10 Untruths Made In Science and the Breakthrough Scientific New Paradigm

-By Paul A. Philips

New paradigm science

Indeed science has made extraordinary contributions, transformed society with its humanitarian knowledge. Its universal acceptance and influence continues unprecedentedly.  However, for hundreds of years the scientific culture has been dogmatically stuck on a number of untruths, needing a new paradigm approach.


The extent to which the scientific culture is stuck on these untruths has never been more noticeable than today: Hardened dogmas and their limitations has put science in a situation where age-old problems are not getting solved by the current scientific paradigm. For example, major scientific problems not really getting solved such as those related to medicine; incurable diseases like cancer, heart disease and ageing illnesses… New paradigm scientific approaches are needed.


It’s clear to me that as long as science remains stuck on old ideas now found to be untrue they will never solve these major problems. To solve these problems science must be willing to move beyond the confines of materialism and reductionism:  Another area where these untruths stem from is the application of science with all its limitations and delusional beliefs used to line the pockets of greedy corporations.

To move on, science must be willing to let go of untruths be more honest and embrace a ‘greater way’ for breakthrough scientific new paradigm approaches. Then, the ‘new science’ will solve those problems; make even bigger contributions to humanity and make advances on understanding the nature of things and who we are…  
Here are the 10 untruths made in science.
Untruth #1. Everything in the universe is material and mechanistic
The current scientific paradigm wants us to believe that the universe is just matter interacting with itself and nothing else. Science has gone to great lengths to try to confirm this, leaving out the involvement of conscious intelligent design and that there is no God.  
Untruth #2. There is no such thing as consciousness
For instance, human beings are just biochemical mechanisms in a mechanistic universe and the idea that conscious exists is delusional, caused by activity in our brains. There is no soul and we are not spiritual beings…
Untruth #3. The material making up the universe is always the same
The above statement beggars belief. What about the 96% undetectable, unmeasured ‘dark matter / dark energy’ making up the universe?  According to scientists the only exception is the ‘big bang.’ This untruth is on very shaky ground indeed and can only be at its best mere theory.
Untruth #4. The laws governing the nature of things and universe have stayed the same and will always be that way
This one is also on shaky ground. Major challenges to this untruth are:
  1. Studies showing that objects are able to travel faster than the speed of light by quantum teleportation.
  2. The ‘multiverse theory’ gaining more acceptances, with each parallel universe in an infinite number possibly having alternative laws of physics.
  3. Then there’s the anthropic principle; that the universe reflects human principles… something for the reader to look up.
Untruth #5. Nature has no goal or purpose therefore things just happen by chance
Scientists would say, forget about intelligent design, Darwinism and natural selection can explain how life came about, meaning we exist by mere chance.
 In order to keep this dogma one would have to turn a blind eye to evidence strongly suggesting the contrary, that there is a driving force produced by life that is able to influence outcome. It is connected to intension, creativity, spirituality and God making up consciousness.
Untruth #6. Biological inherited DNA controls life
The idea that your genes control you is less accepted now than ever. It’s not about your genes; it’s to do with genetic expression. That is, we are creative beings influencing the expression of our genes by whatever circumstance. For example, you could be in a circumstance where you influence your genes to cause an illness or influence genes to override it.
Untruth #7. There is no ‘mind’ or non-material awareness
Dogmatic scientists do not accept that we are conscious beings working in tandem with our mechanical brains. This idea to them that we are self-aware is a delusion, even if they can’t prove it. To try and prove it is like trying to measure temperature with a tape measure!
Untruth #8. Like some kind of biological hard disk drive all memories are kept in the brain chemically then disappear at death
In spite of years and years of trying to find the ‘holy grail’ the location of memories in the brain with little success scientists still cling on to this belief. I would suggest that memories are stored in one’s higher dimensional aura and exists in holographic form. Humans are spiritual beings. When we die the spirit separates from our body… this needs to be looked at using new paradigm scientific studies…
Untruth #9.  Psychic abilities like telepathy do not exist
Some scientists need at least to be more open to enquiry because such phenomenon does exist. It has been proven time after time. You only have to look at the work of people like Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake showing through experimentation that telepathy exists.
Untruth # 10. The only medicine that works is the mechanistic approach
Here I will return to my introduction by saying that because science is stuck on a limited paradigm major scientific problems not really getting solved such as those related to medicine; incurable diseases like cancer, heart disease and ageing illnesses…  still persist.  
They will continue to persist until mechanistic medicine truly embraces the effectiveness of natural health. Nutrition, mind-body-spirit connection, environment and exercise must get the full recognition it deserves when considering their influences on health.
Taking nutrition as an example. The 70 trillion cells making up your body will eventually be replaced in a relatively short time. Take the case of your liver. Ever cell making up this organ will be replaced within around 6 weeks. Where does your body get the materials needed for this replacement? The answer is from food: The quality of the maintenance, growth, repair and replacement depends on the quality of food that you eat. As I have writing in many previous articles, good food not only prevents disease but can also be used to reverse illness….
Reading other material
I would suggest that the reader looks at some of the recommendations I have along the way of this article to build up a fuller picture and why the new breakthrough scientific paradigm is so needed.
-The truth will set science free with its new paradigm approaches

Watch this wonderful new paradigm science hitting-the-nail-on-the-head talk by Rupert Sheldrake: