My 10 Best Pieces of Advice for Success!

-By Paul A. Philips

Rolling along in life you’re suddenly given an amazing piece of advice that contributes to your transformation and success! The advice may not have impacted you greatly at the time of receiving it but goes on to have a lasting effect.
In time its application allows you to achieve things you wouldn’t have had you not taken the advice.
-So in light of this here are my 10 best pieces of advice I had given to me that led to my success!
  1. The laws of attraction are the keys to success

I was told about the laws of attraction: Attention, Intention, Allowance and Balance. How they create the very nature of our reality. 


-I would therefore strongly recommend looking up the laws of attraction and learn how to apply them. See how they can make a difference for you in your life. 


  1. You are responsible for everything

Indeed, from the saying the ‘burden of responsibility’ can come much misunderstanding. That some consider responsibility as something to be avoided. However, responsibility can be seen as something to embrace. It can make you whole and complete, ready to take on things, present the opportunity to recreate your intentions where needed… Responsibility is such a key factor along the road to success. 


  1. Your listening waves shapes and moulds who you are

Someone once said to me that successful people are those who take advice. In other words, they have a profound realization that listening is a paramount prerequisite to achieving. Listening doesn’t simply mean just making sense of words spoken to you. Listening is active. For success, you have to have an active and interpretive listening out for opportunity, for possibility, for being inspired… etc. -Or otherwise the golden advice given to you will be missed. 


  1. Never give up!

Yes, I know we’ve all heard that before but I cannot stress how important this is. Someone gives up on something. This reinforces them giving up on something else. Then on the third attempt at achieving something it makes it even easier to give up because of the 2 previous reinforcements… and so on. 

The trick is to keep on keeping on with the same enthusiasm as when you first started. 


  1. be professional in what you do

I’m referring to being professional in terms of attitude, habit and approach to what you do. Whether they make a living from it or not people who dabble in life doing things in a lacklustre way end up having unfulfilled lives… 

For fulfilment and indeed success a professional attitude, habit and approach is needed. 


  1. Look for the patterns

I knew somebody who was brilliant at chemistry. He just seemed to have an amazing knack at producing the right required chemical formulae from a limited number of substances when working in the laboratory. I asked how he was able to achieve this with such ease. He just simply said ‘look for the patterns.’ 

I’ve learnt so many things related to this principle. When you ‘look for the patterns’ in your life then they serve as the queue for you to take appropriate action where/when necessary. Finding patterns in your life’s situations provide important truth-revealing insights. Patterns ground your understanding of how things fit in… 


  1. Know that you don’t know

Most people would not consider the idea of going about life focussing on what they don’t know. Especially the politicians! Sure, we need to be grounded in what we do know, but there’s also another empowering option that involves creating a certain context based on knowing what you don’t know.


This means focussing on areas of things you don’t understand but with the knowing that something effective is going on when the focus is applied. For examples: 


  1. a) Focussing your intentions on self-healing can produce some amazing results. 


  1. b) Through focussing your attention with real intention you’re capable of making something you want to have happen in your life manifest.


This is related to the already mentioned Laws of Attraction. We don’t know how the thought creational process works to make an outcome manifest but the trick is to simply realize that something’s going on: I.e. know that you don’t know.


  1. c) Energy is something that you can create within, allowing yourself to be more energetic in life. Again, how this works, well who knows, but as long as the appropriate focus is kept it will happen. 


  1. The only life worth living is that which contributes to others

This in so many words was a remark made by Albert Einstein. When someone chooses the pathway of ‘service to others’ as opposed to ‘service to self’ then the contributions to other people comes back on that person… 


  1. The droplet and the Ocean analogy

All things are an expression of the ‘One’ and that includes you! 

Consider the Atlantic Sea as the ‘One Ocean.’ Somewhere on that Ocean a wave gets formed which in turn kicks up a droplet.


In this analogy let’s say the droplet is an expression of the One Ocean. Although separated the droplet is indeed still part of the great Ocean and will in time return. 


-Who you really are is the droplet having that eternal connectivity to the Ocean. That means you have a connectivity to all that’s possible, infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom… The answer to the solutions you’re trying to find can be found through your willingness to be an opening to this connectivity. 


Many great achievers have found their inspiration through knowing this. As exemplified by the late great scientist/ inventor Nikola Tesla.


  1. Commitment is the real magic to achievement

This one does indeed speak for itself. How about this for a question: Just how committed are you towards achieving your targets for accomplishment? 


-That concludes just some of the many invaluable pieces of advice given to me.