Some Examples Of A Cancer Causing Diet

-By Paul A. Philips

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Cancer causing diet: Here are some of the biggest reasons for cancer related to diet and lifestyle. Having read this article it is hoped that the reader will be inspired to get into the cancer prevention habit.
Avoid dairy products
Insulin growth factor (IGF) in dairy such as cow’s milk is known to lead to breast & prostate cancer.
Avoid animal protein like for example eating meat in large quantities
The enzymes trypsin & chymotrypsin that breakdown proteins into simpler forms (amino acids) also have an involvement in destroying cancer cells: The enzymes break down the outer protein coating in the cancer cell then the body’s immune system white blood cells destroy the cancer cell.
We all have in our bodies at any given time a number of cancer cells but they never reach a sizeable number to do harm because of the enzymes trypsin & chymotrypsin. But if these enzymes are used up in digesting large quantities of meat then they will not be available to destroy the cancer cells so this is one of the reasons why cancer develops.

More Reasons to Avoid the Cancer Causing Diet

Processed & fried foods
Contain unhealthy rancid trans-fats, many chemicals, flavour enhancers; preservatives… The foods have been denatured and therefore has poor nutritional value. These foods have been known to cause DNA injury, leading to cancer.
Refined sugar / Artificial sweeteners, e.g. NutraSweet & aspartame promotes the cancer process of uncontrolled rapid cell division (uncontrolled proliferation).
Sugar can lead to cancer of the ovaries, breast, prostate & rectum. Can severely reduce the biochemical formation of vitamin B complexes. Also is capable of interfering with the pancreatic production of trypsin & chymotrypsin. If taken on the long term & in large amounts can greatly increase the likelihood of cancer happening.
Caffeinated drinks and alcohol
Go easy on stimulants. Tea and alcohol also… However, green tea is very good.
Unclean water / toothpaste with fluoride
Chloride / fluoride and other chemicals in tap water…
Active / passive smoking
At risk of lung cancer…
A lack of sunlight

Deficiency in vitamin D3. A balanced amount of vitamin D3 is essential to avoid the cancer causing diet.

To summarize
It should be noted that the above dietary table is not an exhaustive account of what shouldn’t be eaten or in the habit of. I will indeed let the reader to do his/her own research. If you find yourself habitually addicted to any of the above then I would strongly recommend that you give up these things by taking less and less each day, week or month on a slow steady gradient… whatever is the most comfortable for you.
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