Money and US Dollar Symbolism

-By Paul A. Philips

Dollar Symbolism - Back of US dollar

Dollar Symbolism-iNewParadigm
Dollar Symbolism – Back of US dollar the all-seeing eye

What do you know about dollar symbolism? The great seal on the back of the US dollar bill (above) is full of occult symbolism. Even the most hardened sceptic would have a difficult time dismissing the following features on the bill as mere ‘coincidence.’ 


  • 13 leaves in the olive branches

  • 13 bars & stripes

  • 13 arrows

  • 13 letters in: ‘E Pluribus Unum’

  • 13 stars in the green crest above

  • 13 stones in the pyramid

  • 13 letters in ’Annuit Coeptis’



Then just below the pyramid there’s ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’   that translates, ‘New Secular Order’ or ‘New World Order.’  Why the number 13? What about the other dollar symbolism features?


 I will answer later. First, a couple of significant questions seldom asked.


What are the 2 biggest forms of enslavement on humanity?


-Answer: The monetary system and religion.


Both are massively entrenched in deception which is the basis of how the enslavement on humanity works: In many ways, the more attached to either the more immersed one becomes in illusion… I’m sure you’ve heard it said ‘It’s a mad world’. Indeed, it is a mad world and in many ways connections to money and religion have been the causes.


Both were invented by the hidden powers that be  about 5,000 years ago in the first ever known cities such as Babylon, Mesopotamia and Nineveh in ancient Sumer. Basically, the invention of the monetary system has enslaved humanity on the physical level, while religion has enslaved on the spiritual level stultifying genuine spiritual growth. Many people are totally unaware of this, that they have been stitched up and how over the years the inventors the ruling elite have used both money and religion purely for power, financial and political gains.


I will be covering religion extensively in other messages (apologies for putting this subject on hold in the way I have).  This message is a brief expose on the money scam and how it is symbolised in the Western world using the American dollar bill as an example, giving rise to how the hidden powers that be work behind the scenes and what you can do after you’ve got the realization that you’re being played.


What is money?


-Answer: Money is a means by which energy is exchanged.  The economic system is based on work energy exchanges from person to person during the supply and demand.


Let me give some simple examples. I am a musician and let’s say I have received payment for playing a live musical performance.  This payment represents the energy I had to put in to make that performance happen. 


Let’s say I then give money earned from this performance to a mechanic. The money or payment the mechanic receives is for the energy he had to put in to repair my car. Then, the mechanic gives this money earned to someone else for their work energy related services to him… and so on. 


-In short, throughout the working world money goes where the energy flows in the exchanging, but here’s the rub.


In the above examples let’s say in every case the money paid out was fair and fitting to the amount of energy each person had put in for their services. However, in the world of work this is definitely not the case. There is a great imbalance:


Most people (like yourself?) in order to earn their pay check will have to put in far more than they’ll ever receive. That is, instead of receiving a balanced payment for their efforts most of the money made will go to their corporation. The fact that giant corporations make huge pre-tax profits each year and can get away with paying some of its workforce minimum wages tells you there is a huge imbalance.  –This imbalance, unfair returns on people’s daily work energy contributions occurs on a global scale. It has been orchestrated by the hidden powers that be and it doesn’t end there.


There’s a whole list of other bloodsucking systems including many unfair taxations, banking and financial scams… designed to siphon off the people’s hard earned cash to just a few very wealthy individuals: The ruling elite have deceptively manipulated the world financial system to such an extent that they control more money than the entire world’s governments stuck together. This means that they have usurped the energies from we-the-people to such an extent that we have become physically and mentally enslaved. 


