Cancer Treatment and Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

-By Paul A. Philips

cancer proteolytic enzyme therapy treatment

There are indeed many hot new ideas with their experimental applications constantly coming up on how to treat cancer. However, we must remember that when it comes to biochemistry, principles never change. This is certainly the case when it comes to pioneered cancer treatment that’s been used for many years having successfully survived rigorous scientific testing. Both doctors and patients alike have used these pioneered cancer treatments with great effect but the saddest thing is that most people are not getting informed.


For example, there’s the cancer therapy developed by Ernst Krebs, Harold Manner and their contemporaries emerging from the 1940’s onward, with changes in lifestyle; diet and exercise involving a strict daily regimen of high-dose laetrile (refined vitamin B-17), proteolytic enzymes and emulsified vitamins A and E.

Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

Extracted from apricot kernels, laetrile a purified form of vitamin B-17 kills off cancer by breaking down an enzyme called beta-glycosidase present in the cell’s metabolic pathway… For an anti-cancer diet, examples of vitamin B-17 rich foods include: As already mentioned apricot kernels, bitter almonds, alfalfa leaves, wild blackberries and bamboo sprouts… All these are naturally occurring nitriloside foods.



The therapy also incorporates innovative successes originated by Professor John Beard, where pancreatic enzymes (proteolytic enzymes) destroy the cancer cell’s outer protein coating leading to cell death. However, heavy meat eaters are susceptible to cancer: Instead of the proteolytic enzymes breaking down cancer they get used up in dealing with the excess meat protein.



Then there’s Doctor Max Gerson, using his devised metabolic nutritional therapy approach. In the 1920’s Max Gerson, a medical doctor, devised a successful natural health based treatment protocol for cancer and exists to this day. It involves vegetarian organic raw juicing, nutritional supplements and caffeine enemas, encouraging the body’s amazing ability to heal. The bullet point to all this is that Gerson therapy addresses the root cause of the cancer problem:


Nutritional deficiency and toxicity.

Don’t fall for the disinformation or ridicule out there. Like I’ve said these therapies have been known to work well. The above biochemists / doctors pioneers devoted their lives to these therapies. The ridicule, attempting to invalidate the treatment has much to do with the medical/pharmaceutical establishment who don’t want you to know about cheap and natural treatments such as these because it would undercut their business…


Gerson therapy is one of many examples of suppression in the cancer industry. In the 1920’s Gerson testified before congress showing how successful his cancer therapy was. However, his testimony was mysteriously struck off the list and there had been missing documents… Later his daughter Charlotte carried on with the therapy and its practice which continues today and she is in her 90’s.



Max had attempts made on his life… As forensic evidence backed up he was poisoned with arsenic in his coffee, which was assumed to be a way of trying to hush him up and his therapy.



-To summarise, suppressed, cheap, natural health based cancer cures take the unified approach, using a strict dietary regimen to address the underlying root cause that being nutritional deficiency and toxicity.




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