The Great Cholesterol Scam - 7 Myths

-By Paul A. Philips

Cholesterol Myth

As with cholesterol, we can now see the wilful ignorance demonstrated by cardiac medicine in not dealing with the root cause of heart disease, which is diet. Because the focus is on treating the symptoms rather than the cause there have been differences of opinion on how to deal with heart disease and what can be done to stop the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.

Cholesterol and Statins
I shall briefly hone in on the cholesterol theories. Then I will expose some of the massive deceptions behind the mobilisation of the cholesterol lowering drugs, statins, with the mind-boggling facts and figures for you to get your teeth into!
The 7 myths on cholesterol
1. Cholesterol is not the monster it has been portrayed to be. It is an essential in our body metabolism. With sunlight beaming down on us it is converted into the dietary essential Vitamin D. Cholesterol is also an important precursor. It is needed for the manufacture of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.
2. There is no convincing evidence to support the idea that there is bad cholesterol. Blood cholesterol levels can be affected by the mental and physical factors stress, exercise and body weight. The fact that someone has high cholesterol does not necessarily indicate a heart attack could be on its way.
3. High cholesterol does not necessarily lead to atherosclerosis. Whether the cholesterol levels are low or high, atherosclerotic plaques can still form and lead to coronary heart disease.                     
4. A ‘careful’ diet does not lower cholesterol in the blood. The body produces several times more cholesterol than from the food you eat.        
5. The degree of atherosclerosis and cholesterol levels in heart patients is not related to a dietary history of high animal fat intake.
6. Statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs do not change heart mortality or total mortality.
7. Statins do not directly prevent heart disease (in fact, they actually increase the risk of heart disease!). They do precious little for getting at the root cause of the problem. They have side effects, causing a drop in: enzymes, vitamin D, CoQ10 and other substances essential for health.
The myths are made as a result of keeping certain media publications exposing the truth away from the public. Because there is so much money at stake for the drugs to get through, Doctors and scientists have been misguided. Many contradictory findings have been ignored.
Big Business Rule$ OK?
Statin sales In the USA in a year totalled to over 16 billion dollars. 10 The rocketing sales over the last few years have much to do with the fact that the pharmaceutical companies have manipulated the National Cholesterol Education committee to change their guidelines on treating people with high cholesterol. In effect more are now being treated.
For example, one guideline has allowed lower cholesterol level individuals to become candidates for treatment. That this alone has been allowed, something like another 36 million people can now be treated! In time to come, there may be more criteria to increase the number of candidates, sought after by companies. Also, with heart disease related problems on the up and the so-called experts advising that more statins should be taken; it has become a very competitive market.
Companies are scrambling to get their slice of the pie. What they don’t want you to know is that the side effects have wrought havoc and devastation on some patients.
Sales on drugs to take care of the side effects such as cancer risk, a general we akness, immune suppression, muscle and kidney damage is also a multi-billion industry! How pathetic can it get? As if they’re not satisfied enough with selling patients a drug that may not do anything for them. –It certainly doesn’t treat the route cause of the problem.
Marketing and Selling Sickness
There are many complaining that drugs cost too much. The defence to this from pharmaceutical companies sometimes goes in the way of them saying that the bill for research and development (R&D) was very high. However, I have found that many say this is untrue. For example, Doctor Joe Mercola insists that the real truth regarding high prices is for marketing and profits. I have worked in R&D myself and from my investigations would say this is quite true.
In conclusion
Like the great cancer scam, once again, the underlying principles that keeps the treatment for heart disease going is financial; backed by cash-happy drug companies, a corrupt political system and paid off press. In effect, the seniors representing these three bodies have the upper hand in suppressing key life-saving information. Try to see right through this façade and then make decisions for yourself on how you want to deal with it. Once again prevention prevails. Take care of your diet, exercise, environment and psychological well-being. 

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-Paul A. Philips


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