Detoxify Your Body By 75% Using These Tricks!

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Detoxify your body: Bit by bit and over the year’s toxins can build up in our bodies.
The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) knows all about this since they’ve been studying what these toxins are and their levels over the years.
In fact the CDC have listed from the study some 100 – 124 pollutants that find their way into the bodies of American citizens throughout the country and no doubt this would reflect most of the Western world.
The numbers and amounts of these pollutant chemicals have been described as alarming considering many people are in constant contact with them on a daily basis, which underlies many health problems.
Besides the usual unsavoury chemicals: DDT, lead, mercury and PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls)… The growing CDC list also includes BPA (bisphenol A), phosphate based pesticides (can be found in our food supplies)…
There’s a whole range of household solvents people find themselves exposed to in cleaning products, toiletries, plasticizers containing DEP (diethyl phthalate), fluoride in water supplies. Then there are herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and vaccine nasty’s…
-No there are calls to detoxify your body!
-The answer is to detoxify your body by making strategic changes in diet and lifestyle.
A good start would be to buy a high quality air filter and have it installed in the home. Remove all those personal care related toxins mentioned above. Switch to organic food and drink good clean water to further rid yourself of toxins. A water filter would also be a good idea.
All this would rid your body of around 75% of toxins in just several weeks! Your blood would be less toxic. Taking these pollutant chemicals out would also improve health by reducing allergies, diabetes, asthma, autism, ADHD, less cancer risk and even reduce obesity. Obesity is linked to these chemicals.
By reducing one’s self of an intake of high molecular weight phthalate chemicals found in plastic packing, tubing and other similar packaging materials which leaches out into the food, or from eating foods containing these substances like milk and meat, this could lead to significantly reducing obesity amongst other health benefits. These phthalates may have a hand in causing endometriosis and other related painful dispositions.
Cutting down or leaving out pork products containing phthalates would also be a step in the right direction.
-These gradual simple changes in diet and lifestyle could indeed make all the difference for detoxification and health. The only things that would cost would be the installations of the high quality air and water filters in the house. Their health benefits, keeping the pollutants away, in the long run would outweigh the costs.
Finally, think of the stress reduction this would give if those related illnesses were prevented by this simple detox.
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