The Moon Is a fascinating Enigma! – 20 Related Questions

-By Paul A. Philips

The Moon - iNewParadigm

The Great Pyramid of Giza has many mysteries. The same can be said about the moon. Contrary to popular viewpoint, the moon is not what many think it is. Separate to the alleged fake moon landing, there are number of interesting, creditable theories surrounding its existence. In short, creditable evidence from meticulous research shows the moon to be a fascinating enigma.


-In relation to this, here are 20 questions about the moon showing that its existence makes it a fascinating enigma.


  1. Did you know that how the moon came into existence is a hotly debated mystery?


Theories include: 


The capture theory – Puts forward the idea that the moon, as it was drifting by, finally ended up near the Earth due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. However, this theory doesn’t stand up and has been dismissed as highly, highly improbable.

The accretion theory – Earth and the moon coincidently formed in proximity with each other from dust clouds during the beginning of the solar system’s formation. However, the accretion theory is unable to stand up to scrutiny because the Moon doesn’t have the same or similar material composition as Earth. Nor does it spin on an axis like Earth.


Then there’s the fission hypothesis – The idea that due to high velocity spin the newly formed Earth ejected a large rock from an ocean. This large rock then flung out into space and went on to form the moon. However, rock samples from the moon indicate a much older age rock than Earth’s.


The giant impact or whack theory – Puts forward the idea that a massive object collided into Earth. The debris from the collision eventually coalesced forming the Earth/Moon orientation, but it has been said that the chances of this happening are infinitesimal.


-There are other theories that scientists cannot agree upon.

The Moon-iNewParadigm
  1. Did you know that the moon has some strange anomalies, such as, for example, the oldest rocks are on the surface and the youngest at the deepest core layer, the opposite to Earth?


  1. Also, are you aware that the moon has its densest (heaviest) materials at the surface and the least dense at the core, again the opposite to Earth?


  1. The moon’s surface has many pock marks through getting hit by asteroids over the billions of years, so how is it that the rock surrounding these impacted creators have a uniform age?


5.Following on from 4, considering the many years of impacts how is it that the moon dust surrounding the rocks has a vastly different chemical composition?


  1. How is it that the moon has the elements uranium 236, and neptunium 237 when these radioactive elements don’t exist naturally?


-These rare isotopes can only be created in labs on Earth!


  1. Further, rare metals on Earth such as chromium, titanium and zirconium occur abundantly on the moon, so, as with 6, why the differences in occurrences when comparing with Earth?


  1. Does the abundance of these metals with their high hardness, tensile strength and therefore resilience explain why regardless of width the moon’s craters have very little varying depth from asteroid impacts…?


  1. Did you know that evidence investigated by NASA suggests that the moon is hollow?


-NASA’s Dr. Gordon MacDonald: “It would seem that the moon is more like a hollow than a homogenous sphere.”


When objects hit the moon’s surface (shock waves), the moon “rang like a bell” (echoing) quite for some time, as seismic recordings were made of this event…  Then there were magnetic field measurements, supporting the suggestion of a hollow-shell moon.


10.However, suggestions of a hollow structure have been dismissed by some scientists who claim that the moon’ “rang like a bell” only because the moon is extremely dry and far less dense than Earth, but has this really been proven to be the case?


As with the idea of the ‘centre of the Earth’ theory, the ‘centre of the moon’ needs more knowledge and understanding. So, any outright claims that the moon is not hollow is conjecture.


-Following on:


  1. If the moon is a dry ‘dead place,’ no atmosphere, then how come is it that there have been detections of water vapour?


For example, on and off, over the last century, half a dozen astute astronomers have documented the existence of glowing mists above the Plato Crater alone…


12. Did you know that the moon, unlike others moons in our solar system, has a perfectly circular orbit?

Moon-Total Eclipse
Moon - Total Solar Eclipse
  1. The moon is 1/400th the diameter of the sun: The moon is 400 moon diameters away from the sun, this is why those on Earth observe an eclipse. -Is this a mere coincidence??


-The moon is drifting further away from Earth as the eclipses become less perfect.


  1. Did you know that there are ancient accounts of the skies coming from, for example, the Proselenes from Arcadia and Tiahuanaco culture, South America, claiming there was a time when the moon didn’t exist?


  1. In light of the above evidence are you astounded to know that the old Zulu legends claimed the moon is a hollow spaceship occupied by reptilian ET’s…?!


-Remember this is only a legend (myth) and real evidence is needed to support this claim.


  1. If the moon didn’t exist would our Earth be unstable; having disruptive wobbling effects, no seasons, extremity in weather conditions, no tides…?


  1. Following on from 16, was the moon put into its position to give stability to Earth?


  1. Did you know that there have been reports of disturbing and strange light sources and hundreds of flashes, on the moon which cannot be easily dismissed as mere light reflections?


This has been dubbed Transient Lunar Phenomena.


Further, there have been claims of artificial structures on the surface: Claims of, for examples, mile-high towers, pyramids and photographic evidence of unnaturally occurring symmetrical structures… Evidence for this has been given by people like Sergeant Karl Wolfe who worked in the US Air Force and had collected moon images…


  1. Does the caginess, selectiveness about the information that government agencies and space organisations give out suggest that they are covering up certain information about the moon that they don’t want us to know about?


  1. In short, can these agencies and governmental organisation really be trusted?


-if you want us to believe what you’re saying about the moon, then prove it to us.

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