Spike Protein Removal-Effective Ways to Detoxify

-By Paul A. Philips

Spike Protein Removal-iNewParadigm

Spike protein removal and detoxification is an extremely important subject nowadays as will be explained. Consider the following:

It may (or may not) come as a surprise that over the last several years some 70% of the world’s population have been vaccinated. 

The vaccine had been fast-tracked. It had not been approved by going through the usual channels/procedures. It had been given the green light based on much assumption rather than evidence.
The spike protein from the vaccine has not been as short-lived as it was expected to be when in the body. Lasting much longer, the mRNA spike protein has in fact brought some undesirable effects.
Understandably, this has become quite a cause for concern and is much more potentially dangerous than imagined.

Spike Protein Removal - The Essential Approaches

As an attempt to address the issues/concerns, here are a number of ways to start spike protein removal to try and mitigate its potentially harmful effects and detoxify. Those who are unvaccinated and have vaccinated partners may also be affected by the spike protein and its transmission.
Therefore, they also need to consider spike protein removal and detoxify.
-The approaches can be divided into 2:
Spike protein Removal-iNewParadigm
1. Through nutrition building and 2. Spike protein removal and handling.
Get dieting on plant-based strong immune-system building foods.
As well as building a strong immune system, plant-based foods are also antioxidants for good health.
Further, in the nutrition building strategy, it is also highly recommended to chose foods that have anti-inflammatory properties to lower inflammation.
Spike Protein Removal – 4 ways to deal with this.
a) Improve your gut health by maintaining a gut-healthy microbiome. This helps to develop better immune responses. This leads to:
c) Fermented foods – for example sauerkraut, yogurt and apple cider vinegar combats the spike protein by preventing its binding to cell receptors. Fermented foods are great for health!
d) Dealing with the spike protein damage:
  • Metformin, a diabetes drug has been known to stop the spike protein from interaction with the A2 cell receptors. In effect it’s a spike protein removal. Metformin stimulates autophagy.
  • Further spike protein degradation can be achieved by periodic fasting and dietary (calorific) restriction. On the subject fasting has a number of health benefits.
  • Lowering your dietary intake of protein. In relation to fasting this has been known to be highly effective.
  • Getting more heat subjection such as sauna sweating. -This gives rise to a higher rate of autophagy. Same goes for higher cold exposure (cold showers?).
  • Flavonoids also contribute. Flavonoid-rich foods include wine, blueberries, green tea, chocolate, tomatoes and red peppers…. It’s worth checking out the flavonoids list.
  • Phenolic compounds. Include coffee, red wine, plumbs and cherries… Check out the list of phenolic compounds.
*Nattokinase foods can be added to the list. Nattokinase is an enzyme that is present in exclusively fermented soybeans.
-All the above stimulates autophagy.
Further, resveratrol has the effect of suppressing protein production.
Then there’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ozone treatment. These therapies help to combat micro-clotting.
In conjunction with the above video. -That concludes the brief overview of spike protein removal. It is hoped that the reader has been encouraged enough to look further into this…
Besides spike protein removal there is another serious issue/concern:
Spike protein removal-Nanobots-iNewParadigm

Chelation Therapy – Another Most Important Detox?

It has been said that chelation therapy is a most important detox these days. Before I give the reason for this, first let me begin by explaining what it is.


Chelation therapy is a form of detoxification known to remove heavy metals from the body. These heavy metals include arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury which are removed by chelating agents such as EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) applied to the body through an intravenous (IV) drip.


When in the blood, circulation through the (IV) drip, the chelating agent binds to the heavy metals. Thus, the heavy metals collected by the chelating agent are then removed and filtered out via the kidneys, leaving the body as urine.


Chelation therapy with its chelators has been known to have side-effects such as, diarrhoea, burning sensations particularly at the area of the IV drip feed, nausea feelings or vomiting and headaches… More serious side-effects include anaemia, cardiac arrhythmias kidney and liver damage… so it is used cautiously by doctors.


It has been used to treat those suffering from metal toxicity. Causes of metal toxicity include breathing in areas where there are high heavy metal polluted dust concentrations. Also, contaminated food and water sources… The poisoning occurs more frequently when particularly in long-term and frequent contact with these pollutants.


-This is not the only reason for using EDTA chelation therapy. Besides spike protein removal a number of scientists/researchers have discovered the presence of graphene nanomaterials in the bodies of the vaccinated from the mRNA vaccine. For that matter it has also spread to the unvaccinated.


-This is naturally a cause for serious concern. It has been said that the graphene has the potential to destroy red blood cells and cause blood clotting. There have been claims that the prevalence of graphene material has increased, so has the damage to the body’s vital functioning as a consequence.


Fortunately, there are efficient and effective ways in which to remove the graphene.


Besides the above nutritional building recommendations, EDTA chelation therapy is said to be able to effectively remove the graphene. This is all part of the crucial detoxification processes.


-Other considerations for removal would be to drink sufficient water to remove the toxins. Also, eat a high fibre diet for effective elimination…




-This article is for educational/entertainment purposes. Do your own due diligence. Seek professional advice and guidance in this area where needed.