Word Games and The Use Of Orwellian Euphemisms To Socially Manipulate The Masses...

-By Paul A. Philips

Orwellian: The use of words as euphemisms, inoffensive synonyms, anodyne bureaucratic jargon and political correctness… serve to socially manipulate the masses into passivity. Terminology is a favourite for the world stage political con artists knowing they can cover up their ulterior motives with confusing words.
We now get a number of confusing euphemisms used to try and turn a real cause for concern like for example a crisis into a non-issue:
As disturbingly revealed by Edward Snowden a few years ago spying on citizens has become standard practice used by USA officials and their western world allies.
The recent release of a report by the UK’s intelligence and security committee on GCHQ’s activities confirms that millions of citizens are having their communications and virtual footprint monitored and filed away.
So consequently, consistent with the Orwellian scenario,  ‘Mass Surveillance’ has now become ‘Bulk Collection.’ The authorities maintain that the information has only been collected for storage purposes. But it has been said that this is misleading since the information can be used on citizens at the authorities’ discretion to which they hold no accountability.
Invasion of privacy and its deliberately distorted Orwellian language has built up quite a repertoire. A recent bill advanced by the US Senate Intelligence Committee using the sugar coated name ‘cyber security information sharing-act’ has been criticized for potentially allowing corporations into spying on internet users and pass on the activity to the NSA (National Security Agency US government).
The Orwellian euphemisms lexicon extends itself into military associated language. ‘Abducting and relocating a suspected terrorist’ has now become the somewhat confusing ‘extraordinary renditions’ while with US prisoners ‘Torture’ is ‘Enhanced Interrogation.’
Then there’s the one where it has been said that the ‘bombing of certain countries’ has changed to ‘spreading western democracy.’ What this really meant was orchestrated changes to the regime allowing the USA to enlarge their domination…
Then you have it in environmental terms ‘Wasteland’ is ‘landfill,’ or as the late George Carlin said in so many words the Pentagon ‘nuclear measurement’ is ‘sunshine units..!’
-Using ‘word games’ by way of Orwellian euphemisms as a deceit strategy to spin objectionable circumstances is yet another ploy used to restrict our freedom.
Those in the know understanding the ulterior motives need to spread the word to others. Keep the real meaning alive by saying at every opportunity what the euphemisms really mean; ‘Mass Surveillance’ is ‘Bulk Collection…etc.’ shout it out, whatever it takes… The tyrants cannot be allowed to take away.

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