7 Ways To Stop The Matrix Control System From Enslaving You

-By Paul A. Philips

Matrix Control

The matrix control system acts like a disease masquerading as a cure, sneakily giving the illusion of democracy. The undermining of our democratic processes continue: Brutal tyrannical laws; ordinances, rules and oppressive restrictions have further ramped up, tightening the controlling noose on what we’re not allowed to do and say.


Then there’s the highly encroaching technocratic mass surveillance operations, petty police intimidations and reprisals that could lead to imprisonment or threats of getting heavily fined, planned 15-minute cities, raging unfair taxes and out-of-control money-draining manufactured inflation… etc., etc… 


-These attacks on our freedom are designed to drain the life-force energy out of we-the-people as the perpetrator globalatarians get richer…  


The resulting inevitable societal collapse has long happened. However, because the related traditional societies and societal values have eroded away so slowly, many people with their unchallenging complacency, having been conditioned through social engineering, are yet to wake up and realize just how un-free they really are.

The delusional, power-mad, ego-maniacal, greed-driven parasite globalists involved in orchestrating this matrix control system charade, imposing their governance on almost every aspect, are doing it ultimately for total global domination and complete ownership. Yes, it’s all just a game, and it’s that pathetic. (Remember the WEF (Wrecking Everybody’s Future) statement: “You will own nothing, and be unhappy happy.”)


However, many people refuse to lay down and roll over like lame dogs in their acquiescence. Further, the more oppressive it gets, the more it serves as a wake-up clarion call to action.


-In light of this, here are 7 ways to stop the matrix control system from enslaving you?


  1. Educate Yourself


In 1930’s middle-America, some plantation slaves started to learn how to read. They then furthered this reading by learning law, discovering that their enslavement was illegal and acted…


-This can be used as an analogy in respect of what’s going on today. In other words, if you want to stop being a slave to the matrix control system, then educate yourself and act.


Educate yourself to see the bigger picture. Remember the application of knowledge is true power. From what you’ve learned, take the necessary precautionary measures needed to protect you and your family from the endangering globalists control system. As the saying goes, the truth will set you free.


Whatever it takes, do what calls, moves and inspires you and live it by setting example. For instance,  you could develop a certain skillset.


  1. Question Everything


Following on from 1, live life as an inquiry: Keep questioning everything. Play detective, look for irreconcilable errors, inconsistencies and so-named coincidences. Discernment is key.


For example, discernment of truth from lies through questioning the official mainstream media narrative. Then there’s the ability to discern those hidden ulterior motives from the globalists…


An awakened peaceful activist truth-seeker refusing to be enslaved knows that questions are answers.  


  1. Refuse to Comply


Those orchestrating the controlling matrix know that they thrive on getting our compliance. So, refuse to comply.


-It’s that simple: No matter how much the farmer shouts and whistles to his dogs barking desperately, but the sheep continue to refuse en masse to be moved through the gates, then there’s nothing that can be done. The farmer is helpless.


The same goes for we-the-people. When we fearlessly refuse to comply en masse with the fascistic oppression the controllers are rendered helpless.


Have a look at this awe-inspiring video featuring Christine Anderson (German MEP) with a view to non-compliance:

  1. Practice Self-Sufficiency


Globalists involved in tyrannical control systems don’t want you to be self-sufficient. They ideally want you in a state of total dependency on them. So, become independent, avoid the matrix control system by practising and maintaining self-sufficiency. 


Devote your time to practicing self-sufficiency through natural health, growing food, financial matters, alternative energy, ways of mobilising and preparing for a worst-case scenario…  


For one of many examples, practice food freedom by homesteading. When it comes to supporting each other look to others who align with food farming communities. These established communities help each other out with agricultural expertise, trading and legal matters. -Yes, community-power does exist!


  1. Give Up Consumerism


Care of media brainwashing, advertising and marketing, consumerism entices you into becoming socially conditioned with the so-called cultural norm.


It’s a trap that keeps you stuck in an endless insatiable loop of consume, consume, consume, where you can never be satisfied, as you’re forever chasing the latest material item in fashion to be so-called socially accepted, successful, happy and fulfilled.


An aspect of the matrix illusion, it works under the rubric of “He who dies with the most toys wins.” –All part of the empty-shell social conditioning to the detriment of the false persona.


It’s a distraction, designed to take us away from life’s real values: Spirituality; personal growth, expressing your authenticity through the true self, handling relationships well, living in peace, being a unique individual…


  1. Don’t Get Distracted


Getting distracted is a sure-fire way of staying inescapably bound to the chains of the matrix control system. It takes real devotion to escape. Stay focussed.


For example, don’t get distracted by the mainstream media moron box (T.V – Tell-lie-Vision) designed to forever blurt out its addictive distraction in the form of worthless empty shows, disinformation, misinformation, lies, coverups, unjustifiable character assassination, fear mongering, biasedness, mind controlling such as Bernaysian subliminal advertising…  -Avoid, avoid!


Do however, pay attention to the alternative media. It’s there to guide you.


  1. Disengaging is Key

Disengaging is key to breaking free from the chains of the matrix control system.


Disengage from:

*Fear through the fear mongering the controllers and their associates try to put upon you.  Choose love over fear.


*Supporting fake wars fomented by bankers, corporations and politicians. Let them fight these illegal, amoral wars amongst themselves. Let’s see how far these low-lives would get.


*Enforcing unfair oppressive laws if you’re a policeman.


*Working in a healthcare system: If you know in your hearts and minds that you’ve been told to use toxic/invasive medicines capable of maiming and killing people, all in the name of making profits on a fake disease. Have the courage and integrity to walk away from the system.


-There are many things that you could disengage from. The more you do this, the easier it gets as you develop confidence.


That concludes just 7 ways to stop the matrix control system from enslaving you.


What have I missed out? Would love to hear your comments.