World Peace and the Spiritual Warrior Within

-By Paul A Philips 

World Peace-iNewParadigm

World peace: With appropriate lamentation and obituary the media a while ago turned its attention to the passing of Nobel Prize winner author Gunter Grass. The 87 year old left us with quite a dire warning. 


Having expressed his views saying that the Israel, Palestine conflict was worsening.., how the Americans had left Iraq in such a mess.., he then talked about the mounting Syrian problems…


He also talked about the possible auto destruction of ourselves… and concluded with the warning that we are ‘sleepwalking into a war…’

 that we as a race are making the same mistakes as those related to previous wars. 

World Peace Has to Happen

Actually, there is in fact a bigger picture to it than that. It’s not really a case of us repeating the same mistakes. No, it’s that the ruling elite are repeating the same agenda. All the major wars were secretly manufactured for the hidden ulterior motives of power, profit, political gain and ultimately control. 


However, this piece is not about the ins and outs of the war agenda; whether or not there’ll be world war III… More precisely this is about how we-the-people deal with the war on us: The war humanity. 


For those who haven’t already started, the pathway to creating world peace starts by activating the spiritual warrior within. With an innate sense of urgency, spiritual warriors are needed to achieve that critical mass required to raise the consciousness enough to create and make manifest a world that makes a difference for everyone where we will all be living in peace and abundance. 


-How could YOU get active to raise the consciousness? 


The sum of our individual conscious energies put into producing the necessary changes can work synergistically. This is how the co-creation can happen. It has to happen. 


There are certain events that can sometimes unexpectedly ‘show up’ in our lives: Synchronicities, those moments of ‘meaningful coincidences’ that call us into transformative action after the spectrum of possibility has been acknowledged. Look for those patterns that call you into action and into being. 


The trick here is not to become the affects of the ego. Realize what’s going here. It is you operating on a higher level of consciousness. Will you take up the opportunity by answering to those synchronicities calling you to link arms with other spiritual warriors?


-This is my plea. To invite you to take part in whatever way you can in the war on humanity. Do it for you, your family and friends. Do it for the children to be. 


With love, peace and light 


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