existence… How much does science really understand? What insights can we get from these patterns so that we duly can empower ourselves…?
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