Now back to the dollar bill and US dollar symbolism

Dollar symbolism-Confucius -iNewParadigm
As I have said in previous messages the hidden powers that be or ruling elite are heavily into the occult. As seen printed on the back of a dollar bill (as dollar symbolism) the pyramid and all-seeing-eye embodies the secret occult organisations that continue to control America.  Since this symbolism is frequently used in numerous corporate logos it may also serve as a statement by the ruling elite that they control the world through business and banking.
Since the creation of the 1 dollar bill and its dollar symbolism it has apparently been understood that number 13 indicates the colonial states with a Christian nation social order representing freedom, equality and peace… but actually the symbolism represents the opposite, something quite unchristian and sinister in its secrecy.
The 13 not only represents the number of families making up the ruling elite but it is also rooted in satanic occultism. It was a mystical number to the Babylonians and Egyptians.  Today, it is a mystical number to the Masons. Each item count of 13 given on page 1 represents in occult terms the plans for a one world government takeover New World Order (NWO) where we will be living in a global fascist dictatorship like that in George Orwell’s fiction novel 1984. So, dollar symbolism in more detail:
  • 13 bars & stripes – Represents opposing God and the churches of Christ.
  • 13 arrows in the right claw of eagle -Represents war and military power.
  • 13 letters in: ‘E Pluribus Unum’ – ‘Out of Many’ is the plan to bring together all the world’s governments, religions and money systems into one for control in the NWO. Incidentally, the planned new religion is Satanism.
  • 13 stars in the green crest above the eagle -Stars arranged in a hexagram known as ‘mogen David’ used in occult practice to evoke Satan.
  • 13 stones or steps in the pyramid -the number of satanic families controlling the planet.
  • 13 letters in ’Annuit Coeptis’ -’Announcing the beginning or arrival’ (of the NWO).
  • 13 leaves in the olive branches -Symbolises peace (oh really?!)
In the bill, the all-seeing eye is that of Lucifer (Satan). Notice how it is surrounded with light. This represents the illumination and those in the satanic occult practices are the ‘illuminated ones’ because they have the secret knowledge and understand the hidden meanings. So called the all-seeing eye because it knows and sees everything, just the kind of thing you’d expect in a big brother is watching you global fascist dictatorship.
As well as in the dollar, it’s no coincidence that the eagle taken from ancient Pagan symbolism was also used to signify the Roman Empire and again as an icon for the world-war 2 German regime. This is because the same dark satanic occult forces were also behind these organisations.
The ruling elite meet up in secret societies where they discuss plans to advance the NWO enslavement agenda. -One of these societies is the freemasons. Don’t get me wrong most freemasons are descent sincere people, but these lower level Masons in the hierarchical tree have no idea that those at the very top are running a satanic cult bent on world domination.
Dollar symbolism-iNewParadigm-87463
                                      Hierarchical tree of Control.             Dollar symbolism – Note how the above constructed hexagram, another occult symbol, spells Mason. 
All-Seeing Eye

On closer inspection the scales surrounding the eye suggests something quite inhuman…

It has been said that the separated capstone (top) of the pyramid will be joined when they establish their NWO.
The Solutions
The purpose of this message is not to induce panic or fear. This message has been written to make people aware that something needs to be done and there are solutions available.
We-the-people must take back our rightful ownership of this planet.  Since this message is confined to money matters there is no better example of how to take back rightful ownership by financial control than the country of Iceland. The following is very important to know.
During around 2006 -2008, the Icelandic government were allowed with the banks to wreck the country’s economy causing mass unemployment and massive savings loses for the people they were supposed to be serving well. This happened because of deregulation and privatisation granted to the biggest banks. Indeed, this situation had happened in many countries and manifested with the global financial crash of 2008 but the people of Iceland stood up and dug themselves out of the crisis by.
  1. Getting the entire corrupt government to resign.
  2. Nationalising the banks.
  3. Referendum, enabling the people to determine their own economic system.
  4. Incarceration of responsible parties and
  5. A rewriting of the Icelandic constitution by its people.
Now Iceland has become one of the fastest growing economies and I’ll bet you haven’t read about any of the above in the hidden powers that be controlled mass media sources. That’s because the hidden powers that be don’t want you to know that this is the solution, disempowering the greed-driven private centralized banks and corrupt governments.
Stop sign
People come on it’s time to take action!  A government for the people run by the people not the centralized banks is the answer.
Financial independence is the key. Besides Iceland, other countries such as Iran, Russia, China and Venezuela have financial control outside of the central banking system and it comes as no surprise that they have been demonised by the hidden powers that be.
Unlike other states in the USA, North Dakota has operated outside of the Federal Reserve System since the early 1920’s. Here, the banks are public and businesses are made to bank in North Dakota and it’s the only state that’s not in debt.
The usurping of peoples work energies and money earned: Lack of money, scarcity, financial hardship, debt, poverty…etc created by the greed driven enslavement agenda of the hidden powers that be and their corporations / banking systems for the NWO agenda continue to rule by our fear. Fear of not surviving. 
Life shows up as a consequence of where you are at. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, deeds and actions… manifest reality.
Listen to what your inner being is telling you: Chose love instead of fear or hatred, peaceful creative and resourceful action instead of anger, riotousness or complaining which only makes more victimhood… 
The hidden powers that be can only control us by our negativity. –This is their food. Refusal to operate on this level is the key. You will always survive in that you are an immortal consciousness
Revolution of Consciousness
Once this is realised; when love caring and sharing, non-victimhood, cooperation above competition is chosen we will have a new paradigm experience.
Changes in Mass Consciousness Holds the Key to Changing the World

-By Paul A. Philips


It has been said that people are waking up in the droves. As mass consciousness changes, more and more are getting the profound realization that nothing in the world is as it seems. Every subject under the sun is rooted in deception. -All Engineered by people in high places designing a global takeover that will enslave we-the-people on every level… see more