What Happens When You Die?

Paul A. Philips
What Happens When You Die?

While I’m about to broach upon the various opinions of others, to a certain extent, this is my personal overall view when answering the question what happens when we die. If you disagree, if I go against your religion or on the other hand, agnostic view, or any other differing viewpoint, then that’s fine. We can respectfully agree to disagree.


However, what I’m about to put forward is not without careful research and deliberation:  Remember the Einstein quote “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”


And remember, as the saying goes, your mind is like a parachute: It works best when it’s open.


So, I suggest that you carefully consider the following and do your own research in response to this 60,000-dollar question:


What happens when you die?

Death Pain and Fearmongering


Firstly, the run up to death, how you die, is indeed concerning. How much pain and suffering will you endure before you die? However, a healthy approach along the way in mind, body and spirit before death may well lessen the pain and suffering, or even create the ideal circumstance where you just go to sleep, never to wake up again…


-Consider the deaths of highly advanced spiritual beings such as the yogis or Zen masters or shamans who have died in this circumstance.


If you have a level of awareness and look into your intuitive heart, you will know when you’re soon to die, as have a number of these yogis, shamans and Zen masters…


Contrary to much fearmongering spun by many in religion, folklore, news and society… death is really nothing to fear. Death is a transition as you move on.


You Cannot Not Exist…


My favorite analogy comes from ancient Gnostic teachings: The Gnostics said, who you really are is a “bird in a cage.” That’s another way of saying you’re an eternal consciousness trapped in a mortal body. When you die your physical body (cage) withers away and falls apart, allowing your eternal consciousness (bird) to fly out, escaping what had been an entrapment.


Research from Near Death Experiences, deep meditative states, outer body experiences, astral projection, mind-altering plant-based extractions such as the drinking of ayahuasca… can in effect create states of consciousness that occur when you die, no longer having the encumberance of a physical body.


Originations from these states consistent with experiencing death are:


*Experiencing multidimensionalism – No longer confined to linear time. Everything occurs “all at once.” -The laws of physics only exist in the material universe as they are the defining boundaries of the matrix illusion programme…


*Feelings of omnipresence. Not confined to one location.


*No longer limited by the illusory material universe confinements of matter, energy, space and time. Because you’re dead, you can transfer your conscious spirit from one place to another in no time at all. For example, if you’re a dead mother who wants to see her son living on the other side of the world, then you can just think about this and be there instantly.


*Heightened awareness, even perceive things you couldn’t when in-the-body.


*Psychic abilities.


*Lost senses are regained. For example, if you had become deaf when alive, hearing is regained.


*Feelings of euphoria – having a higher vibrational energy…


My research has led me to conclude that after you die, you do not go to Heaven or Hell because these places in the classical religious sense, do not exist. The Hell scenario is blatant manipulative man-made fearmongering.


There is strong evidence for reincarnation, such as that from the amazing research carried out by Dr Ian Stevenson. He has confirmed that we go into endless cycles of reincarnation. If continued reincarnation is the case, then it could be said that we never end up in Heaven or Hell never to return, because no such places exist.


These places were made up people in high places in religion/governance to keep the masses pacified and controlled. It is a toxic case of using spirituality (which should be above all) as an excuse to use controlling dogmatic religion for power, profit and political gains….


You therefore have 2 existences: 1. In-the-body and 2. Out-of-body


It has been said that when you are in-the-body the material world believed to be real is in actual fact a controlling illusory matrix. As I have written over and over in my blogs/articles, consistent with the controlling illusory matrix, the world we live in is riddled with deception.


You’d do well to discern those deceptive moves. Take actions so that you can protect yourself and your family from the matrix to avoid its energy-draining despotic enslavement.


The Controlling Matrix Principle


Just because you have died and are out-of-the-body, no longer in the material world, it doesn’t mean to say you’re free from deception. There is also much deception to avoid in the spirit world!

The Archons

The Archons


Ancient Gnostic texts discovered in Nag Hammadi Egypt reveal a group of parasitic borg-like malevolent entities called the archons. They reside in the lower-astral dimension. -Yes, I know, this may be a hard one for some to except, but for your freedom’s sake, read on.


