High Blood Pressure Lowering - What Doctors Won't Tell You

-By Paul A. Philips

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Medications used to lower high blood pressure may well provide effective immediate action to a serious condition. However, frequent long-term use of these meds can cause serious side-effects. Further, they don’t deal with the root-cause and only treat the symptoms.
This means the meds don’t cure and could be used here on out with the patient, guaranteeing the drug manufacturers, the pharmaceutical companies, continuous repeat business.
In order to avoid this it is necessary to look at the root-causes of high blood pressure.
Then, once treated, the meds can be thrown away. Here’s the list of ways in which high blood pressure can be lowered using natural health based approaches.
Increasing vitamin D levels
It has been found that regardless of race those living nearer the equator have less incidence of high blood pressure. In other words those getting more vitamin D from sunlight have less chance of high blood pressure.
The above ties in with the uses of anti-hypertensive meds involving the enzyme ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors or blockers. Sunlight has the same effect involving vitamin D and ACE in the body’s metabolic pathway…
The pharmaceutical companies know this but they’ve hushed up the fact that their expensive invasive drugs with side effects can be substituted with sunlight! Indeed, think of the money they would lose if the public at large suffering from hypertension ever found out.
So, if you’re hypertensive then get your vitamin D levels checked out. If the levels are low then get an appropriate daily amount of more direct sunlight then over the weeks watch your blood pressure come down. The effectiveness of this has been confirmed by showing those living near the tropics, having optimum blood vitamin D levels and in turn no hypertension (the tropical optimum for vitamin D levels is around 60 nanograms per ml).
Detoxify from heavy metals
Heavy metals mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic… accumulated in the body are known to cause hypertension. Chelation therapy, removing these heavy metals is the answer. Chelation therapy also cures type-2 diabetes by around a whopping great 35-40%…
The intravenously infused chelating agents bind with the heavy metals and get removed from the body through urinating. The heavy metal levels removed in the urine can be measured. Consequentially, the blood pressure is lowered.
Deal with type-2 diabetes
Hypertension can be an indirect effect of type-2 diabetes, the body’s inability to regulate glucose blood sugar levels by a lack of effective insulin. The answer is the Paleo Diet with nutritional supplement and an appropriate amount of exercise. Burborine is also an excellent dietary solution and can be bought online.
Basically the Paleo Diet means eating foods that humans ate many, many years ago involving the consumption of fish, meats, fruits and vegetables… That means the exclusion of processed and dairy foods…
The Paleo Diet and exercise has the effect of regulating the insulin and lowering the blood pressure.
Deal with calcium channels

Blood pressure meds include calcium channel blockers. The idea is to stop too much calcium getting into the blood vessel’s muscle cells that cause activity in raising blood pressure. However, the effect of this med is to damage the cell’s calcium channels to the extent that no calcium gets into the cell.
Inside these cells are magnesium ions. They have the antagonistic effects of stopping the calcium from entering the cells via the channels in the cell membrane. So instead of using meds that damage the cell’s calcium channels, a diet of magnesium (300 mg) a day is used to control and block the calcium from entering and in turn regulate blood pressure. This is the natural way.
To deal with this in the above way a number of companies have made the appropriate magnesium preparation available.
These 4 solutions deal with the root cause. There are other approaches but these are major solutions in lowering high blood pressure.
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-By Paul A. Phillips


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