The Health Wonders Of Water. An A-Z Guide!

-By Paul A. Philips

Water Health

The human body contains about 70%water. Our bodies are bio-electrical systems and are dependant on a good quality water supply for optimum physical and psychological states.

Herein lies a problem. Many people have rejected water, considering it to be too bland when comparing it to other choices of drink such as soda pops, alcoholic pops, sugar or chemical laced water alternatives, cafeinated drinks etc.
For many people this choice has been a disastrous move. One that has led to so much ill health as a result of long-term or even chronic lack of water intake in the diet.
This situation has been further compounded by most doctors not recognising the importance of a good supply of water needed for good health. Furthermore, prescribed drugs often cause dehydration and switch off the body’s warning signals.
So, here is my ‘Health Wonders Of Water. An A-Z guide!’
Arthritis – Like other aches and pains, this can be attributed to dehydration. Water has been known to soothe the aches and pains of arthritis and much more…
Body alkalise – Water alkalises our bodies, which helps maintain optimum health. Many illnesses are a result of acid bodies.
Cancer – Water is absolutely essential for cancer prevention and healing.
Diabetes – Long-term or chronic lack of water supplies can lead to insulin imbalance and diabetes.
Elimination – Water is an essential for this to flush out toxins and better skin…
Fungus – Adequate water prevents a build up of fungal growths in the body or other unwanted critters.
Gout – Plentiful water supplies prevent many aches and pains…
Hangover prevention – Straight after a heavy drinking binge, before you go to bed drink lots of water. This prevents a hangover the morning after because the feeling of walking around with an axe in your head is basically the result of dehydration caused by alcohol.
Intake – Drink about 1.5 – 2.0 litres of water pending body weight a day.
Junk removal – toxins, metabolic wastes come out with water drinking.
Kidney health – means good adequate drinking water supplies.
Lowering blood pressure. Water volume gives bulk to your blood vessels and thus keeps your blood pressure normalised.
Minerals are essential micronutrients and have a vital role in metabolism. Good supplies can be got from mineral water.
Nerve function – requires water
Osteoporosis – Water serves as a preventative measure.
Preventions – Look at this A-Z and see what water can do!
Quality digestive health needs adequate quality water supplies.
Reversing aging- Water is an essential for anti-aging and longevity. Again look at this A-Z and see how!
Swimming – Exercise, the activity that many don’t want to do, but has many health benefits. Fancy a trip down the swimming pool?
Transport – Water transports waste and nutrients around the body…
Ulcers – Water prevents ulcers by playing its part in normalising functions related to digestion.
Watering the lungs
Xcretion – All right I cheated here by misspelling…
Yo yo prevention! A lack of water causes mood swings!
Zzzzzz – Knowing these essential health-promoting facts about water should make you rest assured, not worry too much about certain aspects of your health and allow a good nights sleep!



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The 4 Vital Factors that support Good Health

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