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On and off for many years, officialdom has had to fight to maintain its explanation as to how the Great Pyramid of Giza came about and its purpose.
The official explanation basically goes like this:
The Great Pyramid of Giza (part of a pyramid complex on the Giza plateau, Egypt) is a burial ground for Khufu, a Pharaoh, dating back to 2,600 BC, as explained by and attributed to a number of classical antiquity authors:
It was stated that the Great Pyramid of Giza had taken some 20 – 27 years to complete… Details of the official explanation can be found for example in Wikipedia.
-And that’s it.
Nothing more to say other than The Great Pyramid of Giza is a burial ground. Any other explanation alternative to this claim in these academic circles would be branded as heresy!

In retrospect of this and the mounting alternative views backed up with growing supporting evidence here are 12 questions to challenge the official explanation that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a burial ground.

1. There have been many failed attempts to recreate building the Great Pyramid of Giza using modern-day equipment; caterpillar tractors, fork-lift trucks, drills… etc. unable to pick up and deal with the 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 plus tonne block stones in the make-up of its over 400 feet high structure.
These block stones were so well-polished there is less than one-thousandth of an inch between them, no binding mortar, again, something modern technology can’t do. So how can anyone lay claims to the construction being made by a bunch of primitives with primitive tools?
2. The Great Pyramid of Giza in its construction demonstrates incredible mathematical knowledge. This pyramid demonstrates geometric knowledge of Earth’s circumference and diameter and its relationship to that of the moon. It demonstrates knowledge of Earth’s magnetic field… the list goes on begging the question how could those primitives have built the Great Pyramid of Giza with such knowledge?
3. On the astounding subject of the limestone blocks contributing to the pyramid’s make-up. Did you know that it has been discovered that these limestone blocks don’t have the expected same consistency of the abundant natural limestone in the surrounding area at the pyramid? No laminated layers as it is homogenous in composition, no micro-fossils, having chemicals not found in natural limestone…!
4. Did you know that the chemicals mentioned (above) is part of a technology used to produce extremely hardened construction material which was only discovered in the 1990’s, yet this was used millennia ago?!
The great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx
The great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx
5. From a geological point of view, don’t the claims made by Robert Schoch give rise to a creditable explanation that the water erosion patterns (fluvial erosion) at the Sphinx suggest that this statue at the Giza plateau is a lot older than the official explanation makes it out to be?
Robert Schoch claims that these erosion patterns could only have been made by rapid high moving waters during the melting of the last ice age about 12,500 years ago which goes a lot further back in time than the official historical dating. This means that the sphinx had to be in existence even further back in time before the erosion occurred.
-This has been called controversial. However, geologists don’t have a problem with the claim, it’s the historians who do because it throws their historic claims grossly out.
6. Doesn’t this claim, in effect, also throw out the official dating of the Great Pyramid of Giza too, as it has been said that both the pyramids and the sphinx had been constructed at the same time?
7. Did you know that the Pyramid of Giza cannot be carbon dated as it is made of stone? Only organic forms (life) can be dated using this methodology. The pyramids have been dated using limited history, Kings and eras… which has come into question.
8. Are you aware that the King’s chamber in the great Pyramid has never revealed a corpse, contradicting the tomb claim, or no hieroglyphics…?
9. Instead of improving over the years, does the fact that later constructions of other pyramids not as good as the earlier Great Pyramid of Giza suggest that an advanced pre-ancient civilisation had been at work on the Giza Plateau using unprecedented technology?
10. With more and more archaeological evidence arising how can historians dismiss these contradictory findings in relation to their official line and write them of as mere “anomalies?”
11. If there was a pre-ancient advanced civilisation does this prove that instead of being linear making more and more progressive developments over time, civilisations come and go in cycles instead? That civilisations boom and then bust which corelates with the patterns tied into the cyclical nature of reality. -There is much to this which would take at least another article to cover…
12. Following on from 11, Isn’t it a case of the idea that academia needs to purposefully look beyond the 5,000-odd years attributed to our most recent civilisation? Consider previous cycles. Besides the Great Pyramid of Giza, there is much, much more evidence to delve into, all over the world that suggests the work of pre-ancient (far older than 5,000-odd years) advanced civilisations.
For examples, consider:
* The Indian gulf of Khambhat
Here lies a 5 X 3-mile-wide underwater city said to have thrived on land as a sophisticated city around 9500 years ago.
* Gobekli Tepe
Then there’s the Turkish archaeological site of Gobekli Tepe. Still under going excavation this dates as far back as 13,000 years.
* Satellite photos over Antarctica
From the ice melting satellite photos over Antarctica reveal images of what used to be a vast complex of building structures said to be dating back 20,000 years (a previous civilisation cycle to the one we as a race are in now).
-The list goes on…
Indeed, it begs the question who built the above-mentioned structures? What happened during their demise?
Will academia be willing to rewrite the history books? We need to bring the above knowledge into recognition on a worldwide scale. The new evidence gives us new insights into who we really are as a race and where we go from here.

Here is an excellent fascinating video interviewing Gregg Braden summarising what I’ve covered in this blog and much more.


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