Questions Challenging the high Cholesterol / Heart Disease Theory

-By Paul A. Philips

The great high cholesterol myth

Judging from reports made by the mass media and their sponsors the medical/pharmaceutical establishment you’d swear that they would want to have cholesterol lowering drugs statins put in the water!


Stains produce massive sales. In American for example they run into tens of billions of dollars. So it’s no wonder that the medical/pharmaceutical establishment have been heavily touting their claims that statins lower blood cholesterol which, as they say, reduces the risk of strokes and heart disease.


Other sources, such as Dr Malcolm Kendrick author of “The Great Cholesterol Con” as the title indicates, has a different viewpoint.


I will put forward my questions which in effect express some of those alternative viewpoints, challenging the high cholesterol heart disease theory.

  1. Can it really be said that high cholesterol is an indicator that heart disease is present or on its way in individuals when there is so much evidence to the contrary. For example, what about the studies made on us Brits and our neighbouring countries showing that France has the greatest cholesterol but the lowest incidence of heart disease?
  2. Then there are the Aborigines, having about 4 times more heart disease than us Brits and Americans, but how is it that they possess the lowest blood cholesterol?
  3. How can statins be indiscriminately justified in women when there are a number of medical studies such as the one done at Harvard, showing their ineffectiveness?
  4. Why are statins recommended to certain age groups like for example men in their 70’s or over when they do not have heart disease and the statins do nothing for reducing cholesterol levels?
  5. Isn’t the idea of eating less cholesterol in the diet to prevent heart disease rather ineffective when the body’s metabolism yields something like 4 times more than a steady diet?
  6. Heart disease problems like artery blockage and blood cholesterol has no significant cause and effect relationship with the long-term eating of animal fat. Why has this fact received little attention in mainstream media?
  7. Studies have shown that overall; statins do not change how long people are going to live. I don’t normally like to say the obvious here but I will. Doesn’t this show how ineffective statins are?
  8. In reflection of the above questions challenging the high cholesterol heart disease theory, does it show that the use of ineffective stains is a grand deception in a multi-billion dollar industry, aided and abetted by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, a paid off mainstream media touting their effectiveness while suppressing the contradictions… and a government that allows this to happen because they receive huge revenues?
9… and what about the side effects of statins?

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