Mass Surveillance Another Expression Of The One Global Conspiracy

-By Paul A. Philips

Mass Surveillance-iNewParadigm

Mss surveillance: You people in police and law enforcement need to understand that plans have been put into action to take away your job.


You will lose your job to private security corporations who will take over the policing of the people. 


-A highly significant part of the corporate takeover will be in mass surveillance. 

As the saying goes “surveillance is here to protect our freedom…” No! It’s the opposite. It’s here to take away our freedom. 


Whether you’re in police and law enforcement or not, what are you going to do about all the related madness? Mass surveillance obsession is the symptom of an incurable disease called statism: It’s an expression of the one global conspiracy network. 


Here’s a list of some of the mass surveillance plans in action

Some of the ruling elite and their associates are putting up funding for having cameras installed in all school classrooms.


Then there’s the Mood Bracelets attached to students to see if the teachers indicate that they’re boring. 


Furthering the madness, schools have installed facial recognition technology to try and identify ‘troublemakers…’ 

-Will these mass surveillance applications extend beyond the boundaries of the school classroom? You bet they will. 


There’s Drone Hunters capable of recording login details of applications such as your mobile phone. A bill has been approved in California allowing police to switch off mobile phones remotely. 


Then there’s the electronically operated spying Mosquito. Looking like an insect remotely operated it takes photos, transmits sound and vision and potentially can even sample your DNA or place RIFD (Radio Frequency Identification) monitoring nanotechnology at your skin… 


Internet activity is being monitored for ‘pre-crime’ algorithms (yes I know it sounds like something from a science fiction movie). 


There are plans to have a black box in every vehicle and some transport companies have technology to monitor their driver’s movements… All this goes on while cameras will be used to detect moods such as that to prevent road rage. 


The FBI has plans to create biometric and DNA databases of its citizens…. 

There have been polygraphs (lie detectors) used to detect false claimants… 


-The mass surveillance repertoire goes on and on. It creates an uncomfortable feeling that we’re trapped. The need for all this surveillance is based on the false pretext that we need protection from terrorists. Yes, it’s no joke.


It is in effect the rapid unravelling of the Agenda 21 global fascist state where the less than 1% will impose total control over the rest. 


Indeed we-the- peopled don’t want to be spied on and there is a growing resentment while it can infringe on our rights… 

Get active to raise awareness on how indiscriminate mass surveillance is eroding our freedom. Organize campaigns, write blogs, articles, give local community talks, sign petitions… whatever it takes to stop this madness.


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