The Power of Being Yourself!

-By Paul A. Philips

Being Yourself-iNewParadigm

Being yourself: When coming from your unique authentic self it is absurd for you to be compared with anyone. How can you be compared with anyone when you are a unique individual?!


-That means it doesn’t matter if someone’s richer than you, or their street credibility is considered higher than yours, that they have a more elevated position in society… As long as you’re expressing your individuality, that unique authentic self, that’s all that matters; you have the power. 


-Why not celebrate your uniqueness! 


Your uniqueness is who you really are, a focal point in an infinite sea of possibility, in an infinite sea of potential: its real expression will break the ruling elite’s suppression caused by trying to make you day and night, night and day be someone other than who you really are… 


Suppression, oppression and sheep-like conformity will not work on awakened unique individuals. In effect, they have chosen to walk away from the mass mind control programming. And it is from this perspective that the revolution of consciousness is here:


When more and more people find out who they really are, becoming awakened individuals, not somebody else’s idea of how they should be controlled, then the game will be over for the ruling elite and their associates. The spirit of change is here! Be that change. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. 


The mind control programming is designed to maintain the status quo. Freedom means deprogramming and stepping out of the going-nowhere-in-circles principle that’s been controlling us since time-immemorial. 

The new paradigm, a world that makes a difference for everyone will be co-created by those following their hearts, doing what’s fair, honest and decent as opposed to the current control system, the antithesis of these things… 


Sure, it’s not easy to stand alone. Sometimes it can take everything you’ve got. Any idiot can walk and follow an already made pathway, but it takes existential courage and conviction to create your own new path to experience new things, but what about the fulfilment, reward and absolute joy if this is achieved? 


Indeed, being doggedly determined, consistent and persistent is the key. To those who think that the NWO agenda cannot be stopped, poppycock I say! For the NWO to work it relies on people thinking this way.


Once again, they have fallen for the mind control deception. No. We can co-create and change it all. 


Where do you stand? Are you one of the new path makers created through expressing that unique unreserved power of being yourself?


-Here ends my message. 

In love, peace and light 



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