How To Increase your IQ and Improve Brain Health

-By Paul A. Philips

Keep applying these things for brain health

If you’re looking for a quick boost to finish a term paper, there are lots of herbs and other things you can do right away to help focus or boost other cognitive skills for brain health. If you’re looking to increase your cognitive abilities over a long period of time, and enjoy life with a clear head and all the focus you need, the first step for most people is to kill the candida and balance the gut.

Your Brain Health and Your Bacteria

Your brain is very connected to your gut. We have a symbiotic relationship with every microbe living inside us, and the highest concentration of microbes is in our gut. In addition, parasitical influences, like candida running rampant throughout our body causing us to crave junk food, can be traced back to intestinal health.

Speaking of candida, this fungus has been identified as a possible cause and a definite contributor to depression. Getting your intestinal health up to par is the most important first step in increasing your intelligence. Healthy gut = balanced hormones and a healthy body = healthy brain.

Brain boosting herbs
 Bacopa is used to treat ADHD, anxiety, brain disorders, poor memory, and to relax the mind. Ginseng is a well-known stimulant that can reduce stress, increase focus and memory, and raise metabolism and energy levels. Sage has been shown to improve memory. Gota kola renews nerve functions and improves memory and intelligence. Rosemary stimulates the pituitary gland, improves memory, along offers a host of other benefits.
Vitamins and other nutrition our brains
A deficiency in any one of the following nutrients can lead to brain health issues. Even less than optimal levels can impair cognitive function.
Numerous studies have proven that eating a balanced diet with healthy fats, and/or a fatty acid supplement with omega 3s, is imperative for all brain functions.
B vitamins are the vitamins of the nervous system and they are needed for the numerous functions critical to every cell in the body. B vitamins are essential for hormone production, stress management, and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. B vitamin deficiencies are not uncommon, and lead to many physical and mental illnesses. Anyone suffering from an inability to concentrate, PMS or other hormonal issues, insomnia, depression, or virtually any other mental health issues should reach first for B complex.
Essential oils for the brain
Simply smelling essential oil of rosemary is proven to increase memory by up to 75%. Peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, and sage are other essential oils particularly notable for proven abilities to increase brain function, but the list doesn’t end there. If you happen to have any essential oil around, give it a sniff and see what happens. Better quality oils produce better results.
Exercise is very beneficial for brain health. In the short run, exercise can make it easier to focus and perform better, and exercise is the best way to take a break from an arduous brain task. Exercising and being physically fit have also been shown to regulate proper hormone production, and help with concentration, stress management, anxiety, depression, and all of the most common mental health disorders.
Drink plenty of water
Most people are chronically dehydrated. Coffee and sodas are only making it worse. Our brain is made up of 75% water. Sometimes when concentration seems impossible and the day feels like it’s spiraling out of control, chugging a few cups of water can change perception and get things back on track. .
There are lots of other things that can be done for our brains health and ability to function. As long as you’re eating well, getting the right nutrition, and especially if you’re giving your brain a boost of a few of those herbs too, just keep learning and challenging the mind and your intelligence will continue to increase. For more foods, herbs, and a greater depth of information on the intelligence and the brain, checkout Increase your IQ with…. See the first source for how to breathe right and the second for killing candida. If you want a tonic designed to increase brain health and function, and/or for prevention of degenerative brain diseases, be sure to check out Shillington’s Recipe.

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