People Power Exists! - 5 Acts Showing New World (Dis)Order Defiance

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As the globalists ramp up their control for total global domination, it has been said that, as a consequence, we are now facing the scripted, climactic, end times scenario: On a knife-edge, we are threatened with world war III which, post-devastation, could ultimately send us back into the dark ages…


Then we have the threat of unjustified extreme anti-life environmental control, total economic and financial collapse, unprecedented totalitarian privacy invasion, the loss of our humanity to transhumanism, the potential of a global health crisis on a scale never seen before if the WHO (World Death Organization) have their way with the proposed Pandemic treaty… etc… etc.


However, that said, it may be all too easy to forget that people power does exist. It matters what you say. It matters what you do. You can make a difference.

People Power exists!Here are 5 acts showing NWO defiance.


  1. WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) recent draft indicates a major climbdown


Activists like UsForThemUK who have been campaigning staunchly, are pleased to let us know that the WHO’s recent IHR draft indicates a major climbdown; omitting almost every offending, concerning aspect in the draft.


Based on this recent draft, UsForThemUK describes it as “a profound victory for people power over unaccountable technocracy.” For their post go here.


Sure, it’s a huge victory, but it’s far from over…


  1. The great corn safety debate – U.S versus Mexico and the potential agricultural transformation of America


As an act of non-compliance, protests from Mexican corn producers have in effect led to a ban that prevents U.S genetically modified corn from coming into their country.  


A presidential decree was released in February last year banning U.S GM corn products from entering Mexico. This indicated Mexico’s plans to keep their country’s corn provisions to animals and humans completely GM free, maintaining their own indigenous crops. 


This has sent shock waves to not only the U.S but also Canada: Both these countries are integrated as agricultural traders and are opposing the ban. As the ban is scheduled to go into effect this year the trade dispute is now in the hands of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).


The dispute and its outcome centres around the safety of GM corn. The U.S says it’s safe and the ban is therefore a trading violation, while Mexico disagrees. Mexico asserts there’s no evidence to prove that frequent and long-term consumption is safe: Mexico’s government health representatives have produced much evidence to support the potential harmful effects of GM corn.


-This may not come as a surprise to some who are familiar with the evidence indicating GM harm to health.


Science versus politics = Politics


Isn’t this dispute ultimately a case of science versus politics?  Will politics win? Will it be another case where money is stronger than truth and in spite of the evidence damning GMO, will the ban will be lifted?


Do these companies opposing the ban really care about the potential of GM harm, when money can buy off the truth…?


Or, on the other hand, if the ban stays, will this give rise to an agricultural transformation of America? -Consider the world-wide implications.


  1. Revolt against dystopian 15-minute cities


The rift; from concept to reality: The WEF’s euphemistically called 15-minute cities (better than calling them concentration camps) have been received with much protest.


Take, for example, the protests in Oxford, England this year. The Oxford city council attempted to increase the number of 15-minute restriction zones. As a response, a survey showed that 75% of residents and businesses didn’t want the zoning, which brought on waves of angry protests with protesters filling the city’s streets… The council’s proposed zoning has not gone ahead. 


In this terrific insightful video Neil McCoy-Ward gives an overview revealing the disturbing truth about 15-minute cities. -How about government-free cities instead?! 

  1. U.S Supreme Court enforces an emergency order banning related sex-change medical procedures for minors in Idaho.


The Supreme Court overrode an earlier decision made by a lower court that had granted these transgender procedures. This is a pushback against transgenderism and a win, care of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCPA) law in Idaho that targets and prohibits those healthcare professionals involved in the related procedures such as hormonal intervention, puberty blockers, surgical operations including mastectomies…


-All of which, if now practiced in Idaho, could lead to up to 10 years imprisonment, as this is a mal-alignment with the child’s natural biological sex and gender expression.


Going ahead with sex-change procedures at the behest of the children to be affected is morally and principally wrong: It’s not a case of allowing the decision to be made by these children, wiser than their years… No, isn’t it more like a case of these gullible, naïve and misled children getting conned by pro-transgender health practitioners?


-It’s predatory agendized entrapment, making somebody do something they don’t really want to do. What about the evidence showing many negative effects on these children?  What about the denials to their true biological identity, the regret expressed by many children (some now adults) regretting irreversible life-changing surgical procedures and drugs…? 


Leave these children alone!! It’s the duty of every adult to ensure the safety of vulnerable children. They need protection from transgenderism with its flawed, warped ideology.


-For more on the Supreme Court’s decision and transgenderism push back, go Here.


  1. Farmer’s uprising and world-wide protests


In recent times we have seen unprecedented waves of protest from farmers all over the world, fighting for their farmland, livelihoods and food future. These protests have in effect served to wake up so many people to the realisation that this is an attempted take-over by the globalists for the total control of our food supplies.


-Consider the likely related tyranny if this happens: Fake food shortages, possible manufactured famines, forcing GMO on us, making us have no other choice than to eat fake meat or even bugs…

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In conclusion


That concludes this brief overview showing New World (Dis)Order defiance.


If people stop coming together as one to fight against the New World Order this planet will turn out to be a grim inhumane place.


Sure, people power does exist, but in the above 5 cases (and with many others) the fight is far from over. Ongoing, pacifistic, peaceful activism with its refusal to comply, requires consistent perseverance, escaping one’s comfort zone and much patience, while doing what’s fair, right and just.