Why Has Nutrition Been So Neglected for Good Health?

-By Paul A. Philips

For maintaining good health through nutrition

This an important guide for maintaining good health and the prevention of disease through nutrition. Please don’t miss the opportunity!



‘‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.’’
Hippocrates 460BC—377 BC Greek physician                                  
The powerful role nutrition has in health and healing has been known since ancient times.
Take for instance the above quote made by Hippocrates. From the nutrition perspective, the basic underlying principle of disease goes like this:
Because of a change in the body’s normal metabolism due to a POOR DIET illness shows up as a consequence. (The metabolic processes had gone into a ‘makeshift’ response, caused by the dietary deficiency). 

The effective solution is therefore to undergo a change in dietary habits. To this end, for those who are suffering, a dedicated, systematic and selective approach is needed.

-Or put another way, the remedy for a specific disease is to frequently take much higher than normal supplies of specific nutrition to reverse or cure.

For those considered to be well, eating the right food is the preventative way to staying healthy.


The above principles are well documented with all the scientific evidence and case testimonies needed to show the effectiveness of this approach.

However, in spite of history having more than its fair share of innovators in the practice of using nutrition to heal, many have been ignored, quashed, suppressed or even ridiculed even when there is overwhelming evidence to show their success.

The reasons for this vital life-saving information not finding its way into mainstream and being kept under wraps generally go like this:


  1. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to know that there are such cheap and natural nutritional therapies that cure disease. They feel that their business would be severely threatened if the cheap and natural alternatives were well known. (Profits before people)
  1. The medical establishment: training schools, Doctors, research institutions… are all heavily sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies who, because of bias or vested interest generally pay little or no attention to nutrition.
  1. Because governments rake in huge revenues from the pharmaceutical companies they too have vested interest at heart and don’t want you to know about the cheap alternative cures…
  1. The media also keeps the true potential of nutrition under wraps due to vested interest: Because their big sponsors, the government and pharmaceutical companies pay them off to do so.
  1. Approval bodies such as the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), the United States set up, comprise a group of individuals who decide what food and drugs are safe to go on the market. Many of these individuals have ties with the very pharmaceutical or food companies they are judging! So any real decision-making made from these people will be most likely in favour of the pharmaceutical or food companies.


Evidence has been shown time and time again that these individuals have been biased. It has also been shown that some of those who were not tied to companies during the time of the decision-making were later appointed on the board of directors of the pharmaceutical companies. 

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