4 Precautions to Take in Anticipation of the Next Fake Disease

-By Paul A. Philips

Fake Disease-iNewParadigm

Remember, Bill Gates didn’t say it could happen again. No, he said unequivocally; “there will be another global pandemic.”


So be highly suspicious. The next fake disease could be looming on the horizon. Be prepared. Be health savvy. Be willing to push back against THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) to mitigate their attempts to harm you and restrict your freedoms on EVERY level.


-Do whatever it takes. We cannot acquiesce to these evil perpetrators. As the saying goes, give them an inch and they’ll take a mile…

Fake Disease-iNewParadigm

Fake Disease – Reality check


Before listing the necessary precautionary measures to take in anticipation of next fairy tale so-called global pandemic. First, let’s do a quick retrospective reality check.


As before, the next fake disease will see the illusionists at work:


*Using their owned and controlled mainstream media. Through much fanfare and fear mongering, they will carefully craft and cultivate the illusion of another “bogeyman” in the form of a so-called virus.


*As with other fictitious sequels this new blockbuster so-called virus will be bigger; more harmful and scarier than ever before.


*As usual, as expected, global cult backed, it will gain practically overnight attention and recognition. It will initiate the same old coordinated dictated world-wide governmental and healthcare-related responses…

*In their influence the medical/pharmaceutical establishment corporate-based cronies will be involved and hovering around and at the decision-making tables like vultures. Ready to avidly swoop down at the earliest opportunity for the next money/power grab.



*Following on from the above. Fake science abounds, supporting the illusion of a “disease” to foist their baseless toxic invasive medicines on we-the-people.



*Unelected officials will be appointed. Acting in the name of a “crisis” these management team officials will take actions and mandate enforcements…  


*Orchestrated by the global cult, all the above will be done under the guise of we care for you. But the actions will make we-the-people worse off while they make those huge gains.


*As time goes by the so-called virus and the fake disease will fade out like a one hit wonder pop star, never to be seen again. Yes, funny that, how the human race always gets over it.


-To reiterate, all this carried out under the rubric and in the guise of a “virus.”  

Fake Disease – Precautionary Measure # 1 – Educate yourself.

In anticipation that something’s about to go down, be vigilant. Look for signs. Look for the events in the run up to the fake disease; the predictive programming. Then when its arrived, look for those suspicious circumstances surrounding, the errors, contradictions and inconsistencies…


Recognise that there are NO viruses. It doesn’t go like that. So, you needn’t fear a virus…


The vaccine industrial complex wants you to believe:


There’s an unseen bogey man “out there” in the form of a “virus” that could attack and infect you at any time after entering your body…


-There’s not a scrap of evidence to support this claim. It’s a theory at best.

Fake Disease-Louis Pasteur-inewparadigm

Louis Pasteur’s mid 19th century undisclosed unscientific work the germ theory, was later proven to be fraudulent. Hence his deathbed confession:


“The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.”


However, long after his death the medical establishment had instilled his germ theory principle and its related treatment protocols into mainstream healthcare approaches.


-Too late for the medical establishment to go back on themselves? Conveniently, they continue to this day to make massive profits on this medical fraud.


So, it begs the question: What’s really going on? The answer lies in the above quote: “…the terrain is everything.”


As mentioned earlier, viruses don’t come from “out there” and into the body leading to “infection.” It’s the opposite:


Viruses come from within the body. Viruses are dead debris remnants produced and ejected from the body’s cells as a healing response to suffering a toxicity (toxic terrain).  


Therefore, instead of calling it “infection” it’s more appropriate to call it “outfection.” The by-product virus debris is then removed from the body by the body’s excretory organs: The skin, lungs, liver and kidneys.


Therefore, viruses are NOT microorganisms.


Granted, illness is caused by toxicity, but the explanation for the toxic build up has nothing to do with a virus. Any claims to a virus being the culprit would be false. Hence, fake virus; fake disease.

Fake Disease Precautionary Measures #2 and #3 – Refuse diagnostic tests and vaccinations.

in light of # 1 (above), the whole house of cards comes tumbling down exposing:


1. Unproven, unsupported, unscientific claims of a disease.

2. Useless diagnostic kits such as the PCR test. This test indicates a positive only because of the body’s toxicity. The positive has nothing to do with the indication of a specific virus. Or any virus.


Koch’s postulates are also useless because of viral isolation issues and non-specificity in the findings… -Scientific papers related to this claiming viral causation may not only be the results of scientific incompetence but also fraudulence.


For example, the Wuhan outbreak was nothing more than an unsubstantiated claim. Nothing more than a rumour mill used to distract.

Which leads to:


3. Incorrect diagnoses – attributing someone’s condition/illness based on something that doesn’t exist.

4. Fake pandemic crisis management teams. Unjustified, unwarranted measures, mandates, protocols; lockdowns, masking and medicines…

-If all this is somewhat new to you then wake up! Think for yourself.  Don’t get played by the next fake disease and wind up a victim. Don’t take the next so-called diagnostic test or pseudo-vaccine. Don’t play Russian roulette with your body as these vaccines could severely harm or even kill you.  

With a view to protecting yourself come the next fake disease, take a look at this excellent eye-opening highly informative video by Dr. John Campbell.

It reports national stats for the UK but could represent the Western World and other countries. 

Fake Disease Precautionary Measure # 4 – Detoxify

The vaccinated have been advised to detoxify from the harmful effects of the vaccine. Same goes for the unvaccinated because of viral shedding.


The mRNA spike protein in the vaccine has lasted much longer than expected. Fortunately, it has been said that there are effective are ways to remove the spike protein and graphene and stop their damaging effects. Nutrition building foods, high vitamin C dosing and EDTA chelation therapy, ozone treatment have been recommended by healthcare professionals.


-In all circumstances practice all-round good health to stay healthy and maintain a robust immune system.