Is the Alternative Media Really Fulfilling Its Purpose?

By Paul A Philips 

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Those in the know will indeed be well and truly aware of the mainstream media’s ulterior motives related to their lies, deception and cover-ups…
However, in retrospect of this, how about shifting the focus of attention on the alternative media. How about asking, is the alternative media really fulfilling its purpose?
First, to get things into perspective, here is a brief comparison between the mainstream media and alternative media.
Essentially, unlike the alternative media community’s narrative, the mainstream media’s real purpose is to serve a hidden controlling agenda.
In other words, basically, the articles published or broadcast in mainstream media are out there for the sole purpose of getting the public to accept the content word for word without questioning:
How often do you get a mainstream journalist telling you that this is his/her interpretation from the research done but don’t believe everything that’s reported… and then offering you references related to their findings so that you can then do your own digging..?
-No, this seldom happens. They want you to believe that their report is the definitive version.
In contrast, the alternative view media encourages questioning the narrative while taking responsibility for one’s knowledge and awareness. For example, if appropriate, getting to the primary source is sometimes encouraged, or to look for confirmatory information as opposed to just blindly accepting what someone says.
This is indeed the reason why, were appropriate, alternative view media sources do indeed frequently provide a number of references or links; something that mainstream media would not even consider doing… Or make it known to readers/viewers when something’s covered that is only opinion based.
Essentially, alternative media is there to help with people’s research, hence the labelling that’s sometimes given to those following the alternative media as ‘truth-seekers.’
-This is the only way that people can pursue the truth and when doing so take back their personal and rightful sovereignty. Taking responsibility for our thoughts deeds and actions is the key to planetary transformation.
…To answer the question
So, to answer the question, is the alternative media really fulfilling its purpose?
-Overall, yes, but it’s not perfect. Having said that we all have to take responsibility for where we are consciously at. Every thought, deed and action that manifests from our consciousness from the alternative media or any other source creates our reality.
To conclude here’s a quote

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be … The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe.”

-Thomas Jefferson
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