How Reliable Is the PCR Test When Testing for COVID-19?

-By Paul A. Philips

PCR Test-iNewParadigm
“…the whole COVID-19 house of cards is propped up by an ineffective and useless widely-used PCR test.”

Driven by hidden agendas, junk science and ignorance, these absurd and baseless lockdowns, insistent mask wearing and futile social distancing rules are at their best ineffective.


At their worst downright damaging to health.


Then there’s the reckless and risky fast-track rollout of experimental vaccines en masse lacking in sufficient safety data, making it the most dangerous human experiment ever.


-So, where’s the so-called justification for all this? The answer lies in the PCR test.


-In effect, this fake pandemic, the whole COVID-19 house of cards is propped up by an ineffective and useless widely-used, misleading PCR test.


Many health professionals know this.


Everyone should know that the PCR test:

  1. Was strongly recommended by its originator Carey Mullis to not be used as a diagnostic test because it cannot tell the difference between “active live viruses (infectious)” and “dead viral particles (non-infectious).”


  1. Therefore, cannot substantiate the claim for COVID-19 as an instrumental agent for disease and clinical symptoms. Other pathogens (viruses or bacteria) cannot be ruled out as causative agents: The PCR test cannot detect specific RNA pathogens.


For example, a positive result could detect pathogenic disease, but there’s no way of distinguishing it as COVID-19 from any

other RNA-based infection.


So, the statement: “I know somebody who had COVID…”

is unproven. That person could have suffered from something completely different to COVID.


Another example, on the other hand, is where the PCR test could give a false positive for COVID by detecting remnant dead viral RNA (non-infectious debris) from a flu you had recovered from a while ago and no longer have…    


  1. Produces massively high false positive results: Genetic material sampled from subjects/patients used to test for COVID is amplified so much (cycle threshold scans) that the results become way overly sensitive and inevitably produce high false positives.


-Hence the saying, not COVID-19 it’s a PCR test crisis!


  1. Stops many people, such as those desperately needed healthcare workers from doing their jobs: Having been tested falsely positive, told to stay home and self-isolate, they may protest saying that they feel fine. However, the standard response to this is “You feel fine because you’re asymptomatic.”


NO! You’ve tested falsely positive. You feel fine, not since you’re asymptomatic, but because there’s nothing wrong with you!   


  1. With its massively high false positives, gross unjustified overreaction: unwarranted lockdowns, economy wrecking, livelihood destroying consequences etc, a number of court cases have ensued. All of which, as claims for criminal damage, have been centred on questioning the validity of the PCR test.


For example, A Dresden, German attorney has been involved in a number of court cases. Then there’s the case of a recent court hearing in Portugal which ruled that thePCR test was so untrustworthy, it shouldn’t be used to justify self-isolation and quarantine.


So why use the PCR test when it’s so unreliable?


This centres on gross manipulation. The inappropriate test protocol, the oversensitive test parameters (high amplifications cycles) have been deliberately put in place to falsely inflate COVID cases/deaths to create a fake global pandemic. -it’s no coincidence that this test is used world-wide:


This has been secretly orchestrated by billionaire power players in high places with their bureaucrat lackeys to advance their control agenda (Agenda 2030, aka the Great Reset) for world domination.  


They manipulate, own and control the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, causing top down waves of influence/order/instruction to advance their agenda.


Senior scientific health advisors, high-ranking politicians and a bought and paid off mainstream media are all in their influential pockets. -Do not trust any of these connected individuals.  Certain key instigators should be trialed for crimes against humanity; treason and even murder.


Don’t believe all this? Then you haven’t been paying anywhere near enough attention.


For example, how can the COVID data claims; graphs, tables and charts that you see in the newspapers be true when they’re based on the wildly inaccurate PCR test…?


     Will, however, the number of COVID cases sharply fall when the sensitivity

     level of the PCR test is lowered by authorities?


     This would then give a false effectiveness of the COVID vaccines to justify.


Remember. The PCR test is gross junk science. It has been set up to create the illusion of a global pandemic by those orchestrating this for power, profit and political gain.


Don’t blindly succumb to the mass propaganda. Do your own diligent research. Avoid taking the PCR test.


The PCR test needs to be disregarded, or otherwise the COVID situation will drag on indefinitely.


To help save the misery and suffering of those caught up, please spread the word about this, push back the tyranny, help to end this unrelenting “plague of corruption.”