The Essential Heart Friendly Diet Guide

-By Paul A. Philips

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Nothing to do with a heart friendly diet but conventional medicine offers over 60 different pharmaceuticals for the treatment of heart disease.
The only other therapeutic option is surgery.
Between the potentially highly dangerous side effects of toxic drugs and/or the physical assault on the body using surgery, with the psychological factors related to the stress of it all, I’m sure you’ll agree it takes a pretty resilient individual that survives.
Having said all that, I am the bringer of glad tidings: For preventative measures here’s the essential heart friendly diet guide.

Type of Nutrition - Heart Friendly Diet

Vitamin B6
Fish, poultry, vegetables and whole grains
Reduces high levels of homocysteine which could lead to heart disease…
See other vitamin B complexes
Type of Nutrition -Heart Friendly Diet
Vitamin B12
Found in eggs and other dairy products
Also reduces high levels of homocysteine which could lead to heart disease…
Also in meat, while vegans may need to look at taking supplements and sources such as nutritional yeast products
Type of Nutrition -Heart Friendly Diet
Folic acid (folate)
Leafy green veg. and legumes…
Once again, reduces high levels of homocysteine which could lead to heart disease…
Is another B vitamin
Another great heart friendly diet source is Vitamin C
Found in many different fruits and vegetables and are powerful antioxidants which serve to mop up any potentially damaging free radicals involved in arterial plaque formation… It’s well worth looking up the pioneering work of the late Linus Pauling and how he used vitamin C, lysine and proline to cure heart disease.
Vitamin E
Found in raw seeds such pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds and avocados. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant… It also helps with the function of omega 3 fats.
Omega-3 fats
Omega- 3 fats are present in fish and cod liver oils, walnut and flaxseed oils. They have quite a varied and highly effective role in the body’s metabolism. Also protects against a range of diseases. Western diets can be sadly lacking in this.
CoQ10 (a coenzyme)
Naturally occurring and is found fish or meat supplements. Is a Good antioxidant and can decrease blood pressure. Can also prevent congestive heart failure…
L-Glutamine can be bought as a supplement and is good for promoting healthy heart muscle as patients have been found to be deficient.
Can be bought as a supplement and helps to prevent atherosclerosis. Patients have been found to be deficient.
Take plenty of good clean water for effective cardiovascular function.
In conclusion
It is hoped that reader has been encouraged to chose the heart friendly diet healthy option and prevent this killer disease from happening to them.
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