17 Questions to Challenge the Climate Change Crisis

-By Paul A. Philips

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We are forever getting told of a forthcoming major climate change crisis. How we are destroying our planet by unwittingly contributing to potential catastrophic famines, flooding and heatwaves… through our negligence to climate change.


Many have challenged this climate change crisis claim: It has been said that the human-led climate change crisis is a monumental lie. A deceptive Deep State tool. A PSYOP used to control the sleeping masses to get their compliance as they blindly walk into an engineered dystopia under the guise of saving the world.


-In reflection of this, here are 17 truth seeking questions to challenge the climate change crisis claim and its related implications that something desperately needs to be done to prevent the so-called predicted catastrophic events.

Q1. If climate change was for real then how is it that related disaster scenario predictions never came true?


-Here are some of those predictions.


*Starting with so-called climate change expert James Hansen. He said in 1988 the west side highway parallel to New York’s Hudson river would be immersed in water in about 20-odd years. -You can see from Google images that this is still dry.


*The Independent newspaper (anything but independent!) made the failed prediction in 2000 that snow would be no longer.


*Another mainstream newspaper with its fanfare and fearmongering claimed in 2004 European cities would be disappearing as they would be submerged under rising sea levels by 2020.


Another so-called climate change guru Al Gore in 2006 in his documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth” claimed that:

*In ten years (2016 – post-documentary film 2006) there will be no Kilimanjaro snow. Yes, it’s still there.


*Gore went on to say, come summer 2013, the North Pole may be ice-free.


*Through melting, ice sea levels could rise by 20 feet…


*A NASA scientist in 2008 predicted that Earth will be devoid of any ice.


*Then there’s this Tweet from Greta Thunberg which she later removed:

Climate Change Crisis - Alarmist Reports

Q2. Given that there have been quite a number of alarmist reports, stories over the years scaring us into believing that climate change is the culprit, but later these stories were proven to be untrue, as with the above false predictions, is this another case of using fake climate change as a World Economic Forum control tool for imposing dystopic change?


Here are a few examples of those untrue alarmist report stories.


*A report from the BBC told us that fast melting Antarctic ice was causing a dramatic reduction in ocean current speeds which “could have a disastrous effect on the climate.” What they didn’t tell you in this hidden agenda net-zero endorsing fairy tale scare-story was that NASA research had found the opposite of the claim. That the Antarctic ice was in actual fact in balance and not melting.


*There was a story going around in the mainstream media that polar bears were under the threat of extinction due to climate change. However, zoologist Susan Crockford did a demolition on this fake story telling us with her research that polar bears are in fact thriving.


*Then there was the misleading Netflix film with David Attenborough’s bogus claim that there were falling walruses due to lack of ice and climate change…


*As with untrue stories there have been numerous gross exaggerations regarding climate change to the point of fantasy. This is done in a desperate attempt to persuade us that the claims are for real. Take for instance an IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report telling us that

“Global Temperatures Are Highest for 125,000 Years.”


This has no settled science, but since when has that ever bothered those receiving plentiful funding to go along with the narrative?

Q3. Following on isn’t real science showing there is no climate change crisis or emergency getting ignored, censored or even demonized because it goes against globalist billionaire’s political agendas for world Orwellian takeover?


Q4. Doesn’t the undemocratic acceptance of 15-minute, ludicrous net-zero carbon, “smart” cities… and its implications simply mean that you’d be agreeing with your own imprisonment?


Q5. On similar lines to the above what about the UK demands to close all airports by 2050 and what about other countries considering the underlying motive and implications?


Q6. Why demonize carbon (carbon dioxide) when it is a life-giving gas and ALL life depends on its cycle?  Politically driven agendas such as the aimed for low CO2 levels will not be good for us. In effect, the UN target will lower the average temperature by 10 degrees centigrade.


Q7. As with other officialdom declared “crises,” doesn’t the handling do more harm than good?

-Take look at this eye-opening video: 

Climate Change - Activists

Climate Change crisis 4 - iNewParadigm

Climate change activists destroying art

In recent times there have been growing concerns over the increasing numbers of climate change activists and their extremist behaviour. These activists are also gaining more public support while some are funded.


-In the knowledge of this here are some follow-on questions focussing on climate change activists and their activism.


Q8. While wanting to stop or block oil and gas projects, even in transition to alternative energy forms, wouldn’t fossil fuel engines still be needed to take care of transporting essentials such as hospital and food needs…?


Q9. Further, where will all the alternative energy materials; wind turbines, steel, battery sources for electricity… come from without the use of fossil fuel driven operations?


Q10. In reflection of the above, isn’t it clearly a case of activists shooting themselves in the foot wanting to stop or block oil and gas projects?

Q11. In relation to extinction rebellion activism, what about all the policing, criminal damage and disruption costs related to activism?


Q12. How do activists deal with contradictory evidence challenging climate change assertions?


Q13. What percentages of carbon dioxide and methane do you think is causing climate change?


Q14. How much of an effect on climate change do you think the following has: Changing solar patterns, grand solar minimum over tens or thousands of years in respect to the bigger picture…?


Q15. With respect to Q7, what about considering the ups and downs of climate change when fossil fuels did not exist?


Q16. What about the corporate

owned and controlled MSM (mad stream media) reporting on all this, with their propaganda, lies, coverups and distortions of truth; instead of it being a case of ‘settled science’ isn’t a more like ‘settled funding,’ telling the public anything their corporate lords and masters instruct them to report regardless of truth for a good price?


Q17. While activists get funded, who gains?

Climate change crisis – In Summary

Although the masses are waking up there still remains an ‘epidemic of incuriousness.’ The masses still continue to blindly accept authority and go into unquestioning agreement with the general consensus to which the Deep State and their associates rely on to advance their imprisoning agendas based on PSYOPS and false circumstances.


As the saying goes: Question everything. Break the spellbinding disinformation spun by the mainstream media…Many claim that it’s never been about climate change. It’s really about dystopic world takeover.