The Gnostic texts basically describe the archons as the architects of the material universe. It has been said that this illusory material world we are entrapped in, believing to be real, is a set up orchestrated by the archons:


Able to manipulate your perception, it has been said that when you die the archons (are-cons) try and trick you into reincarnation. Why would they want to do this?  


The archons feed off our energies of frustration, anger, fear, hatred and despair… (called the ‘loosh’). 

This is why they keep sending us back for perpetual reincarnation into this fake material realm. Therefore, the archons are negative energy-sucking, controlling parasites.  


-Thus, in effect, as The Matrix movie (more or less) says we have been manipulated to be here as batteries.


A number of people in high places. Some despots in politics with their crooked agencies, some who may be heads of multi-national corporations, some also involved in other diabolical wicked forces…etc., have sold their souls to the dark side as they have had a hand in causing so much misery and suffering to the world as human agents for the archons.


However, while doing deals (pacts) with the dark side means getting a short-term payoff, there is also a far greater long-term cost. 


It has been said that when you die and choose the ‘tunnel of light’ it’s a trick. You will be trapped when you reach the end. You will then be sent back, reborn into the material world again, having no memory of who you were before in previous incarnations.


Another deception when out-of-the body is the ability of lower 4th dimensional malevolent entities who don’t want you escaping the matrix is to project on to you a false image. Having A.I advanced technology they can read your thoughts and project on to you an image of a dead loved one, such as your late father, if he had died.


-Don’t fall for this. Ask the fake father questions that only you and your real father would have known. Not able to answer you, the entity will prove to you to be fake…


For more on this, watch the following video excerpt from Star Trek. Writer Gene Roddenberry knew about the archons and here is an example of this archontic deception regarding a fake dead father:

Further, in the deception. If the NDE (Near Death experiencer) is Christian then a projection of Jesus could be seen. If Muslin, then Mohammed could be seen. If the NDE belonged, for another example, to the African Boa, Boa tribe (this does exist) then and image of one of their deities would be projected…


-The projected A.I is culturally specific.


They have to get your consent


Further pieces of evidence for what happens when you die have been discovered through accounts of those who have had NDE’s.


An NDE encounters, for example, a man in white shroud-like clothing. Having a white beard, looking like a 100-years old, briming with humility, he explains to the NDE, you don’t have to return (back in-the-body), but you will be needed there…


In other words, the NDE is given an apparent choice to return (or not): The NDE however, accepts the rhetoric and returns.

It’s a deception because the NDE was tricked by a malevolent entity masquerading as a wise old man (fake God?) into returning to the imprisoning matrix.


Another similar variation on this theme, is to tell the NDE that they need to return for further learning.


-It’s based on the idea that the meaning of life is a training ground and for you to learn lessons. But, you are part of the one God: ALL-THERE-IS, infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom… etc., so you already know everything. It’s a matter of you connecting to this source and accessing it to find out who you really are…


-The return to the matrix to learn lessons will mean you’ll never learn enough or be good enough. It’s a trap, you see?


Another deception is where an entity approaches you and pretends to be your spirit guide.  The entity ends up taking you to a place where, like the end of the tunnel of light, you are processed for reincarnation, then sent back to Earth in the matrix again.


Don’t be so trusting. Learn to discern. Don’t follow and certainly not make heroes out of these entities. Do NOT make soul contracts (next life plan agreements) with any of these entities, no matter what the negotiation is based on:


Rid yourself of the illusions. They have to get your consent to make you return.


Unlike the archons, humans have divinity and souls.  


We are capable of escaping the enslavement by recognizing that as humans (hu-mans) we have divinity and are divine souls.


We have to avoid getting caught up in the duality of the matrix illusion.


We have to do our inner work, particularly when it comes to healing; dealing with our shadows.


We need to demonstrate that we are the embodiment of love and light.


We are that spark that connects to the integral, universal consciousness: God-All-There-Is.


-All of which, if encompassed, will break the perpetual cycles.