Can High Blood Pressure Be Treated Without The Need For Drugs?

-By Paul A. Philips

Orthodox medical Doctors make 4 mistakes when it comes to treating patients with high blood pressure. For that matter, whether it’s a cardiovascular problem like high blood pressure or any disease related illness, these 4 mistakes always persist.
The 4 Mistakes That Orthodox Medical Doctors Make
  1. The symptoms are the cause of illness.
No! Symptoms are only the manifestations of the root cause: Symptoms are knock on effects or warning signs…
  1. They pay no real attention to diet and exercise. 
  2. They practically ignore the mind/spirit connection and its influences on health.
  3. Very little or no consideration is given to water and its pharmacological role.
High blood pressure
How does the above fit into the orthodox medical approach when it comes to treating high blood pressure? What are the alternative naturopathic solutions and how well do they work? 
These are very important questions, since the Journal of the American Medical Association (Oct. 2002; 288: 1882-1888) reported that middle-aged or older people in the USA have a 90% chance of developing high blood pressure.  


First, lets consider how it could be for someone suffering from high blood pressure. He/she may be overweight or feeling worn out and sluggish, dehydrated, or not breathing well… So the doctor prescribes the pills: Lotensin, Mevacor, Cardizem, Procardia…etc, any of these to normalize the blood pressure. As time goes by, months then years, side effects manifest as a consequence of the pills. -How?
Well, without going into a long-winded harangue it basically goes like this:

Remember the above 4 mistakes. Because pills only treat the symptoms, the underlying root-cause is ignored and yes, it still persists.  Due to a history of bad diet or a lack of exercise or stress, the inner walls of the patient’s arteries are lined with plaque. This results in a narrowing of the arteries. What does orthodox medicine do? Instead of getting to the root-cause by permanently unblocking the arteries, the blood pressure lowering drugs reduce the activity of the heart so that the blood pressure gage reads normal.

-What are the consequences of this quick fix? Remember, the heart is now less active, and because the walls of the arteries are narrow and the blood pressure is normalized, like any tube supplying liquid with a smaller lumen (the space inside), the outflow is restricted. This means that the blood supply from the heart to the target organs in the body is restricted. Because the oxygen demands from the target organs are not met due to this lack of blood supply, a whole range of illnesses can result. On the long-term this could include: a weaker heart, degeneration of other organ tissue and lung congestion, which ultimately could result in death.

Other reported side effects due to the above blood pressure lowering drugs include headaches, dizzy spells, queasiness, cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), low blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, depression, memory loss and changes in personality…  

Another orthodox medical approach is angioplasty, where an operation is performed to unblock the arteries and allow blood to flow more freely again. However, because it is only a quick fix, treating the symptom, in many cases re-occlusion (narrowing of the arteries through plaque returning) occurs. 

Surgeons Oh Those Heralded Heroes!
I’m sure there was a time in your life when you were told stories about surgeons and how great they were with their life-saving operations… Here’s the truth about heart bypass surgery. The overall survival rate for patients  post-operation is no different than those who chose to do nothing at all! (New England Journal of Medicine May 22, 1997 and American of Journal Cardiology June 1998). Notice I took the trouble to reference 2 studies. There are many others that document the same findings. Other studies show that there is a 13% chance that these patients will die on the operating table (Dr Tim O’Shea 2007).
Well, what do you expect? If you only treat the symptoms with temporary house-cleaning methods the problem, plaque growth on the inner walls of the arteries, will return. And as for those with coronary bypass surgery, an unblocking of the arteries that supply the heart with blood, what about all the other arteries in their body? Why should they be any different? Guess what condition these arteries will be in? 
What Are The Alternatives?
The first thing to realize is that in order for a patient to be cured, the root-cause of the high blood pressure needs to be addressed. The root-cause can be addressed effectively by lowering high blood pressure through natural approaches. -This indeed is in line with effectively correcting the above 4 mistakes that doctors make. 
Find out about these natural solutions that get to the root-cause and very effectively lower high blood pressure in my follow up article ‘Lowering High Blood Pressure The Natural Way.’ -If you suffer from high blood pressure this information might just save your life!
Conquer Heart Disease without Pills or Surgery

-By Dr. Vernon Coleman


“… At the time, however, I was regarded as a dangerous heretic. I remember that one eminent doctor, undoubtedly a pillar of the medical establishment, wrote to one of the newspapers which carried my column expressing the view that drug therapy was the only remedy for high blood pressure. Other pillars of the medical establishment sent similarly indignant letters and my column was quickly dropped by several editors who felt that the advice I was offering was too far out of touch with mainstream medicine to be acceptable…”


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