Eric Dollard Bringing Nikola Tesla into Humanitarian Recognition​

-By Paul A. Philips - Nikola Tesla
Truth warrior and scientist Eric Dollard knows a few things about going against the wishes of the powers that be and the scientific establishment when it comes to their suppression of alternative technology such as that pioneered from Nikola Tesla.
Having recreated all the essential pioneering innovative work of Nikola Tesla Eric has experienced ensuing opposition from the powers that be.
To maintain the stranglehold on humanity through their business monopolies the powers that be have prevented the alternative technology from getting the humanitarian recognition it deserves:
If put into effect its far greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency than today’s energy supply would set the whole world free.

The Whole World Needs Recognise Nikola Tesla and His Work

Through Eric’s recreation of Tesla’s work the technology includes supplying unlimited energy everywhere; wireless/no batteries needed electricity, power transmission through radio and phones lasting up to a hundred times longer than today’s standards and also an early warning earthquake detection system…
Attempting to bring these technologies into view like Nikola Tesla in many ways Eric has been met with having his labs raided, destroyed and equipment seized by authorities, intellectual property either burnt or confiscated…
He’s endured a number of heavy trials care of the men in black acting for the powers that be, been beaten up and even had his dog taken. -Some may be asking how he is still alive!
As a result of the tyranny Eric lived poverty-stricken in a rundown car in the California desert.
It’s worth noting that some of Eric’s intellectual property was taken and withheld in Tesla societies, which shows the extent to which those shadowy men in black agents of suppression for the powers that be will go:
They infiltrate certain groups such as the Tesla societies to prevent its humanitarian benefit from getting out to the world at large. Or, they turn certain societies such as the Tesla ones into disinformation set-ups, as confirmed by Eric.
Corporate/banker sponsored pseudo-scientific dogma through the hijacking of physics.
Nothing in the world is at it seems. The world of physics is no exception. Some of the most hallowed theories/tenets held dogmatically in physics by those high priests in the church of scientism with their somewhat challengeable nebulous ideas have been brought and held in the limelight of recognition through corporate/banker sponsorship.
In short, it’s nothing more than disinformation. The powers that be know that natural alternative physics and its pioneers like Tesla and Dollard have to be prevented from gaining recognition so that the status quo still remains and their business monopolies continue to flourish. -Money is stronger than truth.
For example, Albert Einstein’s relativity is one of the main constructs used to serve the above purpose. Relativity has been proven wrong on a number of occasions… a view also expressed by Eric Dollard.
In fact, relativity was disproven before its publication yet Einstein still indeed remains one of science’s sacred saints…
Having later received generous sponsorship from interests all over the world enabling laboratory setups and equipment supply Eric has been able to continue his work. Eric continues to bring Tesla’s work into humanitarian recognition through the replication of wireless transmission technology, early warning earthquake detection… and more.
He has written a number of books and frequently tours giving presentations.
-In short the world has to know about Eric’s work. He needs all the support he can get in his undoubtedly courageous campaign to go where no scientist have ever gone.
If we-the-people get together en masse we can overwhelm the powers that be since they are outnumbered by us. Giving overwhelming support to Eric and his work would be no exception. It would be an incredible triumph for humanity if this incredible technology found its way into the prosaic early 21st century.
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